41 Hobbies for Introverts to Try in 2024

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As a child, I was always creative and could draw for as long as I remember. If I did not have my face in a book or was filling up my sketch pad, I could be found writing creative stories. In other words, art, reading, and writing have always been my main hobbies and allow me to express myself as an introvert. 

It is common to have at least one hobby in childhood. For some, it is a passion that lasts a lifetime. Others find new hobbies as they grow older and their interests change.

In some cases, our beloved hobbies can turn into a career or business. Luckily, my hobbies did transition into my educational and professional life.

For introverts, hobbies can provide a much-needed outlet for creativity and self-expression. They can also be a great way to meet new people and make friends, while still enjoying time alone.

What Is an Introvert?

The word “introvert” is often used to describe someone who is shy, antisocial, or against trying new things. However, this is not an accurate definition of an introvert.

An introvert is simply someone who prefers to spend time alone or with a small group of close friends, rather than in large groups. They are often seen as independent, thoughtful, and introspective.

While introverts may enjoy time alone, this does not mean that they are antisocial or against trying new things. In fact, many introverts are quite outgoing and enjoy meeting new people. They just prefer to do so in small groups or one-on-one settings.

There are many different types of introverts, and each one has their own unique set of interests and hobbies.

That said, I’ve put together a fantastic list of 31 hobbies that introverts may enjoy! Maybe you’ve already tried some, or maybe I’ll light that spark to get your started on a new adventure.

1. Scuba Diving

If you love being in the water and want to learn a water sport that does not require all eyes being on you, then scuba diving may be the perfect fit.

Scuba diving is a great way to explore the underwater world and get some exercise. Once you become comfortable you can easily dive solo. Sign up for lessons at your local diving center. Check out Scuba Diving Earth for more tips and you will enjoy this new hobby in no time.

2. Camping

While many picture camping as a group activity, there are many people who frequently camp solo. If you love being outdoors and enjoying nature, camping is a great hobby to try.

You can find all the gear you need for camping at your local sporting goods store or online. Standard camping items include a tent, sleeping bag, and a camp stove. Once you have your gear, find a campsite near you and pitch your tent! Check out this guide to safely camping alone.

3. RVing

If you are not interested in traditional camping, try RVing instead. RVing is a great way to travel and see different parts of the country without having to stay in hotels.

There are RV parks all over the United States. You can rent an RV for a weekend or even a month. Check out RVshare.com to get started.

4. Hiking

Hiking is the perfect way to get some fresh air and exercise while enjoying time alone or with a small group of friends. There are many different hiking trails to explore, so you can always find one that suits your fitness.

active hobbies to do alone | hobbies to do alone outside | hobbies for women hobbies for introverts with anxiety
An introvert is simply someone who prefers to spend time alone or with a small group of close friends, rather than in large groups.

Check for trails in your area and see which one looks the most appealing. Then, lace up your hiking boots and hit the trail! If you want some company you can also find hiking groups by using Meetup.com.

5. Photography

Almost everyone has a smartphone with a camera these days, but not everyone takes the time to learn about photography. If you are interested in capturing the world around you, photography is a great hobby. You can invest in a high-quality camera from Sony or Nikon, or you can start with a less expensive point-and-shoot camera.

Once you have your camera, start practicing! Get some pointers at some workshops or online courses. Then, start taking photos of your friends, family, pets, nature, or anything else that catches your eye. Consider taking a photography course at Udemy.com.

6. Scrapbooking

There is nothing like having a beautiful visual of your happiest memories. Scrapbooking is a great way to keep those memories alive while also getting creative.

To get started, all you need is a scrapbook and some supplies. You can find both of these online or at your local craft store such as Michael’s. Once you have your materials, start creating! You can find inspiration for your scrapbook pages in this Scrapbook.com video tutorial .

7. Creative Writing

Everyone has a story to tell. If you love to write, then creative writing may be the perfect hobby for you. It is one of those hobbies and professions that is often associated with introverts.

You can start by writing short stories, poems, or even a novel. Once you have some writing samples, you can submit them to literary magazines or online publications. You can also join a writing group to get feedback from other writers. Take a creative writing course at Coursera.org to get started.

8. Gaming

Gaming is a great way to relax and escape from the real world. It is also a hobby that you can do alone or with friends. If you are interested in gaming, there are many different types of games to choose from. You can find games for your PC, Xbox, Playstation, or even your smartphone.

Some popular game genres include first-person shooters, role-playing games, puzzle games, and strategy games. Have a look at the Guardian's in-depth guide for gaming beginners.

9. Playing Chess

Chess is a classic game that has been around for centuries. It is a great solo activity because it requires concentration and strategic thinking. If you are interested in playing chess, you can find chess sets online or at your local hobby store.

You can get lessons from chess masters on Takelessons.com to begin playing.

10. Knitting or Crocheting

Knitting and crocheting are both great solo activities that can be quite therapeutic. If you are interested in learning how to knit or crochet, check out Spruce Crafts. Knitting is an activity that has often been passed down from generation to generation, so you may even be able to learn from a family member.

Once you have learned the basics, you can start working on your own or form a knitting circle with friends and family. You can make anything from a scarf to a blanket to a toy.

11. Repair Old Cars

This hobby is perfect for gearheads and car enthusiasts. If you are interested in working on cars, you can start by repairing an old car that you own. You can also join a car club or take a distance learning course from Stratford Career Institute. Many gear lovers spend hours under the hood of their cars, so this hobby can be quite rewarding. 

To get started, you will need some basic tools and supplies. You can find these at your local auto parts store or online. Check out this video tutorial from Scotty Kilmer to get started.

12. Woodworking

Spending quality time in the garage or workshop can be very satisfying. If you are interested in woodworking, you can start by making small projects such as shelves, picture frames, or birdhouses. Start by finding a workshop or class in your area from the Woodworking Show.

Buy some tools at places like Home Depot or Lowe's, and then get started! Check out some home improvement shows on cable like This Old House for inspiration.

13. Birdwatching

Birdwatching is a great hobby for those who enjoy being outdoors and observing nature. It can be done anywhere in the world, making it a great hobby for travelers.

You can start by buying a birding book and binoculars. Then find a quiet spot outdoors and see what kinds of birds you can spot. You can also join a local birding club. Outside Pursuits has a beginner’s guide you can get started with.

14. Baking

Even if you don't want to do regular cooking, you may find joy in baking. Baking is a great hobby for those who love sweets and pastries. You can bake at home or even take a class at your local community college.

Start with simple recipes for cookies or cupcakes and then progress to more difficult things like pies, cakes, or bread. You can find many baking supplies online, at the grocery store, or at your local craft store. Join the Online Baking Academy for access to online classes and videos.

15. Gardening

Get in touch with nature by starting a garden. You can grow flowers, vegetables, or herbs. Gardening is a great way to get some exercise and fresh air. It can also be very relaxing.

If you are interested in starting a garden, you may like this beginner's guide from Common Sense Home. Look for services that will deliver plants and soil to your door. If you don't have space for a full garden, get your feet wet by growing indoor plants.

16. Stargazing

If you are interested in astronomy, stargazing is a great hobby to consider. You can do it anywhere in the world, and all you need is a clear night sky.

To get started, find a local astronomy club or buy a beginner's astronomy book. Your local Science Museum may have events or exhibits on astronomy. Sky & Telescope has many resources for stargazers.

17. Rock Collecting

This is an easy and free hobby to get into. You can find rocks almost anywhere, and all you need is a place to store them.

Start by collecting different types of rocks that you find interesting. Then do some research to learn about the different types of rocks you have collected. You will find tons of rocks at your local park or beach. Check out the book “Collecting Rocks, Gems and Minerals” by Patti Polk.

18. Cooking

We all need to eat and cooking can have a very short learning curve. Most people already know how to cook so you may as well turn it into a hobby. You can start by cooking simple meals at home and then progress to more complex dishes.

hobbies for introverts to make friends | hobbies for introverts reddit | hobbies to do alone
There are many different types of introverts, and each one has their own unique set of interests and hobbies.

For example, start with simple french toast and progress up to something fancier like bread pudding french toast.

Find recipes on websites like Marthastewart.com or watch the Food Network's many shows. You can take an online cooking class from Sur La Table.

19. Music Lessons

It is never too late to start learning how to play an instrument. The good thing about doing so as an adult as opposed to school is that you don't have to deal with a recital if you don't want to. 

You can hire a private teacher to help you get started. You can also find a used instrument online and start tinkering away. Martucci Music and Udemy.com provide lessons online.

20. Making Jewelry

You can take a metalsmithing class at an art school or keep things simple and begin making jewelry at home. There are many online tutorials that can help you get started.

You will need some basic supplies like wire, pliers, and beads. You can find these at your local craft store or online. Once you have the basics down, you can start experimenting with different techniques. The Crucible has online guides and classes.

21. Coin Collecting

Many people love collecting old coins. It can be a fun and informative hobby.

You can start by finding coins that you have at home or that you come across in your travels. Then do some research to learn about the different types of coins. Check out pawn shops and antique stores for rarer finds. Coincollecting.com has several resources for enthusiasts.

22. Model Building

This hobby can be as simple or complex as you want it to be. You can find model kits for all kinds of things, from cars to airplanes to buildings.

Depending on your interests, you can find kits at your local hobby store or online. You can also find some great deals on used kits at garage sales or thrift stores. Amazon has a great list of books to get started.

23. Home Improvement Projects

Whether you live in an apartment or house, there is always something that you can do to improve your home. You can start small with things like painting a room or hanging new curtains. Or you can tackle bigger projects like refinishing furniture or installing new flooring. 

You can find project ideas on DIY shows on HGTV or in home improvement magazines.

24. Volunteer With Your Pet

If you have a pet, you can bring smiles to others by doing service with your fur baby. You can put your pet to “work” as a therapy animal or visit nursing homes and hospitals. Run for charity with your dog by your side or assist with animal rescue.

Not only will you be bringing joy to others, but you will also be bonding with your pet. Contact Pet Partners to get started.

25. Visiting Antique Stores

Antique stores are great places to find hidden treasures. You can also learn a lot about history and different cultures. 

When you visit an antique store, take your time and browse around. See if anything catches your eye. Once you find something you like, ask the store owner about it. They will usually be more than happy to tell you the story behind the item. Start searching on the antique store finder.

26. Learning New Languages

There are tons of ways to learn a new language these days outside the classroom. There are apps like Duolingo and Babbel that make it easy and fun to learn a new language. Instead of stressing over fluency, you can have fun practicing the basics of several languages on one app.

You can also find meetups in your city if you feel like getting social to practice. If a group meetup is too much for the introvert in you, try finding one language buddy to practice with.

27. Going to Flea Markets

Flea markets are great places to find unique items and deals on gently used goods. You can find anything from furniture to clothes to vintage collectibles.

When you go to a flea market, take your time and browse around. You never know what you might find. Haggling is also a common practice at flea markets, so don't be afraid to try to get a lower price. Different flea markets can take place in various locations during the week so start your flea market search here.

28. Solo Travel

Being an introvert should not keep you from having your own adventures. You can still travel the world, even if you have to do it alone.

hobbies to do alone | solo hobbies for extroverts | hobbies for introverts reddit
Hobbies can also be a great way to meet new people and make friends, while still enjoying time alone.

There are plenty of ways to make solo travel work for you. You can start by planning your trip and making reservations ahead of time. Then, when you're on your trip, try to meet new people and do things that make you feel comfortable. Smarter Travel's guide for solo travel may help you get on the road.

29. Blogging

It is never too late to start writing. Getting a blog up and running is easy and can be a great outlet for your creativity. You can blog about anything that interests you, from your personal life to current events.

There are plenty of free blogging platforms like WordPress and Blogger that you can use to get started. If you need help, use Webador's guide to get your blog up and running.

30. Pottery

Pottery is a relaxing and therapeutic hobby. You can easily find pottery classes at your local community center or art studio.

If you don't want to take a class, you can also try pottery at home. You can buy a pottery wheel or molding clay and start practicing. There are also kits available that come with everything you need to get started. The Pottery Wheel is a great source to start with.

31. Motorcycle Riding

Set out on a solo adventure or meet up with other enthusiasts. Riding a motorcycle is often seen as a symbol of freedom.

Hit the open road and explore. If you have never ridden before, there are classes you can take to learn. You will need a motorcycle license and proper gear before you hit the road. Join the Harley-Davidson Riding Academy today.

32. Coloring 

Coloring is the perfect hobby for an introvert. You can color anywhere, and you don’t have to be social when you take out your coloring pencils, crayons, or markers and a coloring book.

This hobby has many benefits, from helping you relax and relieve stress to improving sleep and your overall well-being. There’s also a meditative quality when it comes to the repetitive movement of coloring an image.

You can print images from the internet, invest in coloring pencils, and even choose what medium you want to color with. You can really be artistic and add shadow and light or just color for the sake of it. Plus, you can color on your smart device too with the right app. 

Get started with coloring with these 7 best adult coloring apps and 19 printable stress relief coloring pages for adults.

33. Ice Cream Making 

You can get really creative and out of the box when it comes to ice cream making. You can invest in a proper machine that will churn the ice cream for you, or you can combine and freeze as little as three ingredients (plus whatever you want for flavor) for an ooh-la-la taste explosion of cold fun. 

Make ice cream in the classic vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate flavors, or use savory flavors like bacon and eggs to inspire your ice creams. Why not make an eggnog ice cream to honor the holiday season, or add candied eggs for an Easter ice cream feast?

Use this Food & Wine guide to make ice cream at home, and then experiment with these 20 homemade ice cream recipes for hot summer days.

34. Leather Tooling 

Leather tooling, also called leather stamping or leather carving, is great for introverts. You can cut, carve, stamp, punch, embellish, and shape leather to make accessories like bags and belts. 

You’d need to work with your hands, and the hobby requires a lot of precision and patience, but it’s a way to spend some quality time with yourself while you make something beautiful. 

Buy a leather tooling kit so you have the basic tools, and then you need some leather and designs.  

Learn more about this hobby for introverts with this leather tooling guide and check out these free leather design patterns.

35. Beekeeping 

Become a beekeeper and help keep bees alive in this rewarding hobby that promotes biodiversity and sustainability. Of course, you need space and have to check with your local wildlife agencies on what laws apply if you can indeed keep bees and beehives. 

hobbies to do alone | solo hobbies | hobbies for introverts
Become a beekeeper and help keep bees alive in this rewarding hobby that promotes biodiversity and sustainability.

If you can, great. Take a class or find another way to learn about beekeeping, join your local beekeeping association, and then order your equipment and honeybees. It’s up to you to keep your bees happy and healthy, harvest honey, and prep the hive for the cold months.  

Start with this beekeeping for beginners guide.

36. Web Comics 

The world of comics isn’t just for kids. You can totally enjoy reading web comics and anime as an adult, and some of these comics are created with grown-ups in mind.

And you can even create your own comic if you have story ideas floating around in your head. 

Psst … If you’re old-school (no judgments!), opt for paperback comics and graphic novels.

Not sure where to start or what’s good? Take a look at this roundup of the 50 best web comics or this list of the 10 best free web comics

If you want to be in the driving seat, here’s Neil Gaiman’s Masterclass on creating a comic book.

37. Macramé

Macramé is the art of creating knots in your choice of textile, like cotton twine, linen, yarn, hemp, leather, and nylon. You can use the macramé technique to create dream catchers, jewelry, plant hangers, keychains, wall hangings, and other decorative items for your home. 

This hobby is very relaxing, affordable, and ideal for introverts. 

While you can join a macramé class or online group, you can enjoy macramé to your heart's content with just your own company.  

Use this beginner’s guide to get started with your macramé hobby. Then master these 7 basic knots and get inspirations for your designs with these unique macramé craft ideas.

38. Coffee Brewing and Latte Art 

If you love coffee and believe you can’t live without X number of cups of java a day, then this is the perfect hobby for you. 

Learn about the various techniques to brew the perfect cup of jo and then decide what equipment you’ll invest in to start with. You can also practice making your own latte art instead of spending money at your local coffee shop.  

Follow this latte art beginner’s guide to making the prettiest cup of coffee.

39. Aquascaping 

Aquascaping is gardening underwater, so you arrange rocks, stones, driftwood, water-loving plants, substrate and gravel, and other decorative items in an aquarium. You can decide whether you want your aquascape to be fully submerged or semi-submerged. 

You can be really creative and decorate according to theme or season. Or see where your imagination takes you with a shipwreck scene, an underwater forest, or something unique. 

Decide whether you want to add fish to your freshwater tank, marine tank, or reef tank.

Check out this “what is aquascaping?” guide to learn more. Opt to start with an aqua scaper's tank kit and choose the best live plants for your “under the sea” garden.

40. Lock Picking

No, I’m not saying you should master the art of lock picking so you can become a world-class thief…

But if you like obstacles, puzzles, precision, the rush of adrenaline, and being practical, lock picking is the hobby for you.

Lock picking (or locksport because it’s quite a competitive hobby) is an actual (life-saving) hobby because it gives the lock picker a sense of power to know that they can easily open a lock – no matter how intricate the lock. Plus, it’s a great way to keep your brain active and set challenges for yourself. 

You need to start with the basics of lock picking and then invest in a good lock picking set and some locks to get practicing. Watch YouTube videos to learn more.

I do need to point out that locksport is technically legal – but it depends on where you live. If you’re caught with a lockpicking kit and law enforcement believes it was your intent to commit a crime, you may be in trouble. 

But don’t let this put you off. If you are fascinated by figuring out puzzles (i.e., how a lock works), then join locksport (which can also be a well-paying career if you need some cash dough).

41. Ghost Hunting 

Another unique hobby for the introvert is ghost hunting. You can become a paranormal investigator by examining and documenting any paranormal activity. This will help you establish ghostly encounters and sightings. 

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to explore the unknown. If you are more spiritually inclined and open to all otherworldly possibilities, then this is a great hobby to pick up.  

Start with this ghost hunting 101 guide, check out haunted locations (other than your house?), and prepare for the best ghost hunting adventures with the right gear.

Final Thoughts on Hobbies for Introverts

As you can see, there are many different hobbies that introverts can enjoy. These are just a few ideas to get you started. The important thing is to find something that you enjoy and that helps you relax. Do these activities alone or with a small group.

Don't be afraid to try new things, and don't worry if you don't fit into the “introvert” mold. There is no one right way to be an introvert. Embrace your individuality and have fun. And if you are on a budget, check out 23 Cheap Hobbies to Pick Up today.

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