13 Qualities of a Good Woman You Should Look For

qualities of a good woman | 100 qualities of a good woman | 20 qualities of a good woman

Many would say that good qualities are relative.  That depends on each person, their values, and what they consider reasonable.  However, there are also those qualities that almost all of us look for in a good person.  When looking for a good woman, there are qualities that we desire from a person so that we … Read more

Should I Propose Before or After Dinner (Our Definitive Answer)

should i propose before or after dinner | who pays for the proposal dinner | what not to do when proposing

So you’re ready to propose and you know you want to do it over dinner. But here’s the question: Should I propose before or after dinner? A marriage proposal is one of the most pivotal events in the lives of both the person proposing and the person who is being proposed to. Without question, your … Read more

83 Great Compliments for Coworkers at Your Workplace

compliments for coworkers | one word compliments for coworkers | how to praise someone professionally

Let’s be honest. We spend much our lives at our workplace among coworkers. In fact, the average person clocks approximately 90,000 hours—basically a third of your life.  A colleague of mine is having a hard time at work. He’s always saying he wishes someone would just give him a pat on the back or tell … Read more

91 This or That Questions to Ask a Guy to Know Him Better

this or that questions to ask a guy | flirty questions to ask a guy | questions to ask a guy over text

Most kids seem to naturally be able to connect with others and start friendships. They also seem to be excellent at asking questions! As we become adults, it becomes much harder to make the human connections that are so essential for our well-being. It is no surprise that as we get older, we also seem … Read more

31 Best Songs About Needing & Asking for Help

songs about needing help | songs about needing help from friends | songs about needing someone

Feeling alone and seeking help? It’s not wrong to be independent and stand on your own two feet, but sometimes we need help from others, particularly when loneliness sets in. Life can be rough at times, and needing someone to love and care for you is not an indication of weakness. You can ask for … Read more

13 Effective Steps to Deal with a Disrespectful Grown Child

how to deal with a disrespectful grown child | toxic daughter signs | letter to daughter who is disrespectful

Have you had it with your adult child who wouldn’t quit being disrespectful towards you and others? A study confirmed that tensions in the relationship between parents and grown children are common. The situation is often driven by the child’s opinion that they can disregard manners and household rules as adults. I’m sure you would … Read more

How to Fix an Anxious Attachment Style in Your Relationships

how to fix anxious attachment style | how to fix anxious attachment style in relationships | anxious attachment triggers

Our relationship with our caregivers is the foundation on which we build all future relationships. How our parents and grandparents respond to our emotional needs dictates how we relate to attachment, emotional security, and rejection. When you grow up in a family environment characterized by abandonment, trauma, or inconsistent parenting, you develop a deep sense … Read more

Don’t Beg for Attention in a Relationship: 9 Things to Do Instead

dont beg for attention | dont beg for love and attention | never beg for attention in a relationship

Relationships are a normal part of life. It can feel good to have someone to rely on and share your life with. But sometimes, being in a relationship can make you feel like you need to beg for attention. On my end, I remember having to be the one to reach out to hold hands. … Read more

13 Reasons to Never Force Anyone to Talk to You

never force anyone to talk to you | never force anyone to talk to you never force anyone to stay | i never force anyone to stay in my life

As I have learned in life, most people do what they want to do.  In any relationship, regular communication is key if a person loves and cares for you on any level.  Unfortunately, many of us chase after the love and affections of others.  We do this because we are convinced that somehow that person … Read more