7 Steps to Live a More Purposeful Life

how to live a purposeful life | benefits of living a purposeful life | importance of living a purposeful life

Repetition. Boredom. Déjà vu. We’ve all been there. Wake up, go to work, come home have dinner, watch television… go to bed. Repeat. Sure, you are functioning… but do you have purpose in your life? Are you incorporating things into your days that bring you excitement and joy? Are you doing something that matters? If you … Read more

11 Steps to Develop the Mindful Communication Practice

mindful communication | | mindful communication practices | mindful communication activities

Many of you have heard the saying, “what you put out into the world is what you get back”.   Or how about, “What goes around comes around”. Neither saying discriminates. They apply to both the good and bad things we do. And the same law applies to the communication you have with others. How … Read more

8 Weird Things That Narcissists Do to Manipulate People

weird things narcissists do | things narcissists say in an argument | unusual signs of narcissism

Have you ever found yourself dealing with someone who appeared to be extremely selfish? Or difficult? I wager we’ve all been there. As we go through life, we will likely find ourselves having to deal with people who seem to possess extreme levels of arrogance, manipulation… possibly even destructive behavior. And these people may be … Read more

11 Steps to Stop Caring So Much

how to stop caring so much | how to stop caring so much in a relationship | how to stop caring so much about someone

It’s the last straw. You’ve been hurt again by trying to help someone else. You can’t take it anymore and don’t know what to do. Things have turned toxic, and you need to break free. It’s okay. Relax. In this article, you will learn how to stop caring so much. Let’s get to it. Why … Read more

7 Steps to Stop Worrying About Money

how to stop worrying about money | stop worrying about money and start living | how to stop worrying about money book

If you feel like you spend a lot of time worrying about money, then you are certainly not alone. Financial stress is a significant problem for many people all over the world and can become a leading cause of unhappiness in our lives. Everyone is in a slightly different financial situation, so it is important … Read more