17 Lack of Empathy Warning Signs You Should Look For in People

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Have you ever shared a trauma in your life only to have the person you are confiding in monopolize the conversation by telling you about a bigger trauma they suffered (usually five years ago)? There’s no greater insult to add to your injury when someone you mistakenly trusted shows lack of empathy signs and makes … Read more

7 Signs Someone Has Unhealthy Attachment Issues in a Relationship

unhealthy attachment | unhealthy attachment to friend | unhealthy attachment in relationships

One of the universal needs that define human experience is the need for connection. Whether it’s with family, friends, or a significant other, the attachments you forge throughout life play a fundamental role in your sense of happiness and well-being. However, the way you look for and obtain these connections is different, depending on the … Read more

11 Unhealthy Coping Mechanisms That Hold You Back

unhealthy coping mechanisms | unhealthy coping mechanisms for stress | unhealthy coping mechanisms psychology

Adulthood is plagued with what sometimes feels like endless challenges. As fast as you solve one, another one pops up. How we cope with life stressors and adversities can make a difference in things getting better or worse. As such, it’s crucial to have coping skills and strategies that improve your circumstances without eroding your … Read more

91 Ungrateful Quotes for Dealing with Thankless People

ungrateful quotes | disappointed quotes for ungrateful person | ungrateful quotes for him

We’re all guilty of coming across ungrateful from time to time. Although done unintentionally, getting caught up in our own bubble of emotion can sometimes make it difficult to appreciate the bigger picture. But with some people, this is a daily occurrence, often fueled with bitterness, jealousy, and frustration. And the constant ‘Why me?’ whines … Read more

71 Negative Emotions: A List of Negative Feelings Examples

list of negative emotions | 10 negative emotions | negative emotions list pdf

We don’t set out to be negative people or walk around with negative emotions; however, those feelings and emotions invoke actions and reactions out of us that we have trouble controlling.  Some of us cry while others scream, hit something, become withdrawn, or speak negatively to others.  Those negative feelings and reactions affect our determination … Read more