99 Nurse and Nursing Student Affirmations for 2023

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There is arguably no more difficult time in living memory for nurses and nursing students. However, the past two years have seen unprecedented challenges for nurses and health care workers, and nursing affirmations are more crucial than ever.

Nurse affirmations can be an excellent way for nurses, nursing students, and other healthcare workers to create a healthy, positive, optimistic life, despite recent challenges.

Why Nurse Affirmations are Important in 2023

Recent years have been an enormous challenge for nurses and nursing students. Equipment and staffing shortages contributed to a difficult profession, with a high degree of stress and burnout. It is no wonder that nurses and nursing students often feel many negative emotions about work and the workplace.

However, there are also many reasons nurses and nursing students feel optimistic about the future. Current pressures are reshaping healthcare, creating more job opportunities and higher salaries, creating more flexible, equitable workplaces for nurses, and promoting them to top-level leadership roles.

Nurse affirmations are essential for nurses, nursing students, and healthcare workers to remain calm and optimistic in 2023, reducing the effects of stress and anger and creating a healthier, more positive life.

99 Nurse and Nursing Student Affirmations for 2023

  1. I am an excellent nursing student.
  2. I am an excellent nurse.
  3. I earn and deserve my colleagues’ respect.
  4. I show kindness to every patient every day.
  5. I support my colleagues, and they appreciate me.
  1. I take care of myself when I am stressed.
  2. I am focused on providing excellent care each day.
  3. I will be a great nurse.
  4. I have a sharp mind.
  5. I am mastering this material.
  6. I am a confident nurse.
  7. Every day I master new information.
  8. Every day I am closer to my goal.
  9. I can do this.
  10. I am an excellent student.
  11. I work well with all my medical colleagues.
  12. My work as a nurse is essential every day.
  13. I am proud of my work as a nurse every day.
Nurse Affirmations - I am proud of my work as a nurse every day. | positive affirmations for health care workers | daily affirmations
  1. I am trusted by patients and colleagues.
  2. I love learning how to heal people.
  3. I value my compassion and desire to help others.
  4. As a nurse, I save lives.
  5. I play a vital role in the health and happiness of others.
  6. I give my best every day to my patients and colleagues.
  7. I learn quickly, and I have an excellent memory.
  8. My patients like me.
  9. I know exactly what to do in every situation.
  10. My colleagues respect me.
  11. I enjoy learning new things.
  12. Learning energizes me.
  13. I am proud of myself.
  14. I can master this information.
  15. I will be an excellent nurse.
  16. I love what I do.
  17. Nursing is an important career.
  18. I care deeply about the health of others.
  19. Nursing is the best use of my natural skills and abilities.
  20. I do important work as a nurse.
  21. My work as a nurse is valuable.
  22. I make a big difference in people's lives every day.
Nurse Affirmations - I make a big difference in people's lives every day. | positive affirmations for women | positive affirmations for students | nursing mantra
  1. I am important.
  2. I have the courage to do this work well.
  3. I am capable.
  4. I handle challenges well.
  5. I am a skilled nurse
  6. I am a master of the information I need.
  7. I am getting the skills I need to be an excellent nurse.
  8. I have a great future as a nurse.
  9. I am successful as a nurse.
  10. I am glad I chose this career.
  11. I am happy to do this work.
  12. I accomplish great things.
  13. I love learning how to be a nurse.
  14. I enjoy learning new things.
  15. My positive attitude creates good energy for myself and others.

My positive attitude creates good energy for myself and others.”

  1. My enthusiasm inspires other nursing students.
  2. My enthusiasm inspires other nurses
  3. I am proud to be a nurse.
  4. I am competent and responsible.
  5. I do my best work every shift.
  6. I am entirely able to do this work well
  7. I do this work well.
  8. Nursing is the best career.
  9. My patients feel that I care about them.
  10. Nursing is an exciting career.
  11. It is a privilege to be a nurse.
  12. I am confident in my abilities.
  13. Nurses are powerful.
  14. I care for myself as well as others.
  15. I am an excellent nurse.
  16. I make a difference in people’s lives every day.
  17. I am thankful for my knowledge and skill.
Nurse Affirmations - I am thankful for my knowledge and skill. | pandemic affirmations | positive affirmations for students | positive nurse quotes
  1. I am an intelligent, capable nurse.
  2. I am a healer.
  3. I stay calm when it counts.
  4. As a nurse, I am essential and necessary.
  5. My skills as a nurse are valuable.
  6. As a nurse, I make important contributions every day.
  7. I achieve great things as a nurse.
  8. I am successful as a nurse.
  9. I work well under pressure.
  10. I am proud to be a nurse.
  11. I solve problems every day.
  12. I am proud to be a nursing student.
  13. My patients rely on me.
  14. I take good care of myself, so I can continue to give my best as a nurse.
  15. My patients appreciate me.
  16. I handle stress well.
  17. My patients trust me.
  18. I deserve my patients’ trust.
  19. I think positively, so I act positively.
  20. I can rely on my training and my experience in any situation.
  21. I can’t control everything, and I don’t try.
  22. I stay calm and focused, and I help others do the same.
Nurse Affirmations - I stay calm and focused, and I help others do the same. | affirmation cards for nurses | daily affirmations | nursing mantra
  1. I am proud of myself and my efforts.
  2. I do my best work every day.
  3. I am a strong member of my team.
  4. I always give my full attention to my patients.
  5. I know that this is the right career for me.

How to Use Nurse Affirmations

Being a nurse is an incredibly stressful profession but incredibly rewarding as well. It may seem like many of the factors you encounter every day as a nurse are beyond your control, like difficult patients and colleagues, demanding schedules, hectic environments, and life-or-death decisions.

However, while these factors are out of your control, you can always control your attitude and behavior, which begins by controlling your thoughts.

To use nurse affirmations effectively, it can help to begin by journaling. Even simple note-taking or using an app can help you clarify your emotions, track stress triggers, and identify the negative thoughts you want to change.

It is also helpful to visualize your perfect life as a nurse and create a clear mental image of what that state looks and feels like for you. Then, create a vision of the future that captures everything you want to feel and experience during your time at work, exploring it with all your senses and making it a mental “retreat” for yourself.

Choose your affirmations based on reversing the negative thoughts you want to change and mentally inhabiting the future you want to create. You may also create your own affirmations, choosing the words that speak most powerfully to you.

When creating an affirmation, make sure it is a positive statement (for example, choose “I am” and “I will” instead of “I am not” or “I will not”). Combine an appreciation for your inherent qualities along with praise for the results of your actions.

For example, “my intelligence creates excellent outcomes for my patients” or “I am a compassionate person, so I provide great care for my patients and their families.”

Say your affirmations out loud to yourself 3-5 times every morning so that your brain records both the internal thoughts and the external sound. Say your affirmations while breathing deeply and calmly and imagining the perfect work-life you are creating.

You may also repeat your affirmations and visualization just before work or during incredibly stressful workday moments.

Nursing affirmations are not the only care nurses and nursing students need to thrive. It is essential to take time for self-care every day so that you can continue to provide exceptional care for others. And don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it.

Final Thoughts on Affirmations for Nurses and Nursing Students

Nurses and nursing students work incredibly hard to make the world better for themselves and others. Using nursing affirmations every day can help nurses reduce stress, stay calm, and have a confident, positive mindset that makes them more effective.

For people who are new to affirmations, visit our guide on how to use them to change your life.

We all rely on the care and compassion of nurses, and you deserve to be happy and thriving, so use the nursing affirmations that are most powerful and meaningful for you and start building the future you dream of today.

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