What is a Platonic Relationship? (and How to Make it Work)

platonic relationship | why platonic relationships dont work | platonic relationship with boyfriend

Friendship with a member of the opposite sex can be something great to have. In fact, psychologists call it the “jackpot of friendship.” There’s the freedom to discover things about another male or female, without the obligations of a romantic relationship. With that said, you’re either in a platonic relationship or you’re not. There’s no … Read more

57 Community Service Quotes About Volunteering and Giving Back

community service quotes | quotes about community service | quotes about helping community

Thinking of giving back? Service towards others is something drummed into us at a young age. You might be thinking about volunteering or wondering what contribution you can make, or you might be curious about the benefits that serving others provides. In this post, we’re going to share some community service quotes to help inspire … Read more

Emotional Dumping: Definition, Signs, and How to Deal with It

emotional dumping | emotional dumping definition | emotional dumping signs

Throughout life, we encounter many unpleasant situations that create emotional discomfort. It’s natural to turn to others for guidance and emotional support when going through tough times. As humans, we forge bonds not just by sharing pleasant moments but also by supporting each other during difficult times. And yet, what’s the difference between venting your … Read more

15 Ways to Practice Humility Throughout Your Life

how to practice humility | what is humility | how to teach humility to adults

The world has become divided. People are losing sight of their responsibility to be kind to one another… to treat each other with respect and dignity.  Bad news fills our newsfeeds. Our neighbors are distant. Even households are divided because of conflicting beliefs, where there is no room for empathy. It’s time for a change… … Read more