Ikigai: A Definition with 7 Examples

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Are you looking for meaning in your life or want a purpose? Do you think your life’s purpose needs to be something grand and extraordinary? Something you quit your job for and go on an epic quest or adventure to find?  But then you feel disappointed and depressed when your grandiose dreams about your purpose … Read more

5 Steps to Have More Emotional Independence in Life

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“I don’t need you, I prefer you.” – Walter Riso I believe this quote sums up emotional independence perfectly.  It is incredibly liberating to know that you are in control of your emotions; to spend time with someone because you want to, not because you need to. In a nutshell, emotional independence is about having … Read more

Living Vicariously Through Someone: The Good, Bad, & How to Stop It

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As a child, there were a few celebrities I imagined being. I could see myself performing on stage like Janet Jackson, especially after Rhythm Nation hit. I could see myself in one of Arnold Swarzenegger’s action films mouthing off one-liners to match his. Many of us have had similar experiences. We’ve all looked up to … Read more