33 Fun Things to Do for Your Girlfriend’s Birthday

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Is your girlfriend’s birthday coming up soon? Are you out of ideas for fun things you can do together or with her friends and family? 

It’s okay if you don’t know where to start. Maybe your girlfriend is new in your life or maybe you just want to plan the perfect celebration for her. 

I’ve got you. Here’s a comprehensive guide with all the fun things to do for girlfriends birthday so you can make her feel special and loved and tell her how much she means to you. 

Why Should You Celebrate Your Girlfriend’s Birthday? 

Your girlfriend plays an important role in your life – otherwise you wouldn’t have asked her out and made things official, right? So it’s only right to celebrate her birthday, trip around the sun, natal day, or whatever you call it. 

Here are the other top reasons why we celebrate our loved ones’ birthdays. When you celebrate your girlfriend’s b-day, you: 

  • Celebrate your girl’s accomplishments and milestones, which hold a special place in her heart 
  • Express your gratitude that your special someone exists and that she’s a part of your life 
  • Celebrate life 
  • Build a deeper connection with her 
  • Show her how much you love, appreciate, support, and care for her 
  • Acknowledge the positive impact she’s had on you and your life 
  • Get to spend quality time with her and spoil her, or join in on the fun with her friends and family 
  • Make memories with your significant other 
  • Make her feel wonderful and reinforce her sense of worth 
  • Spread love and joy 

Why Do Something Special & Fun for Your Girlfriend? 

It’s essential to have fun and do something special to celebrate your girlfriend’s big day. 

Besides starting or practicing a b-day tradition with your loved one, here are the benefits of having fun: 

  • Better overall well-being 
  • Makes you feel better 
  • Improves and regulates sleep 
  • Stimulates creativity 
  • Improves your memory 
  • Makes you more energetic 
  • Helps heal emotional wounds 
  • Offers an opportunity to connect with yourself and loved ones 
  • Better productivity 
  • Improved stress management 
  • Improves your relationships 
  • Makes you feel more likable

33 Fun Things to Do for Your Girlfriend’s Birthday 

Here are the best fun things to do for your girlfriend’s birthday

Remember that every woman is unique, so tailor these to suit your lady’s preferences. And even if she isn’t into celebrating her birthday or doesn’t want a big to-do, you can still make the day special for her and remind her how loved she is

1. A Couple’s Massage

For a romantic birthday activity, why don’t you book a couple’s massage for you and your girlfriend? You can relax and unwind in the ultimate pamper session

You’ll create lasting memories and feel closer than ever once the couple’s massage is finished. You can also give each other a happy ending if you’re up for it.

Plus, you’ll sleep like a baby that night. 

2. Cook up a Storm Together

Nothing gets love boiling over than spending time together in the kitchen. Take some cooking classes and prepare a delicious meal together for her birthday.

Let the culinary arts carve out some quality time for each other while you enjoy a bottle of wine over the stove. 

If you’re not much of a chef, you can book some fancy cooking classes nearby, which lets your girlfriend shine with a professional chef’s guidance and help. 

3. Hike Some Trails 

Take your b-day girl hiking if she loves working up a sweat while the sun shines and greenery surrounds her. Visit a local or national park, pack delicious snacks and enough water, and get ready for the ultimate bonding experience

While you can soak up some vitamin D and admire all that nature has to offer, prep some soul-searching questions to get to know your girlfriend better. Or make laughter the goal of the day with these funny this or that questions.

4. Book a Private Chef for a Special Meal 

Now, if you want to take a break from cooking, why not hire a private chef to prepare a mouthwatering and soul-stirring meal for you and your girlfriend on her special day?

There are many private chefs who advertise their services for special occasions, and it need not cost an arm and a leg. 

celebrate birthday | girlfriends birthday | birthday
Take your b-day girl hiking if she loves working up a sweat while the sun shines and greenery surrounds her.

Have the special meal at home, or choose a unique venue where you can really wow her with this creative and fun thing to do on her birthday.

A rooftop dinner overlooking your neighborhood can be as special as one served on the beach. 

5. Flip It up with a Helicopter Ride 

Helicopter rides can be exciting, romantic, and unforgettable, and there’s something really special when you see the world from up-above. 

See if there are any local heli-rides in your area, or make this part of a weekend getaway to pamper your lady. Book one of the best USA helicopter tours so you can admire your city’s skyline or a breathtaking natural landscape

6. Go Glamping

Glamping is all the rage. Most sensible ladies won’t want to rough it on the sleeping bag under the stars in the middle of nowhere, but hiring a glamping site such as an airstream or novelty tent can really set the mood for her special day. 

Taking your girlfriend glamping on her birthday can include a dip in a hidden hotspring, sleeping on a comfy mattress, and snuggling with you while you eat a delicious cake by the fire. 

7. Enjoy a Picnic

Enjoy a relaxing and low-key morning, afternoon, or evening with a picnic with your significant other in the local park.

You can even picnic in your backyard or living room if you don’t feel like going out or prefer some privacy. 

Snuggle under a tree, share some wine, feed each other chocolate-covered strawberries, and simply spend some quality time together. You can also play frisbee or go for a stroll. 

If your girlfriend wants to spend her birthday with her other loved ones, you can plan a picnic-themed birthday party

8. Attend a Concert 

Nothing is more special than attending a once-in-a-lifetime concert with your girlfriend for her birthday. The goal is to get front-row concert tickets or backstage access passes, but even a middle row is still a win if the performer is really someone she adores. 

Taylor Swift or Adele may not be your cuppa tea, but it’s your girlfriend’s choice, so put on that pink Barbie shirt or your best Eras costume for her sake – it will be a memory not soon forgotten. 

9. Go to a Show

Wine and dine your birthday girl with a show. You can see a Broadway production, go to comedy night at a local joint, or see a burlesque or Cirque du Soleil show. 

Ensure you dress up and prepare yourself for a night of fun. But be sure to choose the kind of show that you and your lady will enjoy

10. Start the Day Right with Breakfast in Bed

When it’s a special birthday (and all birthdays are special, if you didn’t know), your girlfriend should be spoiled from the moment she opens her beautiful eyes.

The day should start with a delicious breakfast, and with so many tasty recipes online, you don’t have any excuse for not trying. 

If you’re not a cook and have the ability to burn water, you should plan ahead and arrange for her favorite pastries, fresh juice, or whatever she likes to eat with a local bakery or restaurant.

It should be a surprise and special, so don’t just hide a few instant-breakfast items in the fridge. 

11. Amp up Your Shared Bucket List 

If you know your girlfriend is the one, create a shared bucket list on or for her birthday.

Or if you’ve been creating one for a while, you can choose a few activities that you can tick off together. It’s a great way to make memories and realize your shared hopes and dreams. 

Here are some great activities you can add to your couples bucket list if you feel stuck. 

12. Try Rock Climbing

Is your significant other a bit of a daredevil? Perhaps she adores rock climbing? 

Why not make arrangements for a special rock face near you and make a day out of the climb, or you can book a session at your local gym with a climb face to suit her abilities (and yours). 

The adrenaline rush of making it to the top (or having a short fall into the safety rope) will more than make up for the sweat and chalk coating your hands afterward. Best of all, you can tag her with a strategically placed hand print (… if you know what I mean).

13. Organize a Surprise Party

Make sure your romantic partner is okay with surprises before you plan and throw a surprise party for her. You definitely want her to enjoy your special day and not be mad at you for trying to do something wonderful but end up disappointing her or making her unhappy. 

Connect with her close friends or mom and sister to help you with the arrangement (if you’re sure a surprise party is the way to go). It’s best to choose a theme and venue, and then buying birthday supplies, deciding on catering, sending out invites, and getting everything ready for her big day will fall into place much easier. 

Remember to keep the party a secret and not spill the beans beforehand! 

14. Visit an Amusement Park

There’s something fantastical about browsing through an amusement park. Your girlfriend will love visiting one of the US’s many incredible amusement parks, where you can impress her with your skills in strongman contests, target shooting, go-kart racing, and rollercoasters (and she can hang onto you if she’s scared). 

Make things even more special by inviting a couple of friends and family on the rides, except when you take her through the tunnel of love

15. Go on a Hot Air Balloon Ride 

There’s something magical about going on a hot air balloon ride with your favorite lady. You can watch in awe as the earth disappears and becomes smaller and smaller as you gain altitude. 

It’s quite a spectacular and tranquil experience, and it’s best shared with your loved one! 

You may have to travel out of state for one of the best hot air balloon rides, but pair it with a romantic getaway and you’ve got a winning birthday gift.

16. Impress Her with Ax Throwing 

If your girlfriend loves the idea of you being her viking, why not make her your battle queen by taking up ax throwing as a hobby.

There are also many country fairs where you can have a toss of the ax and flaunt your skills at balancing the ax into a target. 

She may also try her hand at throwing the traditional war tool, and if she’s handy, you know who’s chopping firewood when winter rolls around at that country escape. 

17. Go Indoor Skydiving

If you are both adrenaline junkies but not quite at the place where you’re brave enough to jump out of a plane 15,000 feet off the ground, then start with indoor skydiving.

You are basically inside a windy tube that simulates a real skydiving experience and you float while the gusts of wind cushion you, making it feel like you are flying.

girlfriends birthday | birthday | unforgettable birthday
Enjoy a relaxing and low-key morning, afternoon, or evening with a picnic with your significant other in the local park.

Indoor skydiving is generally considered to be safer and more comfortable than outdoor skydiving, and it can be step 1 before you try the outdoor hobby for real. 

It’s sure to be an unforgettable birthday

18. Go on a Romantic Getaway

No girlfriend will say no to a romantic getaway. A road trip, adventure into the backcountry, or inspirational journey can all become a romantic activity to share. 

This is an opportunity to be spontaneous, pack her bags, arrange with the neighbors to feed her dogs, and pick her up from work without warning. If you have the budget, a plane ticket to a foreign locale would be the ultimate romantic indulgence. 

19. Go Fruit Picking 

If your girlfriend’s birthday is in the right season, go fruit picking. You’ll have to drive out of the city or town if that’s where you live, enjoy the open road, arrive at a pick-your-own farm, and wander through a fruit orchard.

As you walk and pick berries, apples, or oranges, you can enjoy fun conversation topics and learn more about your special lady. 

Enjoy your bounty with a picnic or make something delicious at home. 

20. Rent a Boat

Celebrate her birthday with the “motion of the ocean.” Book a boat or sail ship to ferry you and your girlfriend to a remote island or a hidden cove along the coast.

There’s something amazing about the feel of a wooden ship under you as you rock the night away in rhythm to the tide. 

There are so many types of boats available, so you can choose a fast adventure with a power boat, show off your skills on the ropes with a sailboat, or go old-fashioned with a rowboat. Remember to pack delicious snacks, drinks, sunscreen, hats, and towels. 

21. Get a Date Night Box

Why not buy a date night box and see where the evening takes you? Think of it as a surprise for both of you. 

A date night box may include exciting activities or games, goodies, and props, and they come in themes too so you can enjoy the 70s, an evening in Paris, and more. Or choose a spicy option like an adult box for couples

If you like these, subscribe so you and your loved one can have regular fun! And if you’re on a budget, you can make your own date night box. 

22. Study Glass Blowing for a Day

Making something beautiful on your girlfriend’s birthday will also make amazing memories that she’ll cherish forever. Glass blowing classes may not seem like the best way to spend a day, but the beautiful shapes, colors, and designs will thrill her. 

The fun lies in the trial-and-error, and with the guidance of a master glass blower, she’s sure to make a beautiful keepsake that will be part of your memory box. 

23. Spend Time Star Gazing

Star gazing may sound like such a cliché activity, but it can be amazing too! Drive away from the lights of your city and town, pack a blanket, some snacks, and sparkling wine, and lay beneath the sea of stars

If you can, plan your evening when there’s an astronomical event like a meteor shower to make it even more special.

But if there are no shooting stars predicted, you and your significant other can still have an amazing night together under the stars. 

And see if you can stay up all night talking and catch the sunrise before heading home.

24. Take Her Dancing 

An expression of love is to move your body, so why not take your girlfriend dancing for her birthday?

If you want to be original, you can take her to a dance studio that teaches a dance that she doesn’t know, such as salsa, the cha-cha, or even an older dance like the fox trot

The fun lies in spending quality time together, moving your bodies together, and bonding through movement. There are great dance instructors in most cities, and you can even try some online dance classes if you’re both a little shy. 

25. Attend a Paint & Sip 

Who knew that wine and paint make such a great combo? Impress your girlfriend by taking her to a paint and sip event, where painting lessons are combined with fine wine, delicious food, and great company.

Local community groups, Facebook, and boards like craigslist for your area are the best places to find these events. 

Best of all, there’s no pressure to create masterpieces at these events, and the wine helps creative juices flow. Take the artwork home to remember your painting adventure, whether you hang it or hide it. 

26. Volunteer at an Animal Shelter

Should your girlfriend be nuts about pets, you can help her form valuable memories on her birthday by taking her to a pet charity or animal shelter to volunteer.

Whether you play with puppies, walk the senior dogs, or help the staff bathe the newcomers, you're sure to have a wholesome feel-good day together. 

You can always end the day on the best note by adopting a pet for her as a present on her birthday (if you and she have space and time for one). 

27. Play Mini Golf

Playing mini golf can help you grow closer and you can even add some friendly competition if that’s your thing. You’ll be engaged throughout the whole miniature golf course, and while you can fill the silence with conversation, you don’t have too. 

Afterward, be sure to grab a bite to eat or head out for some laser tag and arcade games. 

28. Get Your Ghost on

Ghost tours are all the rage, whether you believe in the supernatural or not. While the Winchester boys may not jump out of the shadows, your girlfriend is sure to cling to you for safety and courage

It’s the perfect adventure, and many of the US’s best haunted destinations offer tours, which will give you both a hair-raising experience that’s sure to make her birthday memorable. 

29. Build a Pillow Fort for a Luxury Movie Night

If ghostly adventures or action-packed days aren’t your girlfriend’s cuppa tea, why not stay in on her birthday with a pillow fort evening and some favorite movies projected on the ceiling or wall?

Stock your fort with all the best treats to eat, while you and your beau recline in style on “floofy” pillows in your own little world. 

You can even consider a human-sized dog bed if you want to include your four-pawed kids in your pillow fort event. 

30. Go Wine Tasting

Either go on a wine vacation (or tour) or take the day off to taste wine at a local vineyard with your special girl.

There are many unforgettable wine tours, and you can even wine hop from tasting to tasting – just make sure you don’t drink and drive. 

birthday surprise | happy birthday | birthday
There’s something amazing about the feel of a wooden ship under you as you rock the night away in rhythm to the tide. 

Remember to buy your partner wine to enjoy at home (and it’ll remind her of a wonderful birthday). 

If wine isn’t your girlfriend’s thing, take her on a brewery tour

31. Plan a Special Birthday Photoshoot 

You always see special photoshoots that friends and family share on social media for the holidays or when they are expecting or the new baby’s been born.

Why don’t you organize a special birthday photoshoot for your girlfriend so her special day is captured forever in film or digital format? 

You can troll Pinterest for some great photoshoot ideas or talk to your photographer to theme the shoot according to something your girlfriend likes.

If she likes horses, you can do an equine-themed b-day shoot, or if she’s into monster trucks, you can include that idea. 

Invite her friends and family along for the photoshoot.

32. Cash in on Love Coupons 

You can buy or create a love coupon book for your girlfriend on her birthday and she can also cash all of them in on her natal day. Or maybe cash in some of them – the choice is hers, right? 

Your girlfriend can cash in on kisses, hugs, a full body massage, a themed sexy night with her favorite boy toy (hopefully that’s you), a foot rub, a candle-lit dinner, or breakfast in bed. Get creative with these love coupons. 

33. Play with Body Art 

Playing with body art is ideal if you want to spend a night being intimate with your lady while trying something new.

Get edible body paints or buy a body art kit and you can pretend to be the artist while your girlfriend’s body is your canvas. 

You don’t have to create a masterpiece … but have fun trying! 

Final Thoughts about Things to Do for Your Girlfriend’s Birthday 

It can be lots of fun thinking of and planning fun things to do for your girlfriend’s birthday.

You can go all out with a romantic getaway, a boat ride for the day or weekend, a hot air balloon or helicopter trip, or a wine tasting tour.

Or keep it local with a pillow fort and movie night, date night box, a picnic, or playing with edible body art

Remember to tailor the experience around your special lady – after all, her birthday is about her, not your wants and needs. She’ll have a chance to spoil you when it’s time for her boyfriend’s birthday.

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