65 I Love You Memes For That Special Someone

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Ever wondered how to say “I love you” in a way that’s both modern and irresistibly shareable? Memes have turned our classic expression of love into an Internet phenomenon. They blend humor, heart, and just the right amount of quirkiness into one perfect package. Whether you’re in a romantic relationship, part of a loving family, … Read more

7 Best Online Marriage Counseling Programs and Websites

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Are you and your spouse at a point in your marriage where you’re considering going into counseling? With the health emergency situation that the whole world is currently experiencing, couples are facing new challenges as they shelter in place or deal with family life amidst uncertainties. Relationships, no matter how strong, can see conflict and … Read more

13 Warning Signs That Your Girlfriend Isn’t Sexually Attracted To You

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Let’s talk about sex.  Are you getting it, is your girlfriend sexually attracted to you, or are you being short-listed and don’t even know it? Sexual attraction is often what starts an intimate relationship, but it doesn’t always last. Have you been missing the warning signs that your girlfriend isn’t sexually attracted to you? Sexual … Read more