How to Stop Swearing So Much: 7 Simple Steps

how to stop swearing | how to stop cursing when angry | how to stop swearing reddit

Do you have an entirely different set of verbs, nouns, and pronouns that you use when you speak compared to other people? It can involve a specific range of words that have negative meanings, foul explanations, and belittling terms that you use without even thinking. If so, then you swear.  Okay, so unless you’re a … Read more

Proactive VS Reactive: 5 Differences & How to Be More Proactive

proactive vs reactive | proactive vs reactive examples | proactive vs reactive communication

One of the most well-known theories of physics states, “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction (Newton’s Third Law of Motion)”. This same principle applies to how we act and interact with our surroundings. Most people have a tendency to fall into one of two categories when it comes to addressing the … Read more

15 Habits to Increase Your Self-Confidence

In this post, we'll define self-confidence and the key reasons why we need it to become successful humans and look at specific habits self-confident people embrace.

Today, we’re going to chat about self-confidence. Self-confident people behave in social settings in ways that attract others. They’ve mastered the skill of using failures and accomplishments as tools to build their self-confidence. Don’t we all want that? Sure we do! We all want to feel more self-confident because research shows that self-confident people are more … Read more

13 Ways to Not Care About What People Think

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“I don’t care what people think!” You’ve likely said that time and time again, yet you still care. Why? I’ve included different factors that could help answer the question, along with 13 powerful tips on how to not care what people think, for real. You’ll come to appreciate the tips after discovering the dangers caring too … Read more

11 Steps to Be Emotionally Independent from Others

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Humans are emotional creatures, therefore some situations or circumstances in life may bring out the worst in us. As social creatures, we are interconnected with one another. Our emotions can affect not just ourselves, but also the people around us. Take dating for example. I have been on the receiving end of someone who became … Read more

How to Stop Negative Self-Talk: A 14-Step Guide

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Self-talk can empower you if it’s positive and hinder your emotional well-being if it’s negative. Have you ever told yourself, “I can’t do anything right. I’m so stupid!”? Experts in psychology refer to such language as negative self-talk. Almost everyone engages in self-ridicule from time to time. However, you may not reach your full potential … Read more