35 Best Songs About Siblings Sharing a Family Bond

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Looking for songs that best capture the unique bond between siblings?

Songs about siblings often highlight the unique relationships that shape our lives, from moments of joy to times of support and understanding.

These songs remind us of the importance of family and the deep connections that help us live happier and more fulfilled lives.

Our carefully curated list of songs about siblings includes a variety of genres and styles, each offering a unique perspective on sibling relationships.

Let’s check them out!

1. We Are Family, Sister Sledge

“We are family, I got all my sisters with me.”

“We Are Family” by Sister Sledge was released in 1979 and quickly became an anthem for unity and togetherness. The song, written by Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards, was inspired by the real-life bond between the Sledge sisters.

The song perfectly encapsulates the strength and support that comes from familial ties. Its lyrics celebrate the joy of being together and having each other’s backs, making it a timeless tribute to sibling love.

2. He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother, The Hollies

“So on we go, his welfare is my concern. No burden is he to bear. We’ll get there.”

“He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother” is a passionate ballad about unwavering support and love. Bobby Scott and Bob Russell originally wrote it, and many artists have covered it over the years.

This song highlights the deep bond between siblings, emphasizing the fact that no burden is too heavy when helping a brother or sister. Its heartfelt lyrics relate to anyone who has ever felt a sibling’s unconditional love.

3. Brother, Kodaline

“If I was dying on my knees, you’d be the one to rescue me.”

“Brother” by Kodaline is a moving tribute to the enduring bond between brothers. The Irish band poured their emotions into this song, creating a touching narrative about loyalty and love.

The song beautifully captures the essence of sibling relationships, where the connection remains strong despite any challenges. The heartfelt lyrics and evocative melody make it a perfect ode to the unbreakable ties of brotherhood.

4. My Sister, Reba McEntire

“She knows when I’m troubled, she knows when I’m feeling bad.”

Reba McEntire’s “My Sister” is a heartfelt country song that celebrates the remarkable relationship between sisters. Reba’s passionate delivery and relatable lyrics make this song a favorite among fans.

The song emphasizes the unique bond sisters share, filled with memories, support, and unconditional love. It portrays the ups and downs of sisterhood.

5. Come Dancing, The Kinks

“Come dancing, that’s how they did it when I was just a kid.”

“Come Dancing” by The Kinks, released in 1982, is a nostalgic song about lead singer Ray Davies’ memories of his sister. The song tells the story of how his sister used to go dancing at a local dance hall, capturing the spirit of simpler times.

The song is a wonderful tribute to siblings, showcasing the joy and fond memories they bring into our lives. It celebrates the bond that siblings share and the lasting impact they have on each other’s lives.

6. What’s Happening, Brother?, Marvin Gaye

“What’s happening, my man? Are they still getting down where we used to go and dance?”

“What’s Happening Brother?” was released as part of Marvin Gaye’s iconic album “What’s Going On.” The song is a conversation between two brothers who reflect on the changes and struggles in their lives and society.

The song’s message beautifully captures siblings’ concern and care for one another, especially in times of turmoil. It underscores the importance of supporting each other through life’s challenges.

7. When We Grow Up, Diana Ross

“When we grow up, will I be pretty? Will you be big and strong?”

“When We Grow Up” by Diana Ross is a delightful song about the dreams and aspirations shared between siblings. The song’s playful and optimistic tone captures the innocence and hope of childhood.

This song reminds us of the bond siblings share as they grow up together, dreaming and supporting each other’s aspirations. It highlights the importance of having a sibling with whom you can share your journey.

8. Martha, Rufus Wainwright

“Martha, it’s your brother calling. Time to go up north and see Mother.”

Rufus Wainwright’s “Martha,” released in 2012, is a profoundly emotional song written as a message to his sister. It reflects on their strained relationship and the desire to reconnect and heal.

The song highlights the complexities of sibling relationships, acknowledging that they can be challenging, but are ultimately worth fighting for. The raw emotion of Wainwright’s lyrics’ emphasize the importance of reconciliation and understanding.

9. Sister, Prince

“Sister, don’t put me on the street again, oh sister.”

“Sister” by Prince is a provocative and controversial song exploring the complexities of sibling relationships. Known for pushing boundaries, Prince delves into a narrative that challenges conventional ideas about family ties.

While the song may be unconventional, it emphasizes the intensity and depth of sibling bonds. It showcases Prince’s ability to tackle complex subjects and highlights the importance of familial connections.

10. My Sister, Juliana Hatfield Three

“I miss my sister. Why’d she go? She’s the one who would always tell me what to do.”

“My Sister” by Juliana Hatfield Three is an alternative rock song about a complicated but loving relationship between sisters. The song’s candid lyrics and energetic melody capture the essence of sibling dynamics.

This song resonates with many listeners who have experienced the ups and downs of having a sibling. It highlights the love and rivalry that often coexist in sibling relationships, making it a relatable and heartfelt tribute.

11. Sister Christian, Night Ranger

“Sister Christian, oh, the time has come. And you know that you’re the only one to say, okay.”

“Sister Christian” by Night Ranger, released in 1984, is a rock ballad written by drummer Kelly Keagy about his sister’s coming of age. The song’s powerful melody and heartfelt lyrics made it a hit in the 1980s.

This song portrays the protective and caring nature of sibling relationships, especially from the perspective of an older sibling looking out for a younger one. It emphasizes the desire to guide and support a sibling through life’s challenges.

12. Sister, Dave Matthews Band

“Pass the time away, sister, sister, keep on playing games.”

Dave Matthews Band’s “Sister,” released in 2007, is a tender acoustic song celebrating the sibling bond. The heartfelt lyrics and gentle melody create a soothing and reflective atmosphere.

This song beautifully conveys the deep connection and unconditional love shared between siblings. It emphasizes the importance of being there for each other through life’s ups and downs, creating a sense of comfort and security.

13. I Drive Your Truck, Lee Brice

“I’ll cuss, I’ll pray, I’ll say goodbye. And that flag and stone ain’t where I feel you anyway.”

“I Drive Your Truck” by Lee Brice is a poignant country song inspired by the true story of a father driving his deceased son’s truck as a way to cope with his loss.

While the song primarily focuses on losing a loved one, it also highlights the deep connection and lasting impact siblings have on each other’s lives. It emphasizes the enduring bond and the ways we keep their memories alive.

14. Sibling Rivalry, PUP

“Oh, how it was supposed to be, the two of us against the world.”

“Sibling Rivalry” by PUP, released in 2019, is a punk rock song exploring the playful and competitive nature of sibling relationships. The energetic and rebellious tone of the song captures the spirit of youthful rivalry.

This song highlights the fun and sometimes contentious aspects of having siblings, emphasizing the fact that rivalry can also bring siblings closer together. It’s a celebration of the unique dynamic that only siblings can understand.

15. Boss of Me, They Might Be Giants

“You’re not the boss of me now. You’re not the boss of me now.”

“Boss of Me” by They Might Be Giants, released in 2001, is the theme song for the TV show “Malcolm in the Middle.” The song’s catchy and upbeat melody captures the rebellious spirit of sibling relationships.

This song highlights the independent and sometimes defiant nature of siblings, emphasizing the fact that, while they may not always agree, their bond remains strong.

16. Little Sister, Elvis Presley

“I used to pull your pigtails and pinch your turned-up nose. But you’ve been a-growin’, and baby. It’s been showin’ from your head down to your toes.”

“Little Sister” by Elvis Presley, released in 1961, is a rock and roll song about a man addressing his girlfriend’s younger sister. The song’s catchy rhythm and Elvis’s signature style made it a hit.

While the song’s narrative is playful, it highlights the protective and sometimes challenging nature of sibling relationships. It stresses the dynamic of looking out for a younger sibling while navigating one’s experiences.

17. Little Brother, Ella Vos

“Little brother, it’s time to be strong. Don’t let your fears own you for long.”

“Little Brother” by Ella Vos is a heartfelt indie pop song dedicated to the artist’s younger brother. The song’s gentle melody and sincere lyrics create a touching tribute to sibling love.

This song beautifully captures the protective and nurturing aspects of sibling relationships, underlining the desire to support and uplift a younger brother. It highlights the significance of being a guiding presence in a sibling’s life.

18. White Wedding, Billy Idol

“It’s a nice day to start again. It’s a nice day for a white wedding.”

While not specifically about siblings, this song’s narrative of a brother addressing his sister’s upcoming wedding can be interpreted as a protective and concerned sibling relationship. It highlights the emotions and complexities that can arise in familial bonds.

“White Wedding” encourages us to understand and appreciate the emotions that come with significant life events in our siblings’ lives, supporting them through their journeys.

19. You and Your Sister, Chris Bell

“All I want to do is to spend some time with you.”

“You and Your Sister” by Chris Bell, released in 1978, is a tender and melodic song that showcases Bell’s emotive songwriting. The song’s gentle harmonies and heartfelt lyrics create a soothing and reflective atmosphere.

This song beautifully captures the bond between siblings, emphasizing the support and understanding they provide each other. It reminds us of our deep connections with our siblings and the importance of nurturing and cherishing that bond.

20. My Brother’s a Basehead, De La Soul

“My brother’s a basehead, I told him don’t do it.”

“My Brother’s a Basehead” by De La Soul is a hip-hop song that tackles the serious issue of drug addiction. The song’s narrative reflects the struggles of having a sibling dealing with addiction.

This song highlights the complexities and challenges of sibling relationships, especially when facing difficult issues. It focuses on the importance of compassion and understanding in trying times.

21. Alfie, Lily Allen

“Oh, Alfie, get up. It’s a brand new day. I just can’t sit back and watch you waste your life away.”

“Alfie,” by Lily Allen, was released in 2006. It is a playful and candid song about Allen’s younger brother. The song’s catchy melody and humorous lyrics create a lighthearted yet sincere narrative.

This song captures both the frustrations and love of having a younger sibling, emphasizing the protective and sometimes exasperated feelings that arise. It highlights the unique dynamic of sibling relationships.

22. My Sister Says the Saddest Things, Grimes

“My sister says the saddest things, but I don’t listen. She only sings for the moon.”

“My Sister Says the Saddest Things” by Grimes is an ethereal and haunting song exploring the emotional depth of sibling relationships. The song’s dreamy production and lyrics create a reflective atmosphere.

This song highlights the emotional complexities and deep connections that exist between siblings. It reminds us to be there for our siblings emotionally, offering support and compassion in times of need.

23. Highway Patrolman, Bruce Springsteen

“Me and Frankie laughin’ and drinkin’, nothin’ feels better than blood on blood.”

“Highway Patrolman” by Bruce Springsteen highlights the moral and emotional dilemmas that can arise in sibling relationships. It showcases the complexities of loyalty and love between brothers.

The song reminds us of the enduring nature of sibling bonds and the importance of loyalty and understanding, even in challenging circumstances.

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24. Blood Brothers, Luke Bryan

“We were thick as thieves, runnin’ on hope and gasoline.”

“Blood Brothers,” by Luke Bryan, was released in 2015. It is a country song that celebrates the unbreakable bond between brothers. Its heartfelt lyrics and Bryan’s emotive delivery create a touching tribute to brotherhood.

This song beautifully captures the camaraderie and loyalty of having a brother, emphasizing the deep connection that withstands the test of time. It highlights the shared experiences and support that define brotherhood.

25. Come Some Rainy Day, Wynonna Judd

“Where are you now? ‘Cause I’m thinkin’ of you.”

“Come Some Rainy Day” by Wynonna Judd is a heartfelt country song about the enduring memories of a lost loved one. The song reminds us to honor and remember them, cherish our shared moments, and keep our memories alive.

While not explicitly about siblings, the song’s themes of loss and remembrance can be interpreted as a tribute to a sibling. It emphasizes the importance of holding onto cherished memories and the lasting impact of those we love.

26. Sister, Oh Sister, Rosanne Cash

“Oh, sister, when I come to lie in your arms. You should not treat me like a stranger.”

“Sister, Oh Sister” by Rosanne Cash is a folk-inspired song that celebrates the bond between sisters. The song’s harmonious melodies and heartfelt lyrics create a warm and uplifting tribute to sisterhood.

This song beautifully captures the support and understanding sisters provide each other, emphasizing the importance of a close and loving relationship. It highlights the strength and comfort that come from sisterly bonds.

27. Little Sister, Jewel

“Little sister, I heard you went to Mr. So and So, knock, knock, knockin’ on his door again last night.”

“Little Sister” beautifully captures the desire to protect and guide a younger sibling, highlighting the deep connection and responsibility of being an older sibling.

This song reminds us to cherish our roles as older siblings and provide unwavering support and love to our younger brothers and sisters.

28. Drink a Beer, Luke Bryan

“Funny how the good ones go too soon, but the good Lord knows.”

“Drink a Beer” by Luke Bryan is a poignant country song about the loss of a loved one. The song’s emotional depth and Bryan’s heartfelt delivery create a touching tribute to those we’ve lost.

While not necessarily about siblings, the song’s themes of loss and remembrance can be interpreted as a tribute to a brother or sister. It emphasizes the importance of honoring and remembering those we love.

29. Hey, Brother, Avicii

“Hey, brother, there’s an endless road to rediscover.”

“Hey, Brother” by Avicii is an electronic dance song celebrating the bond between siblings. The song’s uplifting melody and heartfelt lyrics create an energetic and joyous tribute to brotherhood.

This song encourages us to appreciate our unique connection with our siblings and nurture and cherish these relationships. It highlights the strength and resilience that come from sibling bonds.

30. Orange Sky, Alexi Murdoch

“In your love, my salvation lies in your love.”

“Orange Sky” by Alexi Murdoch, released in 2002, is an acoustic ballad about the importance of family and the bonds that sustain us. The song’s soothing melody and introspective lyrics create a calming and reflective atmosphere.

This song beautifully captures the comfort and support of having a close relationship with family, including siblings. It reminds us to cherish our relationships with them, and to find strength and comfort in the bonds we share with them.

31. Brother Mine, Suzanne Vega

“You are my compass. You are my anchor. You are the light that leads me home.”

“Brother Mine” by Suzanne Vega is a folk-inspired song that encourages us to appreciate the special bonds we share with our siblings. Its gentle melody and poetic lyrics create a touching and reflective narrative.

This song beautifully captures the unique connection between siblings. It highlights the shared experiences and memories that define sibling relationships.

32. Count on Me, Bruno Mars

“If you ever find yourself stuck in the middle of the sea, I’ll sail the world to find you.”

“Count on Me” is a cheerful pop song that celebrates the importance of being there for one another. While not necessarily about siblings, its themes of support and loyalty resonate with the bond between brothers and sisters.

The song emphasizes the importance of being a reliable and loving presence in each other’s lives. It reminds us to be there for our siblings and appreciate the unwavering support and love of having a close-knit family.

33. Hey, Soul Sister, Train

“Just in time, I’m so glad you have a one-track mind like me. You gave my life direction, a game show love connection we can't deny.”

“Hey, Soul Sister” by Train is a feel-good pop song that is not specifically about siblings, but whose themes of connection and companionship can be interpreted as a celebration of the bond between siblings.

The song highlights the joy and comfort of having a close relationship. It encourages us to cherish these relationships and celebrate the unique and special bond that comes with them.

34. Oh Sister, Bob Dylan

“Oh, sister, when I come to lie in your arms. You should not treat me like a stranger.”

“Oh Sister” by Bob Dylan is a folk song that captures the complexities and depth of sibling relationships. Its message revolves around the importance of supporting each other. It highlights the shared experiences and emotions that define these bonds.

35. Brothers & Sisters, Coldplay

“Brothers and sisters unite, it’s the time of your lives, it’s the time of your lives.”

“Brothers & Sisters” by Coldplay reflects on the importance of unity and togetherness. It highlights the sense of solidarity and support that come from having a close relationship with siblings.

In this song, Coldplay encourages us to cherish our relationships with our siblings and find strength and solace in the bonds we share with them.

Final Thoughts on Best Songs About Siblings Sharing a Family Bond

This list provides a wonderful selection of songs about siblings, summarizing the essence of brotherhood and sisterhood. From heartfelt ballads to energetic anthems, these songs celebrate the unique bond between siblings.

We hope you enjoyed this collection and found the perfect song that resonates with your experiences. Remember, the bond with your siblings is precious, so cherish and nurture it!

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