77 Grief Affirmations to Help You Deal With Loss

grief affirmations | mantras for grief | grief affirmation cards

Grieving is a normal and healthy response to pain and loss and an essential process to help us cope and become more resilient. However, grief is one of the most complex and difficult human emotions because it has many different dimensions and effects. Grief affirmations are a powerful way to care for yourself during the … Read more

88 Divorce Affirmations to Give you Strength During Tough Times

affirmations for divorce | affirmations for a broken marriage | positive self talk divorce

Even a healthy divorce is a time of stress and challenges and can affect your mental health and well-being. Divorce is usually not simply the end of a long-term relationship but also involves significant changes in your living situation, financial health, and family dynamics, all of which are stressful. Affirmations for divorce can help give … Read more

75 Depression Quotes for When You’re Feeling Down

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Depression, low moments, and feeling down happen to us all. If you’ve ever felt like the wind has thoroughly been taken from your sails, then we are here to help. Depression makes you feel awful, both mentally and physically, it can sap your motivation and take the zest out of living. We’ve compiled this list … Read more

51 Anger Memes for Dealing with Pent Up Rage

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How do you look when you’re mad? And can your friends, family, and acquaintances handle you when you are angry? Anger is a healthy emotion. It is a means for us to release pent up emotions. However, it is often unsightly, especially when it is unexpected and uncontrolled. Of course, there’s another way to let … Read more

51 Helpful Abandonment Issues Quotes and Sayings

abandonment issues quotes | emotional abandonment quotes | abandonment quotes short

If you’re feeling, or have ever felt abandoned, these words are for you. Because whilst the pain is an unavoidable journey, you don’t have to face it alone. You don’t have to pretend it’s OK. Or put on that brave face when, in reality, you’re feeling anything but brave. The emotional and even physical agony … Read more

Can Cats Sense Your Mood and Emotions?

can cats sense your mood | can cats sense sadness in their owners | can cats sense depression and anxiety

Have you ever noticed your cat cuddling up to you when you’re having a bad day? If so, maybe you’ve wondered if your cat can sense your mood and emotions. It’s no secret that cats and other animals possess an innate intelligence. And it’s certainly comforting to come home to a cat after a long day. … Read more

70 ‘I Release’ Affirmations for Letting Go of Negative Thinking

i release affirmations | affirmations for letting go and trusting the universe | i release you affirmations

Many of the negative experiences we encounter in life result from the negative energies in our thoughts. Releasing those negative thoughts creates space for positive energies to enter and transform our lives. However, letting go of a negative mindset can be incredibly difficult. “I release” affirmations are a powerful way to let go of the … Read more

50 Affirmations to Overcome Feelings of Loneliness

affirmations for loneliness | affirmations for chronic loneliness | affirmations for feeling lost

Do you toss and turn at night believing you’re all on your own, with no one to confide in? It happens to the best of us. Using affirmations for overcoming feelings of loneliness is a quick and effective way to get out of this depressing rut. By reading them throughout the day or repeating them … Read more

23 Emotional Abuse Red Flags in a Relationship

emotional abuse red flags | what are the signs of emotional abuse | what are the indicators of emotional abuse

Emotional abuse red flags in a romantic relationship are serious. While men and women are equally vulnerable, it takes courage to admit that emotional abuse is happening. And the positive side of uncovering it is that you can detach, heal, and create a new life free of abuse. To start, you just have to recognize … Read more

9 Manipulative Sentence Examples People Use in a Conversation

manipulative sentences | manipulative questions examples | manipulate meaning

People use manipulative sentences or phrases usually to get their way, bully, “gaslight” or create a power imbalance. For narcissistic people, it’s a tactic used to create conflict, inflict emotional abuse or diminish the self-esteem of others. In some cases, the speaker does not intend to cause harm, but their words may still have damaging … Read more