33 Words of Encouragement for Someone Going Through Divorce

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Divorce is tough for both spouses to handle regardless of who wanted out. It's a traumatic event and a painful loss, no matter which way you look at it.

Ongoing stress, heartache and anxiety stemming from the end of a marriage eventually take their toll. This heartache can turn into grief, anxiety, hopelessness, and depression.

I've been in this situation before and wished people offered kind words rather than judge and blame me for ending a marriage that was too unhealthy to survive.

Words of encouragement for someone going through a divorce can really come in handy at such a painful time. Whether they come from a relative, friend, or a blog post, they really do lift your spirits. In this article, I’ll offer 33 unique inspirational things you can say to leave someone feeling hopeful again.

What are Words of Encouragement?

Words of encouragement mean positive language expressed to let someone know they will get through the adversity they face. Encouraging words serve as a reminder that we're valued and loved. Hearing words such as, “You've got this,” can evoke a smile or inspire your loved ones to do things that will improve their lives. These words have the same effect whether they come verbally, in a card, letter, or song.

How Do Words of Encouragement Help Someone?

The end of a marriage is often devastating for men and women. Unfortunately, some marriages are destined to end even after going through couples therapy or marriage counseling. When a marriage fails, it's crucial to surround oneself with supportive people who are kind in words and action.

Saying the right things to someone when they need to hear them can take on significant meaning in the context of what they're going through. Positive words may be life-changing for someone. In those moments, a single motivational word may take on a value that's greater than money.

In their book, ‘Words Can Change Your Brain', the authors Newberg and Waldman explain how positive and negative words affect your brain. Positive words such as “love” and “peace” stimulate the motivational area of the brain and provide a sense of relief. Unkind language has an opposing effect, causing the body to go into stress mode.

That's because kind and hostile words affect us psychologically. Saying encouraging things is an act of kindness, a virtue that has been shown to increase dopamine levels in the brain. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that plays a role in making you feel good and motivated.

33 Words of Encouragement for Someone Going Through a Divorce

There's power and healing in positive words and, when said at the right time, they can save someone from giving up. Here are 33 statements to encourage a loved one, acquaintance or even a stranger, going through a divorce.

Hopefully, they inspire a new meaning of life now and beyond divorce. Feel free to write down your favorite ones and use them to uplift others, or even yourself, when dealing with a marital breakup.

1. This is what you’re going through. It's difficult. Don't let it define you.

2. You don’t have to go through this divorce alone. I'm here for you. Lean on me anytime.

3. Divorce is a risk of marriage and part of the process that ends the life of a marriage that was no longer viable. It doesn't mean you failed. I'm sure you tried your best.

4. You're one of the billions of people who lost their marriages and continued to live happy, successful lives. You will overcome this the same way they have.

5. Life has many ups and downs, some more discouraging than others. I'm confident that you will bounce back even stronger than before.

6. You'll get through this in time. “Believe you can and you’re halfway there.” — Theodore Roosevelt

7. Divorce thinks it's tough, but guess who's tougher? You!

8. You seem more optimistic today. Know that even the smallest feeling of hope is a sign of progress. Keep looking ahead!

9. I've been thinking a lot about you lately, about how strong you are to have the courage to ride through this storm.

10. I understand things are difficult right now, but I also know you have the strength to overcome this. You've got this!

11. My shoulders are broad enough for you to lean on and cry anytime you need. I'm just a call away.

My shoulders are broad enough for you to lean on and cry anytime you need. I'm just a call away. | what to say to a friend going through a divorce | how to help a male friend going through a divorce | what to say to a male friend going through a divorce - divorce words of support

12. I know it's hard to be hopeful during distressing times like these. Thinking positive thoughts and believing in yourself are the ingredients for creating a better tomorrow.

13. It may not seem like it right now, but happier and brighter days are ahead for you. You will look back and realize this was just a part of your journey to greater things.

14. For every closed door, another bigger door opens and leads you to a brighter day. Embrace the closing of this one and be prepared to move on to greater things.

15. Divorce is not such a bad thing. Your glass is still half full and there's time to fill it up again with new achievements, progress, joy, happiness, and love. Raise your glass!

16. I’m so sorry to hear about your divorce. I know how much you were counting on things to work out. I believe there is a greater plan and purpose for your life that requires you to first end this chapter of your life.

17. Just when you think life can't get any worse, you look at the sky, and there it is, a silver lining in the clouds that proves things always get better. Your best is yet to come!

18. It's not easy to just forget about your ex or the memories you share. Try not to be too hard on yourself. Cherish the pleasant memories and use them to inspire you to create new happy ones.

19. It's normal to feel depressed and hopeless over losing a spouse. These feelings are a part of the process of grief. With time, you'll get to the stage of acceptance where you'll be able to forgive and let go.

20. Divorce can feel like you're going through a deep dark tunnel with no exit in sight. Hold on to hope. There's an exit and brighter light at the end of that path.

21. Think of divorce as lemons and use it to make the best lemonade you've ever tasted!

22. The end of your marriage is a painful but temporary setback. Use it as a launching pad to propel yourself as far ahead as you possibly can.

The end of your marriage is a painful but temporary setback. Use it as a launching pad to propel yourself as far ahead as you possibly can.”

23. Grief over a divorce is a positive thing that allows you to process all the negative emotions you're experiencing. I understand that it's overwhelming and it hurts. It just shows that you are human, a courageous human who will come out of this stronger.

24. Sometimes, it's not losing the marriage that bothers us the most. It's the fear of change and the uncertainties that lie ahead. Take care of yourself now and the future will take care of itself.

25. You are more resilient than you may think. You were born with the tools to navigate life's difficulties. Just know that I'm here to give you a little push start anytime you need one.

26. I'm sending this “words of encouragement for someone going through a divorce” card to let you know how much I care about and love you. When I look at you, I see a fighter and a winner. Never doubt your ability to rise above this.

27. Healing and peace begin to flow into your life when you start believing what you're going through now is fleeting. Flood your mind with thoughts of a future that's brighter than you've experienced so far.

28. There's healing in your grief even though it doesn't seem like it at the moment. One day soon, you'll grow powerful enough to pack away your grief and move on.

29. Everyone deals with the pain of divorce in their own unique way. Take your time and get through this on your own terms. I'm here to understand and help, not to judge and blame.

30. Picking up the pieces of your shattered marriage and putting them away allows you to focus on creating new puzzle pieces for building a happier and more rewarding life. I'll be here if you need a hand to help put the pieces together.

31. Going through a divorce doesn't mean that you will never find happiness again. Just like there was life before someone decided to call it quits, there is life after. Many great opportunities await!

Words of Encouragement for someone going through a Divorce - Going through a divorce doesn't mean that you will never find happiness again. Just like there was life before someone decided to call it quits, there is life after. Many great opportunities await!

32. I have a good idea of what you may be feeling. My heart aches for you right now. I'm sending you hope, love, peace, and joy in this email. Please immerse yourself in them right now before they expire! But if they do, I'll keep sending more your way.

33. As you count this loss, remember to spend more time counting your many blessings. Health, wealth, and many people who love and care for you. You'll soon realize that you have so much more to be grateful for.

Final Thoughts on Words of Encouragement for Someone Going Through a Divorce

“Don’t be afraid. Be focused. Be determined. Be hopeful. Be empowered.” – Michelle Obama

Society has been socialized to think that divorce is always a bad thing… and that notion makes it more difficult for people to accept the ending of a marriage, even when it is for the best.  Offering your support to a family member or friend through words lets them know you care.

What you choose to say to them can offer new perspectives about the ending of their union. You'll inspire them to take control of the experience and shape the outcome they desire… find the happiness and contentment they deserve.  

Remember: kindness matters!

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