47 Motivational Fighter Quotes to Win in Life

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Ready to rumble? Let’s take a look at how to bring forth our inner bruiser. When life starts throwing around some hard knocks, sometimes you just have to bear with the punches and treat it like a challenging boxing match. So, in today’s post, we’ll be summoning some of our best fighter quotes to kindle … Read more

53 Envy Quotes To Stop Worrying About Other People

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Seeing the latest lotto winners broadcast their good fortune across the TV leaves us all feeling a tad envious. That’s human nature. Whilst they’re off choosing a new sports car, you’re putting off taking yours to the garage for the umpteenth time. And as they’re booking a luxury getaway, you’re wrestling deck chairs alongside the … Read more

57 Self-Control Quotes to Master Your Emotions

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Are you looking for inspiration on your journey for more self-mastery? Self-control is the path to fully understanding and then taking ownership of your emotions and responses to a given situation. However, self-control is a concept that can be very easily confused with self-repression. So, in today’s post, we’ll provide some self-control quotes for you … Read more

165 Anxiety Quotes to Keep You Calm When Feeling Stressed

Anxiety Quotes to Help You Cope With Your Worries | Best Stress and Anxiety Quotes | Quotes About Anxiety to Help Cope

In today’s fast-paced world, stress is an ever-present companion for most people. In America alone, around 40 million adults are diagnosed with anxiety disorders and depression brought on by stress. These have become the most common mental disorders in the country. Although some types of stress offer some positive benefits, most people experience stress that … Read more

45 Emotional Abuse Quotes to Deal with Dysfunctional Relationships

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There’s no such thing as a perfect relationship. Let’s be honest; we’ve all got huffy over nothing, thrown a disgusted look of ‘how could you!’ and even retreated to the sofa for a night or two of self-pity. Although the fallout may be hard at the time, the good news is these are perfectly normal … Read more

101 Soulmate Quotes: Sayings for Your One True Love

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Have you found your soulmate? Or maybe you’re still looking for him or her? In this post, we have gathered 101 soulmate quotes you can tell to the person you consider your soulmate. You can use these words to express your gratitude for being able to finally find happiness in your companionship. First, let’s look … Read more