25 Happy New Year Coloring Pages for Adults

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This year is about to end. Are you ready for the next?

There are tons of lovely ways to welcome the new year with a blast. In fact, you probably usually spend New Year’s Eve with your friends and family doing meaningful things together.

But what if you want to try something new this time around?

If you are an artistic person (or simply someone who loves art), then you might find coloring to be the perfect New Year’s activity.

Once you are done playing board games and sharing stories, why not take things down a notch with a relaxing artistic evening? Coloring is cathartic and rejuvenating, so release all of your negative energy and embrace the new year with a peaceful, content heart.

In this post, we provide a list of 25 New Year coloring pages that you can color with your friends and family at home. We carefully selected these sheets, so you can be sure that they have good designs and are downloadable in high-quality resolutions.

Let’s check them out!

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1. Cheers to the New Year

First off, here’s a toast to the new year awaiting us—a new year in which we can make our dreams come true.

2. New Year Doodle

Here is a cute doodle from Coloring Pages Printable. There is no download button, but you can simply save the image and insert it into Word, where it will be ready for printing. The image quality is high, so it should print well.

3. New Year’s Eve Fireworks

This is a rather easy coloring page that is not just great for adults, but kids and the elderly as well. It portrays fireworks lighting up a city skyline and would make a fun greeting card.

4. Balloons & Confetti

Here’s another coloring page you can complete with the kids. It has a simple design, but can help create beautiful moments with your whole family. Download a few copies and let the kids enjoy coloring while waiting for the clock to ring in the new year!

5. Happy New Year Lettering

Designed by Brittany de Leon, this simple “Happy New Year” printable is perfect for the whole family. Enjoy New Year’s Eve as a family by coloring this sheet, then count down together as the ball drops and the new year arrives!

6. Mandala Lettering

This “Happy New Year” lettering is a great challenge for coloring experts. It has lots of small spaces and intricate lines. It might take more than an hour or two to finish it, which is good, because you’ll probably be staying up late waiting for the new year to begin at midnight!

7. New Year Bookmarks

These are coloring sheets that can also be used as DIY bookmarks. The designs are fun, the coloring is relaxing, and as a bonus you can use them again when you are reading!

If you purchase these bookmarks from Etsy, you get two versions: PDF and JPEG formats. It is up to you how you want to print them. The PDF version comes in letter size (8.5×11 inches), while the JPEG format is in bookmark sizes (2.2 x 7.1 inches). You can use them as creative gifts for the people love this New Year!

8. A New Twist on New Year’s Eve

The creator gave this coloring sheet the title “A New Twist on New Year’s Eve.” Maybe they were experiencing something exciting and new when they created it. New Year’s Eve is always full of twists and surprises.

9. Happy Fireworks!

New Year’s Day celebrations can sometimes include beautiful fireworks displays. Check out this template from Coloring Folder that is easy for everyone to color. Ask your kids to color it with you while discussing what kind of fireworks would they want to see on New Year’s Eve.

10. Beautiful Fireworks

Here’s another great coloring page that features fireworks. It represents a great opportunity for your kids to express their creativity. Draw your own fireworks design on the white spaces in between, and let your mind wander as you color this page with your children.

11. Kids on a New Year’s Night

Here’s another simple yet lovely design for your kids to enjoy. We like how uncomplicated it is—perfect for the little ones who have recently been introduced to art and colors. This is a great page for kids who are three years old and younger.

12. Balloons on New Year’s Eve

This is another great page for toddlers to color. It has a simple design, and you can use the balloons to introduce them to the names of different colors.

13. New Year’s Countdown

For those who are fond of doodles and freehand drawings, this cute countdown is great option! Why not challenge yourself and try coloring this page in the short moments before the clock strikes 12 on New Year’s Eve? What a fun way to countdown the end of the year.

14. In with the New Year!

Out with the old, in with the new! We always need to look forward, because that is where our future lies. Print this template and color it to remind yourself that life is much more exciting when you have something to look forward to.

15. New Beginnings

A new year symbolizes new beginnings. Now that the year is about to end, are you ready for the new opportunities that will come knocking on your door? Believe in perseverance and the power of positive thinking.

16. Hats Off!

Hats off to the new year that is about to come! We really enjoyed coloring this page, due to the fact that it is detailed and a bit sassy. Print out a bunch of copies for everyone to color while you wait for the countdown.

17. New Year’s Wish

Do you know what your New Year’s wish is going to be? We have one for you: May your days be full of magic and cheer and your life as colorful as this page once you finish it!

18. New Year’s Mantra

Here is a mantra for you in the new year: Live your dreams. Don’t be afraid of the future. You’ve got to get out there and pursue your passion. You’ve got this!

19. Wishing for an Abundant Year

Here’s wishing for a new year that is full of blessings. Whether it be in matters of food, work, or relationships, we hope your new year has lots of miracles and happiness.

20. Postcards for New Year

This isn’t just a coloring page, but also a greeting card. It isn’t free, but it also isn’t very expensive. If you are looking for a greeting card to wish your loved ones a happy and bountiful new year, this is a great option.

21. Floral Happy New Year

This new year coloring page is perfectly sized to be printed on a short bond paper (8.5×11). It is free and easy to print off—just click on the blue “free download” button. The picture is best for those who like floral and leaf designs.

22. City of Fireworks

If you like buildings and city lights, this sheet has an intricate design that will be super fun to color. You can download it for free or print it directly.

23. The First Month

Best Coloring Pages for Kids is a good source for lovely coloring pages. This “January” sheet is free in PDF format. Simply click the link we provided above and you’re ready to download.

24. Florals in January

Here is a floral version of the first month of the year. It makes a perfect gift for moms and teen girls who like to color and create. The site does not provide a download link, but if you click on the image itself, the quality is rather high so you can save and print it easily.

25. New Year on Its Way

The new year is on its way, and we all have to be ready. The year 2023 is another chance to pursue the dreams we weren’t able to accomplish in 2022—a new beginning for the things we have always wanted to do.

Final Words on New Year Coloring Pages

It has been said that a new year provides an opportunity to renew yourself—to live and dream again. But how can you do that if you end the previous year full of stress and anxiety?

Fortunately, the New Year coloring pages we shared above can help you get rid of your stress and negative emotions. Color your blues away and let the new year give you a chance to begin fresh and achieve great things!

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