21 Funny Memes About Traveling & Vacations

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Are you a meme lover who happens to enjoy traveling and vacations?

If so, this article is perfect for you!

If you have been stressed lately due to work or other issues, take some time to relax and laugh your heart out with our funny memes about traveling and vacations.

Of course, you would probably prefer to be on vacation instead, but while your dream trip, these memes are a great way to pass the time.

Let’s check them out!

1. I was your pilot.

Imagine seeing this in real life—we would freak out! Send this funny meme to your travel buddies and see how they react.

2. It’s not obvious.

Ever had that friend on social media who won’t stop posting about the trip they are on? Someone wants to make you feel jelly!

3. Say, what?

Most of us can relate to this. But travel doesn’t have to be expensive. Find creative ways to travel on a shoestring budget, and you’ll be on a trip in no time!

4. Babe, please.

We pity the guys with selfie-addict girlfriends! It can be hard to just enjoy the moment when you are always taking pictures. But who cares? You love her, anyway!

5. Women travelers be like.

This is the perfect meme to send to your girlfriends who like to travel! Who needs a man? Get out there and see the world!

6. Group travel plans be like.

How many times has this happened to you? Everyone loves the idea of travel, but when it comes time to commit, a lot of people end up wussing it!

7. Please, rest comfortably.

Bad etiquette on the plane is the worst. They might be tired, but you are too. How are you going to get any sleep with your knees in your chest?

8. No second thoughts.

Life really is too short to be cooped up in your home. Buy that ticket and take that vacation you’ve been dreaming about.

9. See the difference?

Do you look like this doggo when you haven’t been on a trip in a while? Hopefully you get to travel soon, so you can be the second picture and not the first!

10. It hurts, Facebook.

This meme was perfect for the COVID-19 pandemic, when we were all cooped up at home. Hopefully you have spread your wings and started to travel again!

11. Please stop.

It seems like there’s always someone going on a trip and sending you an invite. How are you ever supposed to save money? Travel is life!

12. You got some nerve?

Doesn’t this just get under your skin? You could be using that money for the trip YOU want to go on!

13. Seriously, dude?

There’s nothing worse than people who travel to exotic places and then spend the trip doing exactly what they do at home. See the world, taste new flavors, and have amazing experiences!

14. Comfort is life.

Actually, we think this is totally appropriate. The window and the aisle seats both have one armrest to themselves, so the middle person deserves two have two since he has to share on both sides.

15. I cry.

Getting back to the real world is the hardest part of taking long vacations. You are bombarded with tons of emails and work, and all you want to do is sit on the beach like you’ve been doing for the past week.

16. Snack carts, ftw!

Who else here goes to sleep as soon as the plane takes off, then wakes up just in time for the snack cart? Talk about having air travel dialed!

17. Goodbye, people.

The best part about going on vacation is realizing that you will be able to spend time away from all your stressors. What’s better than that?

18. I am independent.

via MEME

There will always be friends who bail at the last minute, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun. Stick to your guns and get out there!

19. Don’t follow me!

Do your best to avoid those last-minute calls from your boss when he knows you are leaving on vacation. There’s nothing worse than extra work to harsh the start of your trip!

20. You’re quite lucky.

Does your family complain that you travel a lot? Send them this meme and let them know how luck they are. Just think of all the worse things you could be spending your money and energy on!

21. Book the flight now!

We intentionally saved this meme for last. If you are second-guessing that vacation you want to go on, stop worrying and pull the trigger. It’s time to see the world!


We hope you had a great time checking out these memes. Our goal has always been to lighten up your mood and make you feel less stressed. After all, life is all about enjoying your time and doing the things you love.

What are you waiting for? Plan your next vacation now! And send us a meme from your trip!

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