11 Ways to Be Happy Alone and Single

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The source of happiness has often been misunderstood. Some say the emotion comes from within. Others are sure it comes from people, titles, and material possessions. Many of us grew to believe the myth and, by doing so, feel compelled to chase someone else’s idea of happiness.  We force ourselves to socialize, chase success, or … Read more

How Many Hugs Do We Need a Day to Feel Happy?

how many hugs do we need a day | why do we need 8 hugs a day | how many hugs does a woman need a day

Depression is something that impacts people of all ages and backgrounds. In order to address depression, we need to take a well-rounded approach. This may include meeting with a mental health professional, considering medication and increasing human contact with the people who bring us joy and happiness. That is where hugs can be helpful. How … Read more