25 Romantic and Sweet Love Letters for Him

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When my folks were newly-wed, my dad had to do his military service, which lasted about two years.

Of course, this was in the time when you had to find a payphone to call your loved ones, the internet wasn’t even a dream yet, and there was no such thing as instant messaging (unless you counted the gossip girls at the hair salon chatting while setting their beehives). 

This was the age when my mother had to write love letters for him if she wanted to communicate with my dad (and he with her).

Now, mom had the most atrocious handwriting – yip, no printers either (and she didn’t have a typewriter) – so dad took quite some time deciphering what she had written.

He still cherishes each of her letters, and they’re safely stored in a box on his bedside table. 

There is something powerful and moving about a romantic love letter, which is why so many Hollywood movies have love letters as part of their plot.

As a kid, I remember getting my first love letter from a boy with the most beautiful eyes, and while we lost touch, I still have his letter in my photo album. 

Have you received a love letter or written a few love letters for him while dating or once married? They are priceless, aren’t they? Here’s why.   

Why Send Love Letters at All?

In today’s age, we are so accustomed to sending emojis and crazy abbreviations that may mean nothing in a few years’ time – LOL.

Sadly, time waits for nobody, and in a few decades, you may not even remember how that particular type of message was “kewl.” The result is that we have partially lost the art of love letters and writing love letters. 

I say “partially” because we are still moved by beautiful penmanship and an endearing letter. Whenever I read my parents’ love letters, I get a wonderful thrill. It’s like I can touch their love that has endured a lifetime.

One can’t say the same about a text message, IM tag, Facebook message, or WhatsApp. These are all temporary, but a love letter, written on paper, is a memory shared forever

As gestures of love go, this is perhaps one of the most powerful to share with the man you love.  

Making the Most of Pen and Paper in a Love Letter

Now, not all of us were born as talented as Sylvia Plath – “Kiss me and you will see how important I am,” so we may need a little guidance to make the most of a love letter. 

Fortunately, there’s a lot to learn from the great love letters of our times, and I’ve got a few handy tips here, so you can write a love letter for him that will bring him charging into your arms as soon as humanly possible. 

When you write your love letters, remember these essential points:

Pick a Theme or Topic

He loves you, but he’s going to get bored if your letter has no point or just prattles on. Are you writing to tell him you miss him, to reflect on a past event, or to ask him to hurry back? Get to the point without too much fluff. 

Don’t Verbal Vomit

You may have a lot to say, but if you’re not a good writer, then don’t. Just keep it short, sweet, and endearing. Avoid long sentences and heavy paragraphs. 

What Do You Want Him to Feel After Reading It?

Aim for a desired outcome from reading your letter. Do you want him to feel sad, glow with your love, or ache for you? Write to achieve that.

Write from the Heart and Avoid Becoming a Thesaurus

Words from your heart will always have the intended value, so don’t become a thesaurus, spitting out jawbreakers that could have been said in fewer words but with more feeling.  

Consider Descriptive Language

While you should keep it short and avoid fancy language (unless you are dating a college professor), you can still use descriptive language to really get your meaning across. 

Be Authentic

When you write according to who you are, you are openly sharing yourself with the recipient of your letters. However, if you dress up your affections, you lack authenticity

Like the scene from A Knight’s Tale where Heath Ledger fumbled a poem to his lady because he had actually not written the letters that had wooed her, you will also lose out. 

The Power of Love Letters in Movies

Love letters have been the topic of romanticizing for centuries, and two of the letters in Song of Solomon are very descriptive love letters. But in modern times, many romantic movies have love letters as a core theme.

Nicholas Sparks has produced a slew of romantic novels adapted for the screen where a love letter or several love letters tie the whole story together. 

love letter for him | love letter for him | love letter
As gestures of love go, writing a love letter is perhaps one of the most powerful to share with the man you love.  

Without love letters, we’d never have great Nicholas Sparks movies (and books) such as The Notebook, Letters to Juliet, and Message in a Bottle. And who can forget You’ve Got Mail or P.S. I Love You?

Now that you know why love letters are such an essential part of the love journey, it’s time to get scribbling (unless you’re my mom) or typing, and get those beautiful words on paper for him. 

25 of the Most Romantic and Moving Love Letters for Him

I’d suggest you choose a theme before writing your love letter to him, so here are 25 themes and unique love letters to inspire you. 

While you can copy these verbatim, it’s so much better and meaningful if you reinterpret them to better suit your relationship and according to who you are. Remember, being authentic will count in your favor. 

1. Reminiscing About When You Met

Hey, (Name) – my handsome man, 

Today, as I sat missing you, I recalled the day we first met. Even then, I thought you were the most beautiful soul I had ever seen, and your kindness touched me. There was no way I wasn’t going to have you in my life from then on, so I took a risk on a stranger (you). 

I have no regrets, and that stranger has become my partner, my confidant, and my ever-friend. I love having you in my life, and you are the best person that’s happened to me.

All my love, 


2. He Brings You Joy

My dearest (Name),

I am overwhelmed each day I wake next to you. Since you entered my life, I have been filled with joy and abundant happiness. There is nothing that could make me feel more content than your hand on mine and your lips meeting my kiss. 

You bring me joy, peace, and happiness. I only hope I can give the same to you.

Eternally yours, 


3. Best Friends

My heart’s love,

We have always been friends, and I can’t imagine a day spent without seeing you, listening to your sweet voice, as you spoke to my heart. You have been my best friend since we met, and I am made wealthy by your love. 

There’s no beating of my heart that doesn’t call to you. I love you more than mere words could ever say.

My heart cries for your touch, so I can’t wait to see you tonight.

Waiting with bated breath, 

Your (Name)

4. The Best Choice

My beloved (Name)

People say that love is not a choice, that it happens without any action on our part. Yet, I have chosen you, and you chose me. We chose to love each other, and there’s no boundary or mountain we can’t travel across to meet our love and join our futures. 

As the tides roll in and out, I feel myself swaying next to you, ready to set sail on our next great adventure together. 

You are the king of my heart, 


5. No Matter the Challenge  

My cherished one,

I know that things have been more challenging of late, but I write this letter to remind you of all the times we overcame impossible odds and stood strong because of our love. We were brought together by powers outside our understanding, and I can only call it destiny. 

You are my match, my partner, and friend, my Anam Cara. When I am with you, I discover my ikigai, for you are my life’s purpose. When the going gets rough, please remember that we are stronger together, and there’s no challenge in this world or the next we can’t overcome – together. 

Yours in love and life, 


6. You Are My Courage

My beloved (Name),

Today is a day I don’t want to face, but you are right there, my pillar of strength, my courage, and my wisdom. Because of you, I know I can succeed in my endeavors, win this race, and stand tall and victorious at the end of the day. 

Because of you, I have found courage I didn’t know I possessed, fought harder than I thought I could, and achieved more than I even dreamed possible. You are the steel in my heart that pushes me forward when I feel like I am about to break. 

Gratefully yours, 


7. You Bring Me Comfort

My strong man (Name)

They say that a relationship is a soft place to fall. But I don’t fall for you at all. Instead, you have carried me when I felt weak, and you always helped me get back on my feet. You are my safety, my soft place, my safe haven. 

So, I write this letter to thank you for being my comfort, for easing my mind, supporting my soul, and uplifting my weary spirit. Because of you, I am ready to carry on, and I walk with my head high. All because of you. 

Eternally grateful, 


8. You Brought Me Home

Hey lover, 

I have always wondered what home feels like. The world is a cold and lonely place, but when you look at me, I feel I am home. When I am with you, I am home. You brought me home, and that home has never left me or faded away as the rest of life does.

Our hearts still burn brightly, and this is where our hearth is lit. You help me fuel the fires that drive us in life and in our relationship. Home isn’t a place. It’s how you make me feel. 

Thank you for your safety, cherishing me, and your comfort. You are my home. 

I’ll be waiting at home for you always, 


9. Thanks for Last Night

My beautiful husband

I often think of our first night together. There was such tender care, joy, discovery, and partnership. Some of my friends warned me it would fade, and lovemaking would become a chore, nothing more. 

It’s my greatest pleasure to let you know they were wrong. 

Oh, they are so very wrong! Each time with you still takes my breath away, and the hours spent talking with our heads tightly tucked together on the pillows make me weak with need. Thank you for last night, for every night, and for being my loving husband and friend. 

Your lover and wife, 


10. The Future

My dearest (Name)

I know that all we have is right now, but I can’t help wondering what our future will look like. Will we be old and gray and sitting on a sunny porch one evening – still very much in love with each other? I know we will. 

While we’re not gray yet, and definitely not old, I know that the love I have for you will last through the decades to come as we make a future we both yearn for. You are my sunset, and together, we will bask in each other’s glow until our last day. 

Yours now and forever, 


11. Your Touch

My beloved,

I know that you’ve seen the effect your touch has on me, and while the physical thrill of your closeness is more than words, I don’t think you know just what your touch on my life has done for me. You see, before you, I was empty and cold inside. I badly wanted to be seen, to have someone look at me and appreciate who I am. 

Thankfully, you touched my life, and I can feel your tender caresses all my life. From the moment I wake up and dress my prettiest to the meals I make and the way I now take joy in my work, you lit up my life, and I am so grateful for your touch on my soul. 

I will be holding your hand forever, 


12. My Hero

Hey honey, 

A hero is supposed to ride a white horse and wield a sword, right? Well, I don’t know where you hide your steed or how you carry your sword with your briefcase to work, but you are definitely my hero. 

You possess all the qualities of a hero: You are brave (you asked me out), kind, honest (which won my heart), dependable, courageous (you met my parents), and unspeakably truthful. Each day, you face the dragons of life (work, taxes, morning commutes), and you come home to me each night, wary of the day, but still smiling and happy to see me. 

You are my hero, and I am here for you always. 

Your beloved (Name)

13. For When We Part

My love,

Distance holds no power over our love. While I know it will be several months before I can hold you again, I am not afraid. I know you will be back in my arms as soon as possible. I know you will think of me, as I think of you, and I know that nothing can keep us apart for long. 

While I may not travel with you, please know that I go with you. My heart and spirit are both tucked away in your suitcase, or perhaps they sit nestled under your arm? I am there. You are not alone. Feel my love glowing around you, keeping you safe, reminding you of our love. 

Please hurry home, 


14. My Prince Charming

Hi my prince, 

How lucky am I to have found a man as virtuous as you? I could never have imagined I’d be blessed with a friend, partner, and lover who cooks for me, cleans, smiles at me while taking out trash or doing dishes, and hugs me tenderly while answering his boss’ call. 

It seems that no matter what’s going on in your life, there’s always a little place for me, right at the top of your list of priorities, and for that, I am thankful. You make me feel like a princess. 

Please know you are my prince Charming, and I can’t wait for the door to open and you to step into our home each day.

Your princess, 


15. May You Have No Regrets

My dearest (Name)

Many years ago, we said our vows, and two became one. I have loved you every day since, and I have no regrets for the promises made, and our lives together. When the future has been unsteady, you’ve been my rock in the storm. With you by my side, I have nothing to fear.

I hope that after our years together, you have no regrets either, and that you love me as much as I love you still. We share many things, love leads us, and regrets have no hold over us.

All my love, 


16. To Many More Adventures

My brave love (Name),

Oh, what an adventure life with you has been. From weekend camping trips and special break-aways to rainy afternoons in a blanket fort with crackers and peanut butter, anything with you is amazing and fills my heart with joy. 

I can’t wait for our next adventure, and I know that in life’s quests, I’ll always have my partner, fun buddy, and fellow braveheart at my side. I love you, I miss you, and I can’t wait for the rest of our journey together.

You are the captain of my heart.


17. I Miss You

My love-stud,

I was writing this letter to let you know I am thinking of you during your meeting tomorrow, and while you’re sitting in the next room, I found myself missing you terribly. Even the thought of you not being here is painful, and I wish I could go with you and face the storm that you will stare into tomorrow. 

Yet, I know you are brave, capable, and talented. Anyone who can’t see that is a fool, and the investors will be children if they can’t see you for the magnificent man you are. Know that each time I hug you, I hug you like it’s the last time I will see you because I love you too much to be parted from you. 

I miss you as soon as you step out of my arms, but I know you must go. So, hurry, my love, and return to me as soon as you can.


18. Getting to Know You

(Name), my love

We have only been a team for two short years, but I already know you have become woven into my life, heart, and future in a way that can never be undone. Every day with you is an adventure, a stroll on love’s lane, and a deepening of our friendship. 

Tonight, as we strolled down the road, I looked at your fine face and gazed into your eyes. There is nothing there except love for me and a dedication to making the best possible life with me. So I celebrate inside each day for the chance to get to know you better. 

May we continue strolling hand in hand until the end of time.

All my love, 


19. My Hands Are Shaking

My eternal beloved,

Tomorrow we step forward in life as partners in crime, in love, and in soul. May I never be from your side for more than needed, and I pray we get to spend each night in each other’s arms. I often think back to the first time we met.

You were so handsome, innocent, and caring. These are qualities you will always possess. Even now, my hands are shaking when I recall the way your eyes trapped mine as you asked if you could buy me coffee. I couldn’t believe you were really interested in me. Out of all the pretty ladies around in the shop, you saw me and you chose me. 

I hope you always continue to choose me.

I am always yours.


20. The Fairy Tale 

My prince,

I found a book in the library that told of a man who once loved a woman so much that he traveled to the furthest corners of the world to find her a special locket. He faced many dangers, battles with pirates, and overcame dragons – all to find the magical necklace for his lady. 

When he returned to her side, he opened the locket, only to find her heart inside. She gave him the locket and a promise to always be his. All his efforts were rewarded with her undying love and eternal friendship.

I couldn’t help but wonder if the story was about us. You also fought off many dangers and overcame huge obstacles to be by my side, and like the lady, I have always given you my heart and friendship. You are my prince, and I, your lady, until the end of time.

All my love, 


21. You Are My Light

Hi, my brightest man

I know that lightbulbs only go to a few hundred watts, but you outshine them all. You are the bright light at the end of each day, and I can’t wait to be home and in your arms again. Thank you for always lightening my load, helping me carry on when I feel down, and finding joy in any situation – even my disaster eggs this morning. 

I am in awe of you, and I know without a doubt that I am the luckiest woman alive to have you as my man. You are my North Star, and I always cherish your light.

Yours in light and love, 


22. A Dark Love Letter

Hey lover, 

Today, I heard you were set upon by some thugs at your workplace, and I instantly raided the kitchen for knives, meat tenderizing hammers, and the rechargeable iron, all so I could find whoever ruined your day and make them pay. I can’t stand the thought that someone would make you unhappy. 

Share now, lover, who upset you so? Yes, I have an uncle with a pig farm, so we can quite easily dispose of their wretched corpses. The thought of you unhappy makes me so upset, and I want to punish all those who can’t see your brilliance. 

Oh, all right. I’ll put away the kitchen utensils and calm down. I just want to see you smile, so I hope my little bloodthirsty adventure would do. I love you so much, and there’s nothing I won’t do for you (the pigs are still on the table).

Me for you, always.


23. I Couldn’t Dance

My dearest (Name)

When we first met, I couldn’t dance – You taught me. I couldn’t cook – You taught me (and ate my burned disasters all the same). I couldn’t sew – You knew how and bought me new shirts when mine tore. 

There is nothing you couldn’t do, and I hope this is true for the rest of our lives together too. May you know how to live forever and teach me too, because I want to spend eternity with you. 

Forever yours, 


24. Let’s Draw Straws

My love, 

These months apart have been hard. We’ve had to be grownups, deal with the challenges of life and work, and how to fit our relationship into it all. It may seem like we’re being torn apart at every corner, but I love you, and you love me. So let’s make the next decision a big one, and stick to it. 

It’s so serious that I think we have to leave it to chance and draw straws. Yip, the question is whether we love each other and should stay together forever. So, if you draw short, you will love me and stay with me. If I draw short, I will love you and stay with you. 

I’m ready for eternity with you.


25. Just as You Are

My friend and lover

I have heard so many ladies say they want to change their men, hoping to make them better, and I feel a little cheated. You are already perfect just as you are. There’s not a single thing I would change. I love everything about you.

What others see as flaws, I see as evidence of a life lived next to me, my lover and friend. I love your little snores in the early morning, the way your hair is often all tangled up after a shower, and even that scruffy beard you grow in the winter. I love all of you.

I won’t change you for the world. 


Final Thoughts on Love Letters for Him

You don’t have to wait until your man goes off to war or takes a long trip to write him a love letter. It doesn’t have to be an essay, but you can do better than an emoji or some meaningless shorthand on the phone. 

When writing love letters for him, you can really open up, let him into your heart, and celebrate your lives together

What would you say to your man right now, if he was with you? Remember, you never know when it’s the last time, so write that letter now, leave it in his lunchbox or stick it to his laptop the night before, but pen that letter now and cherish each moment

For more on love letters for her, read our guide to romantic and sweet love letters for her.

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