Can Two Introverts Date and Make a Good Couple?

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Can two introverts date successfully? Opposites attract and cling together, while two of the same kind repel. That’s a scientifically proven fact if we’re talking about magnets. Is that to say the same principle applies to dating and romance between two introverts? What’s an Introvert anyway? Swiss psychologist, Carl Gustav Jung, was the first person to use … Read more

65 Funny & Romantic Memes About Love for 2024

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These days, sending memes has almost become the newest love language. Many couples are hooked on sending their partners memes at least once a day to make them smile. This modern form of connection strengthens their bonds as lifetime partners. In this article, we share with you a list of memes that talk about love … Read more

37 Gaslighting Examples & Phrases That Manipulative People Use

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The term “gaslighting” is frequently used in our culture. But what does it really mean? Gaslighting is a term for a form of emotional abuse that can be hard to recognize. It’s not always readily apparent, even though it often occurs in abusive relationships.  Yet, unfortunately, gaslighting can have serious consequences for your mental well-being … Read more

9 Situationship Rules You Both Should Follow

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Saying you are in a relationship comes with a range of emotions, obligations, and expectations that may make you feel uncomfortable. If only you could change your mind about a partner as easily as you change clothes and find someone suitable for the particular pursuit you’re engaged in at that moment.  That’s exactly what a … Read more