57 Starting Over Quotes to Help You Move On

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Moving on. Two small words. Three short syllables. And a whirlwind of raw emotions that quickly gather speed, bringing panic and upset across your whole life. And this is perfectly normal. No one likes having to start over. But no matter how hard you try to bury your head in the sand, the most positive … Read more

65 Toxic Relationship Quotes to Free Yourself Today

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When you first meet someone, the world is a beautiful place. The trees are greener, the candy is sweeter and everything is just, well, great. But as the honeymoon period fizzles out, masks begin to slip and reveal a much uglier truth. You find yourself trapped, unappreciated and unloved by the person you’ve given so … Read more

35 Affirmations for Letting Go of the Past and Moving Forward

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Holding on to the past can be tough, especially when many memories are bad. Unfortunately, we all get stuck in the past sometimes, not letting go and moving forward. But with the world moving ever-forward, we must do the same. Sometimes we need a few kind words and affirmations to help us speed up that … Read more

35 Best Songs about Moving On and Letting Go

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Whether we are sad, happy, confused, or ecstatic, we often turn to music to express and acknowledge our emotions. Today, we are focusing on music that can help you heal your broken heart. We have compiled a list of the best songs about moving on and letting go to help you navigate the process of … Read more

43 Moving Forward Quotes to Let Go of the Past

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Letting go and moving forward are two of the most difficult and painful things to do. If you really want to let go and move forward, you have to go through what can be an agonizing process. You need to be ready work through your pain—and that can be a frightening prospect. In this article, … Read more

97 Moving on Quotes So You Can Let Go of the Past

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The right words can often put our experience in the right perspective. Today’s collection of moving on quotes aims to help you do just that: move on from a loss and let go of the pain that’s holding you back from becoming happy again. Change Is Inevitable Life inevitably throws us a curveball. You’ve probably … Read more