91 This or That Questions to Ask a Guy to Know Him Better

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Most kids seem to naturally be able to connect with others and start friendships. They also seem to be excellent at asking questions! As we become adults, it becomes much harder to make the human connections that are so essential for our well-being. It is no surprise that as we get older, we also seem … Read more

88 Divorce Affirmations to Give you Strength During Tough Times

affirmations for divorce | affirmations for a broken marriage | positive self talk divorce

Even a healthy divorce is a time of stress and challenges and can affect your mental health and well-being. Divorce is usually not simply the end of a long-term relationship but also involves significant changes in your living situation, financial health, and family dynamics, all of which are stressful. Affirmations for divorce can help give … Read more

83 Positive Family Affirmations to Grow Strong Together

family affirmations | perfect family affirmations | affirmations for family and friends

Family is the most important set of relationships we will ever have. Interactions with our parents and family members, beginning in childhood, shape our core beliefs about ourselves and the world. Daily interactions with our closest loved ones can create a positive mindset or perpetuate negative patterns and habits. Family affirmations can help re-frame old … Read more

81 Loyalty Quotes for Dedication to Friends, Co-Workers, & Loved Ones

loyalty quotes | loyalty quotes for relationships | short loyalty quotes

Loyalty to the ones we care about is important. Loyalty gives us the power to form lasting bonds and close friendships. Imagine how hard life would be if you never had anyone that you could count on, and having people like this contributes greatly to our happiness. Loyalty is fantastic because it benefits everyone. We’re … Read more

How to Fix an Anxious Attachment Style in Your Relationships

how to fix anxious attachment style | how to fix anxious attachment style in relationships | anxious attachment triggers

Our relationship with our caregivers is the foundation on which we build all future relationships. How our parents and grandparents respond to our emotional needs dictates how we relate to attachment, emotional security, and rejection. When you grow up in a family environment characterized by abandonment, trauma, or inconsistent parenting, you develop a deep sense … Read more