49 Funny Memes about Giving & Receiving Respect

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Respect is a big word, and it is something you earn over time.

Just like kindness, it is one of the values we must learn to master in order to live a happy life.

In this post, we have gathered 49 funny and not-so-funny memes about respect—both giving and receiving it. You will find some of them hilariously funny and relatable, while others are serious yet genuine.

Let’s check them out!

1. Treat others with respect.

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Make way for one of the most respectful men in this world. Be like Obama—give the respect that other people deserve, and you will be respected in return.

2. World’s strongest men.

Here’s a funny meme for all our gamers out there. Providing support is no walk in the park! Nothing is ever complete without the help of a support team.

3. Real-life superheroes.

We raise our hands and bow our heads to these brothers! Salute, good sirs. The world needs more people like you.

4. Dad respects your privacy.

Shout out to all the parents who respect their children’s privacy! Setting boundaries should be a lesson learned at home.

5. What real men do.

Here’s another real-life superhero to brighten your day. We give our utmost respect to this manager. It’s not every day you witness an act of kindness like this.

6. Big heart, big respect.

Let us all give Satoru Iwata the respect and love he deserves. This is what a CEO should be. You don’t blame others or make them suffer for a failure they never intended to happen. Rather, you lead by example.

7. Self-respect at its finest.

Self-respect is one of the highest forms of self-love. You cannot expect yourself to love and respect another if you can’t give the same to yourself. Prioritize your happiness over anything else.

8. You got this!

Here’s a message of love and support to all those who are struggling right now. You deserve all the care and respect, despite your challenges.

9. Know your worth.

Listen to what Tene Edwards has to say. Know your worth and find the courage to leave if the people around are no longer respectful toward your goals, feelings, and personality.

10. Respect to Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. nailed it right there. We can’t deny the racial discrimination that happened during past generations. Doing so would mean disrespecting history and culture itself. What we can do is acknowledge that it happened and then make sure it never happens again.

11. Such a good man, sir.

Just because we are strangers doesn’t mean we should disrespect each other. Small acts of kindness without expecting anything in return make society a better place.

12. Keep your secrets, honey.

Here’s another meme salute to all our parents out there who respect their children’s privacy. Keep being the parent everyone dreams of!

13. Respect for this awesome dad.

Respect for the son and respect for the dad! We salute you both for setting a wonderful example to everyone out there.

14. Treat a brother today.

Full respect for whoever owns this original conversation. We need more people in the world like you.

15. Respect attracts respect.

We’ve said it before, and we will say it again—self-respect is key. Respect yourself and other people will do the same. You might even inspire them to respect themselves, as well.

16. Self-respect is power.

Yet another reminder, dearest. Self-respect is power.

17. Respect should be mutual.

Respect has to be earned, and the only people you should be giving yours to are those who deserve it—like those who also respect you.

18. J.K. Rowling, the best girl ever.

Cheers to our best girl, J.K. Rowling! She’d had already gained our respect after creating the best magical series of books of all time, and now this. She deserves a lifetime of happiness and peace.

19. Best employer award goes to…

Gru may have dreamed of becoming a “villain,” but he deserves a lot more respect than those who fake the hero act.

20. Equality in all aspects.

The world would be a lot better if all the parents out there taught their kids this way.

21. Yet another Tony Stark booster.

Sometime a bit of confidence comes in handy, especially when other people are challenging your self-respect. You can brag a little when the circumstances call for it.

22. This is how you get my respect.

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Honesty is always the highest form of respect. No matter how ugly the truth is, telling it demonstrates to others that you value them.

23. Self-respect. Not ego.

It is raining Robert Downey, Jr. memes today! As we said earlier, it’s not actually your “ego” working, it is your “self-respect” providing you with the value you need to keep your head high.

24. It’s a give-and-take.

Screw all the cultural and racial discrimination. We are all equal, and we need to treat each other as such.

25. Mad respect from Barney.

Barney knows who to respect and salute—everyone oozing with positive awesomeness.

26. Aye, sir!

Who dares to say that men and women are not equal? Or that there is only one correct way for a man or woman to behave. Respect for everyone!

27. Captain Jack understands.

Here’s a meme for all of our teachers out there who are trying their best to provide quality education, despite the difficult circumstances.

28. So much respect for Bob Ross.

So much respect for Bob Ross for always knowing where to hit the spot. Failure is just a steppingstone on the journey to success. Keep on failing—that’s how you learn.

29. You are an angel, sir.

Oh, hello there, our introverted friends! You can probably relate to this meme. Thank you, good driver, for knowing how to respect privacy and “me” time.

30. Did you know?

Our respect goes out to all the people like this. Do you know someone who not only respects the people around them, but also the environment?

31. Let’s play Minecraft!

Refugee or not, you can’t deny this boy’s sincerity. Thanks for your hospitality, kid!

32. No other reasons.

You don’t need any other reason than this. Respect them because they deserve respect. The way we treat those who are waiting on us tells the world all it needs to know about the type of people we are.

33. Keanu Reeves deserves it all.

Did you know that Keanu Reeves is one of the most respected stars in Hollywood? He lives a simple life and has always been humble, even after all the fame.

34. So, who’s the winner?

This meme might be worth a chuckle or two, but regardless of who you are, we all deserve to be respected.

35. Be the better person.

It is easy to give respect to those who deserve it—but what about those who don’t? Be the bigger person and realize that your response to negativity helps make the world either a brighter or darker place. It’s up to you!

36. Respect their time.

We are all busy people, so if someone does you a favor—no matter how small or big it is—the least you can do is show your gratitude and respect.

37. Like a mirror.

via MEME

Here’s the plain truth, for the nth time—you receive what you give.

38. Come on, it’s free.

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It doesn’t cost you a thing, so why not give as much as you can?

39. Very rare, indeed.

Here’s a meme that’s a bit tongue in cheek, but that is also pretty accurate. Respect is a rare trait—be a rarity and give it to everyone.

40. Show some respect.

We all have our limits, of course. But try to control yourself.

41. No to game-shaming.

Gamers can get a bit elitist sometimes, but we say respect everyone’s choices. No game shaming!

42. Your happiness matters most. 

Here’s another meme for our gamers. Who cares about what the haters say, anyway? Your happiness is all that matters.

43. Cheers to the best grandpa!

This meme brought a big smile to our faces. Shout out to all the parents and grandparents who love their children and grandchildren for exactly who they are.

44. Supportive parents are the best.

Who doesn’t wish for a relationship with their parents like this? Respect for the people who gave you life should go without saying.

45. 100% respect for this person.

How good is this sign? Whoever posted it deserves all the love and respect in this world—just like they are giving to everyone else.

46. No hate; we elevate.

If someone is better at something than you, give that person the proper respect and acknowledgment they deserve. There is not hatin’ here, brother. Just lovin’ and elevatin’.

47. Say it, girl!

Didn’t see that one coming, did you? Equality means not judging other people for their appearance. Be you and love other people for who they are.

48. You already are, love.

Here’s a message for our trans friends who might be feeling a bit insecure. Encourage them and let them know that you love and respect them just the way they are.

49. Proud parents, FTW!

One of the best feelings in the world is when your parents accept you for who you are. Be like these parents, who are proud of their children.


If you want people to respect you, show them that you respect them too.

We hope that these funny (and sometimes serious) memes were able to help you hone your sense of respect. Send a few of them to your friends and spread the love!

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