37 Gaslighting Examples & Phrases That Manipulative People Use

gaslighting examples | gaslighting example relationship | 10 examples of gaslighting

The term “gaslighting” is frequently used in our culture. But what does it really mean? Gaslighting is a term for a form of emotional abuse that can be hard to recognize. It’s not always readily apparent, even though it often occurs in abusive relationships.  Yet, unfortunately, gaslighting can have serious consequences for your mental well-being … Read more

11 Tips for Understanding a Woman with Abandonment Issues

understanding a woman with abandonment issues | ghosting someone with abandonment issues | my boyfriend triggers my abandonment issues

Relationships can sometimes leave us scratching our heads about what went wrong. Have you ever been in a relationship or friendship with a woman who seemed to have trust issues? Maybe she overreacts with anger, fear, or sadness? If so, understanding her may be difficult but not impossible.  Even though you may love this person … Read more

15 Emotional Effects of Stonewalling in a Relationship

emotional effects of stonewalling | victim of stonewalling | how to respond to stonewalling

You’re right to feel angry and hurt when someone you love stonewalls you… even more so if the individual is your spouse or life partner. When I think of the word “stonewalling,” I visualize someone guarding themselves behind a strong concrete wall that I can’t penetrate. To be honest, I’m irked to the bone when someone throws … Read more

How to Stop Enabling Your Grown Child: 13 Simple Steps

how to stop enabling your grown child | when your child takes advantage of you | when to give up on your grown child

Helping your grown child comes with the territory of being a parent. Going above and beyond the call of duty to please them is where the problem lies. Always trying to meet their needs could become harmful to their independence and well-being. A guide on how to stop enabling your grown child could be a useful resource … Read more

My Husband Yells at Me: 13 Strategies to Make Him Stop

my husband yells at me | why does my wife yell at me | what to do if my wife yells at me

Uh-oh! Your husband does what? He yells at you? I’m sure you feel hurt. After all, you expect him to love, respect, and protect you. That time my girlfriend said to me, “My husband yells at me and makes me cry,” I wanted to tell her to yell back at him and let’s see how he feels. I had … Read more

15 Ways to Turn the Tables on a Gaslighter in Your Life

how to turn the tables on a gaslighter | what happens when you ignore a gaslighter | phrases to shut down gaslighting

There was a time I wanted to know how to turn the tables on a gaslighter in my life because I’d had it with them. Now that you’ve found yourself in that place, I hope I can help. Writing topics on getting even with a gaslighter, making them fear you, or turning tables is my … Read more

200 Likes and Dislikes Examples: A List to Spark a Conversation

likes and dislikes | funny list of likes and dislikes | likes and dislikes personality

Whether you are starting a new relationship, or looking to deepen existing ones, learning about the things they like or dislike is a great way to do so easily. Remembering that a person likes something, or mentioning that you didn’t serve a certain food because you remembered they didn’t like it, gives them the idea … Read more

9 Toxic Person Tests to See if You’re Hurting Others

toxic person test | difficult person test | toxic person traits

It is easy to tell if someone in your life is becoming too toxic to handle, but is it also easy to tell if you are the one being difficult? You might find it uncomfortable, but checking with yourself for toxic behavior is as essential as checking the relationships you have with everyone else. In … Read more