121 Good Evening Text Messages for Someone You Care About

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We all do it. At night, before we head to lala-land, we text that someone we care about with a good evening message to let them know we are thinking of them and care about them.

And, of course, we have butterflies in our stomachs when we receive a text message from someone who cares about us. 

But knowing what to send can be challenging. After all, you don’t want to look like a copy-paste type who just pirates messages from other internet users and sends these to your SO (significant other) or loved one. 

Nothing screams fraud more than someone who constantly sends unoriginal messages. So here are some original text messages that you can send in different situations to that person you love before you dream about them some more. 

(Side note: Want to create attraction with a girl through your phone? then use one of these 13 examples of how to get a girl to like you through texting).

What Are Good Evening Text Messages?

An evening text message is a message sent at the end of the day to the people you care about.

The message usually lets them know you are thinking about them, or you can use it to wish them a great day the next day. An evening message can also share your affection and encouragement for someone you love. 

Messages can be short, longer, or even images. However, this is an opportunity to share your real feelings and support with a text message. 

121 Best Good Evening Text Messages for Someone You Care About

Have you ever received a good evening message that you cherished and saved to your phone or email? 

A really meaningful message can make your someone special’s day and send them off to a peaceful night’s rest

Sweet Good Evening Text Messages 

  1. Wishing you a lovely evening filled with serenity and peace
  2. What you think and feel determines your present. May you sit quietly and peacefully as the sun paints a rainbow of light in the sky.
  3. Wishing you eternal sunrises and the blessings of a bountiful moon as you head into night’s world before tomorrow’s bounty. 
  4. May the cool whisper of an evening breeze carry away all your troubles and bring you a deep night’s rest. 
  5. Light the fire in your hearth, and as daylight fades into the brilliance of night, remember that I love you deeply, my cherished one.
  6. Best wishes for a peaceful evening that’s as sweet as you, and I hope you have an evening of restful sleep as you leave the tribulations of the day behind. 
  7. As you curl up in bed, I wish you all the comfort of night. May your troubles slip away as wakefulness departs and dreams fill your night. 
  8. Just dropping by to let you know how worthy of love you are, and that good things are coming your way. Wishing you a good night. 
  9. Hoping you are home with your family, and I send all my love and many hugs to you all. Wishing you a peaceful evening together. 
  10. Your flowers still brighten my room. I love you and may my smile light your way home tonight.

Your flowers still brighten my room. I love you and may my smile light your way home tonight.”

  1. Time to leave the hard work of the day behind as you lean back and recline. I hope nighttime soothes your weary brow with glorious hugs and the love I send your way. 
  2. Friendships are rare, but you are a friend whom I really do care about. May your evening be filled with companionship and comfort. 
  3. May you be kind to yourself like you are kind to others, and comfort yourself like you support others. Be safe, warm, and loved tonight. 
  4. It’s time to let go of fears, doubts, and obsessions about anything related to earthly possessions. Time to rest and discover your best—I love you, sweet dreams.
  5. May twilight’s hues infuse your night with happiness and the brightening of rest. Peaceful dreams, dear one. 
  6. Evenings are the time when we can forget the world and start to work on us and our lives. Retire your worries and fears and slip into a bubble bath up to your ears. May you rest well, you’ve earned it! 
  7. As you yawn and get ready for bed, may you feel all of today’s tribulations slip out of your head. Peaceful sleep and warm dreams for you, my beautiful friend. 
  8. Relax and unwind as your evening fills with peace and joy. May the dawn bring new friends and accomplishments to celebrate. 
  9. You are always on my mind, and when I think of your smile, I lose my thoughts and can’t find sleep. So burrow into the pillows, dear, nighttime erases all your fears. 
  10. Hi, my dearest friend, I hope you can sip away the day’s worries with a sweet cup of tea.
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  1. Just popping in to let you know I am here for you. So as you slip off to sleep, keep in mind that you are amazing and the best part of the day. 
  2. You bring joy, friendship, and gratitude to my life. I am eternally thankful for you in my life. May you rest tonight, secure in my loyalty and dedication. 
  3. Wishing you a peaceful and powerful evening. You inspire me and bring so much to my life that I can’t imagine not ever seeing you each day. 
  4. I've been sitting here counting my blessings, and you were the first on the list.
  5. Today was challenging, but you are the most resilient person I know. Hit reset this evening, and tomorrow, come back stronger.
  6. On days when I've struggled the most with my self-esteem, you always remind me how special I am in your eyes. Thank you!
  7. Good evening, Baby Doll. Thinking about you and how supportive you’ve been to me. I continually meditate on your sweet words and thoughtful acts.
  8. Wishing you a night of peace and sweet rest so you can be even more incredible tomorrow.
  9. So many evenings, I've sat and cried sad tears, but I'm crying joyfully this evening because of you and your comforting friendship.
  10. You looked so pretty today with your new hairdo and cute dress. I never knew you could improve upon a masterpiece until today.

Flirty Good Evening Text Messages 

  1. My lovely friend, I hope our friendship remains as beautiful and soothing as this night and the calm that leads you to sleep. 
  2. After this busy day, I hope you’re ready to receive the big-ass hug I am sending your way. I look forward to your hug in return. Sweet dreams and peaceful rest, my dearest.
  3. Today, I heard a song that reminded me of you today, and the sounds of love and kindness carried into the night. Your arms carry me to sleep as I dream of you tonight. 
  4. Did you get the hug I sent to you across the airwaves tonight? It’s to remind you how much I love you and wish you a sweet rest. I love you.
  5. Best wishes for a happy evening filled with hugs and love. Get your arms open, dearest love.
  6. Did you have a bad day? My lovin’ is on its way!
  7. My fingers ache to type a message of love and joy to you tonight. And my arms crave a hug, but I’ll have to make due with a text to send you off to sleep instead. Sweet dreams, my lover.

My fingers ache to type a message of love and joy to you tonight. And my arms crave a hug, but I’ll have to make due with a text to send you off to sleep instead. Sweet dreams, my lover.”

  1. Like wine, our evenings together only improve with age. May we pop a bottle together tonight. Love you. 
  2. When I talk to you, the words just come. I love our chats and the flirting that brightens my day. May thoughts of me brighten your night!
  3. Evenings are well-rounded, colorful, and sweet—just like you. May you rest in my arms real soon. You send me over the moon. 
  4. Add this evening text to your coffee, my love. It’s as sweet as sugar and twice as nice. I’ll see you soon, so put the vodka on ice. 
  5. Get your dancing shoes on; you’re about to dance with me until the sun rises. Wishing you an evening of peaceful surprises. 
  6. When I’m asleep, I see you. Awake, I think of you, and you’re always in my heart. So let tonight carry you to sleep on the rhythm of my heart. 
  7. As you turn over in bed, remember that you are always in my head. Sweaty dreams, my dear one! 
  8. When you look at the setting sun, I’d like to remind you that you are my number one.
  9. Did you get the memo? It’s time for you to rest and enjoy my short demo of what comes next—It’s so much more than just a text. 
  10. My math is bad, but I am counting the hours until you can be in my arms tomorrow. So hurry up and meet me in lala land before I get sad. 
  11. Missing you, my dear. I miss fighting over the blankets with you. Sweet dreams on your business trip.
  12. When I tried to write you a message of love tonight, my grammar failed, my words flew away, and all I could say is have a happy end of day. 
  13. Missing you like the waves of the ocean. Hope you can surf off to sleep.
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  1. Thank you for always making my days and evenings exciting. Just show up, you are enough. 
  2. It’s night, so dream about me or ice cream—you pick. 
  3. Come on over, there’s a pillow fight with your name on it. Sweet dreams await. 
  4. Rest well, my love. I hope I get as much attention tomorrow as you gave me today.
  5. Your love keeps me going when we are apart. 
  6. I would be asleep by now but don't want to miss a moment when I could be awake, thinking of you.
  7. Seeing your beautiful smile completes my day and gives me something to look forward to tomorrow.
  8. The only thing I’m missing in this text is hearing the sweet way you laugh.
  9. Your love nourishes me like a tree by a river’s stream. It keeps me feeling alive, fruitful, and flourishing.
  10. Knowing you love me brightens the darkest nights and provides me warmth on the coldest evenings.
  11. You are such a pleasure to be around. You make me feel seen, valued and appreciated.
  12. I miss your beautiful eyes and how you twirl your fingers in your hair when I make you blush.
  13. Figuratively, you're the prettiest girl in the room, and I'm just flattered and happy that you actually know my name.
  14. I Was thinking of you this evening. I’ve heard how some go looking for hidden treasure. I did the same and found you—the greatest treasure that makes every day worth living.
  15. I couldn’t let another day go by without acknowledging how amazing you are. Your smile is the most beautiful thing anyone will ever see in their lifetime.
  16. This evening, I saw a shooting star and made a wish. When I see you tomorrow, I will know it came true.

Funny Good Evening Text Messages

  1. I’m ready for a weirdness overload and looking forward to spending the evening with you. Let’s get our sync on!
  2. So, today was a mess, but you still tried your best. Now it’s time to let yourself off the hook, curl up with a good book, and slip off to sleep. 
  3. Friendship with you makes my life easier and worth the day’s dramas. May you rest well, and remember, our colleagues are spitting lamas! Giggle your way off to sleep, dear colleague.
  4. Wishing you were here to tire me, so I could sleep well in your arms. Sweet dreams, lover.
  5. You’re a dork, but I love you! Sweet dreams and hope you have an evening filled with laughs on this special night. 
  6. You brighten my day like a 100-watt light. I hope you can have a fun evening with your feet up as you snooze and recharge. 

You brighten my day like a 100-watt light. I hope you can have a fun evening with your feet up as you snooze and recharge. “

  1. I know you work hard each day, meeting your full potential in every way. I hope you can rest well and let yourself peacefully chill before sliding down dreams’ hill. 
  2. Have you hit pause yet? Evening is here, and it’s time to rest, my dear.
  3. You may want to drown your sorrows like the sun drowns in the sea, but remember that tomorrow will always be right there. Quit feeling scared and get some rest—you are still the best. 
  4. Did you have a good day? You’re about to have a brilliant night—jump into bed and turn off the light.
  5. You forgot your insomnia here, so please fetch it, dear.
  6. It’s time for sleep; the monsters under your bed miss you and want you to come count sheep. 
  7. You worked hard today, so kick bad dreams out of your way. Snooze-time!
  8. Wishing you sweet dreams of … me!
  9. You’re dope! Come on over, so I can get high on you. Sweet dreams, my beloved.
  10. They say you can’t choose family, but you can choose to rest. So pick some Zs to help you fall into bed.
  11. I would have never made it through college without your goofiness. I'm thankful to have called you a friend for the past four years.
  12. I knew you would make an excellent friend because while others stabbed me in the back, you stabbed me in the front.
  13. At least my snoring doesn’t make me boring. Wishing you a peaceful night until morning. 
  14. Are your bags packed? Texting isn’t enough, so hurry back. 
  15. Tomorrow will be here soon, so get ready to jump over the moon, my dear cow.
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  1. Are you tired yet? You’ve been running through my dreams all night. Time for bed.
  2. You always inspired me and challenged my way of thinking. Then I realized you're even more weird than I am.
  3. We will always be friends. You know where all the bodies were buried and the cause of death.
  4. Don’t listen to the haters. Remember, “Beauty is only skin deep, but ugly is to the bone.” – BeBe’s Kids
  5. You always have fun at my expense. That's why I'm texting you 20 minutes late to let you know that it's raining outside, and your car windows are down.
  6. I love how you and I can have some of the most profound conversations. That’s how I know you are so “full of it.” There’s never a dull moment with you.
  7. You’re the sweetest, kindest, and most compassionate person I know.  I'm so glad you don't treat me that way. I would see right through you.
  8. I love how we can just sit together and be silly. No drama is allowed when we are together.
  9. Sometimes, I can’t believe how you know everything about me and still love me. It makes me feel so happy.
  10. My mom said a clown school is hiring instructors, and we should submit our applications.  Together, you and I are always the life of the party.
  11. I’m always here for you, 23/7, cause I need an hour to shower. You don’t want me to go without a shower, right?
  12. I was here reflecting on our friendship when I realized I'd never taken so much ibuprofen until we became friends. You have me laughing so hard that my face, sides, and whole upper body ache.
  13. Girl, you know I didn’t mean anything by what I said earlier today. At that point, I hadn't even drunk my coffee yet.
  14. You know I’d give you the shirt off my back if they didn’t still have the tags on them.
  15. We are so clumsy. There is never a dull moment between us. Instead of floating like butterflies and stinging like bees, we are slow as caterpillars and get stung by bees. We are the perfect pair.

Motivational Good Evening Text Messages

  1. Happy wishes for a night that brings a smile to your lips as you breathe, recuperate, and draw strength for tomorrow
  2. Nighttime is the most special time of day when the world is quiet and at peace, and it’s the time when we can reflect and grow more into who we are. May this night bring you renewed strength. 
  3. When I think of life, I instantly think of you. Please rest tonight as I can’t imagine waking up to a day without you in it. 
  4. Hard work during the day fills your night with sweet dreams and happy rest. 
  5. Tonight is the bridge to the opportunities of tomorrow, so walk across it right now.
  6. May the moon guide you home as you leave behind this day. 
  7. May the cool breath of evening carry away your concerns of the day and your fears of tomorrow. You are worthy of rest, and I hope that as you wish upon a star you dream sweetly. 

May the cool breath of evening carry away your concerns of the day and your fears of tomorrow. You are worthy of rest, and I hope that as you wish upon a star you dream sweetly. “

  1. Wishing you all the happiness in the world as you celebrate this evening with dreams and the love of those near to you. Sweet dreams, dear friend.
  2. As the sun sets, I hope it takes down all your burdens and cares, leaving you with the stars of hope for tomorrow. Best wishes for a peaceful night. 
  3. Today was hard, but you faced it like a champ. May you rest now and face tomorrow with renewed hope and courage to face the day. Keep fighting the good fight, my friend.
  4. I have made many mistakes, and people, except for you, have left me behind. That’s how I know you’re a true friend, indeed.
  5. Thank you for inspiring me with your dedication and leadership. Wishing you a peaceful evening and much-needed rest. 
  6. May your sleep tonight be a meditation that fills your soul with peace.
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  1. Hey, Dad. I’m so grateful you made it through this day.
  2. You saw the best in me when everyone else only focused on the worst. That’s how I knew you were a genuine friend.
  3. All the good you sowed into others today will return to you tomorrow as a fruitful harvest of good.
  4. Your future is so bright we all wear shades.
  5. You were buried and thought to be down and out. But now, you resiliently rose to the occasion, standing tall and flourished.
  6. Difficult times don't' define you. Instead, they have refined you into the best version of you that the world has ever seen. 

Final Thoughts about Good Evening Text Messages

Good evening text messages are a fun way to keep in touch with loved ones… while bringing a smile, giggle, or motivation home.  It also makes someone simply feel good knowing they are one of the last things on your mind before bed.

While sending good evening messages to your loved ones is great, why not send them a good morning message too? To inspire you, here are the best good morning messages for someone important.

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