37 Slow Down Quotes to Enjoy Your Life

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We lead busy lives. We jump from work to family, to friends, to appointments, to shopping… And so the list goes on. There is always something that needs doing. Always somewhere to be and something to tick off the list. It’s exhausting, both mentally and physically. But, what if you slowed down and lighten the … Read more

57 Positive Things Will Get Better Quotes For 2023

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If you’ve ever sat and wondered ‘Will things get better?’ then, yes, they will. Maybe not today, or tomorrow, or even next week. But hang in there because things will work out in the end. And that’s probably the easiest thing for someone on the outside to say. That, along with cliche lines such as … Read more

101 Stay Strong Quotes to Be Positive During a Crisis

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Do you ever feel like you’re running out of hope? Like everything is going against you, but you still have to keep it together? “You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.” This quote by Cayla Mills has always been a classic favorite because it summarizes the … Read more

63 Make a Difference Quotes to Help Change the World

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You don’t have to walk far down the street before seeing someone down on their luck. A homeless guy sat on the sidewalk. A frantic Mom who’s shopping bag split. A young girl knocked off her bike on her way to work. Everywhere we turn, there are individuals struggling to get through the day. And … Read more

47 Motivational Fighter Quotes to Win in Life

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Ready to rumble? Let’s take a look at how to bring forth our inner bruiser. When life starts throwing around some hard knocks, sometimes you just have to bear with the punches and treat it like a challenging boxing match. So, in today’s post, we’ll be summoning some of our best fighter quotes to kindle … Read more

71 You Are Worthy Quotes to Know You’re Enough

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How many times have you turned down an opportunity because you didn’t think you were good enough? Once or twice? A handful of times? Or is it just too many to count? Whilst your heart is no doubt chasing the most amazing dreams, your self-worth trails behind, like a rickety old suitcase with wheels jammed … Read more

65 Invest in Yourself Quotes to Find Success in Life

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You might have heard the term “invest in yourself” but what does it mean and how can it help you find success? We’ll be covering all this and more in today’s post. Investing in yourself is far smarter than playing the stock market, you could always luck out and win big, but spending time and … Read more

53 Envy Quotes To Stop Worrying About Other People

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Seeing the latest lotto winners broadcast their good fortune across the TV leaves us all feeling a tad envious. That’s human nature. Whilst they’re off choosing a new sports car, you’re putting off taking yours to the garage for the umpteenth time. And as they’re booking a luxury getaway, you’re wrestling deck chairs alongside the … Read more