71 Good Compliments for Your Employees

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“Wow, you’ve made such a difference to this project!” 

Don’t we all love being complimented at work? There’s something amazing about being appreciated, validated, and seen for all the effort you put in at your place of work.

But, as an employer, it can be challenging to find a suitable way to compliment your employees and not rehash the same compliments time and again, which quickly loses its effectiveness and makes you seem insincere. 

A compliment for employees needs to be appropriate, motivating, and encouraging. You don’t want to look like you’re playing the favorite card, but you also want your team to feel valued. So how do you do it? Let’s find out. 

What Is a Compliment?

The basic definition of a compliment is that it’s an expression of praise for someone who has gone above the normal or average. You would use a compliment to express that you admire someone for their actions, appearance, contribution, and more.

Compliments are so important because they make us feel like we matter. We realize that we have been noticed, appreciated, and accepted by someone whom we look up to.

When your boss gives you a compliment, it’s even more important because they are on a slightly higher social level than you. 

If a stranger gives you a compliment, it may not mean so much in the long run, but it still gives you a thrill because you feel like you are important to someone and contributing to teamwork.  

The opposite of a compliment is to give criticism. Sadly, people tend to use a compliment to pad or soften an incoming criticism of something you’ve done wrong.

While “I love what you did with the presentation, but …” appears to be a compliment, the use of “but” negates any positive effect this statement had.

This may be followed up with another positive “compliment,” which is typical of the sandwich method or compliment sandwich.  

In many cases, especially at work, you may feel anxious if you are complimented because you are already expecting a “chewing out” session. 

However, a real compliment that’s delivered without any “padding the punishment” or having an ulterior motive is a magnificent way to include people in a team, encourage hard work, and ensure that you have loyalty from your employees. 

Why It’s Important to Give Your Employees Compliments

We work for salaries, but we ultimately want more than just money from our jobs. People have left well-paying jobs for less remuneration simply because they didn’t feel valued at their old jobs.

Positive workplace affirmations and compliments can help reduce the turnover rate at work. Feeling valued helps boost your self-esteem.

A compliment here or there helps your employees to feel like they belong, that they are achieving more than what their paycheck reflects, and that they are making a difference. 

By using compliments, you create a more positive work environment, and you also let your employees know they can come to you to discuss things that concern them. If you only ever criticize, your employees will avoid you and see you as an adversary. 

A well-placed compliment can help someone survive a challenging day (especially if they already have dramas at home). When you compliment your employees, you are laying the foundation for a harmonious workplace, exceptional effort, and incredible loyalty

An employer who gives confidence gains:

  • Increased productivity 
  • Deeper motivation to contribute to their work
  • Loyalty in a competitive market
  • Dedication to work and to the company ethos
  • A peaceful workforce

Now that you know what the reasons are for you for giving compliments, it’s time to look at some amazing compliments to share with your staff. 

71 Compliments for Employees

A compliment delivered way after the fact or a successful task is less meaningful than one that’s given when the work is done. So ensure you work on your timing. Don’t let your employees feel that they are only getting compliments as an afterthought. 

Here are the best compliments to share with your employees, or use these as inspiration the next time a worker does a bangin’ job:  

  1. You are such a pleasure to work with. I am thrilled to have you on our team.
  2. Your contributions to the project have been invaluable. I look forward to working with you again.
  3. Flexibility and the ability to juggle complex tasks is no mean feat, and it’s a privilege to watch you in action. 
  4. Thank you for trusting me with your concerns. I will address them with all haste and find a solution to pursue with you. 
  5. I am so happy to have someone with your healthy perspective on my staff. Your ability to think logically and with clarity is a real asset. 
  6. This was a job well done, as usual. Thank you. 
  7. I truly appreciate that you stepped up and took responsibility for that aspect of the project. Your efforts really helped bring things together. 
  8. You have an exceptional work ethic, and I would like to discuss possible training workshops with the other staff if you have some ideas.
  9. Since joining our team, your positive energy has been contagious. It’s a joy to see you in the office. 
  10. That was a fantastic piece of work. You really elevate the standard of professionalism in the office. 
  11. I know that a situation with that much conflict is never easy to handle, but you navigated it like a pro. Well done. 
  12. I have to compliment you on always looking your best at work. 
  13. Thank you for the fantastic ideas you pitch during the group workshops. You really help other team members come out of their shells too. 
  14. That presentation was exceptionally detailed and so well presented. You are a valued asset to the team.
  15. The board is really impressed with the quality of work and attention to detail you have shown over the past few months. 
  16. I am so relieved that you always find solutions to difficult challenges at work. The team is more motivated with you on it. 
  17. You always produce such thrilling results. Thank you.
  18. Reliability, trustworthiness, and willingness to learn are huge assets. Thank you for bringing that to work each day.
  19. It amazes me that we dragged by without you while you were on maternity leave, but it’s so great to have you back. 
  20. Your willingness to help out, no matter what is asked, is always noticed and appreciated.
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Positive workplace affirmations and compliments can help reduce the turnover rate at work.
  1. Your vision always helps to pull projects together from start to finish. 
  2. I can’t find other words than to say we’d be lost without you. 
  3. It’s always encouraging to see how you rise above any challenge. 
  4. Despite the recent upheavals in the system, you focused and got the job done. So grateful to you. 
  5. Your enthusiasm for new ideas helps us to stay ahead of the curve – thanks. 
  6. You learn so fast, which has really helped us master the new system in record time. 
  7. I appreciate your ability to manage budgeting and costs to help us come out on top. 
  8. Great instincts on that error today. Your focus helped us avoid big drama.
  9. Thank you for taking the new employees under your wing and showing them the ropes. 
  10. I just love talking with you and soaking up the great ideas you have. 
  11. The leadership within your team has really helped the company achieve its objectives and strengthen as a family. 
  12. Your exceptional organizational skills have truly helped us create award-winning systems. 
  13. By bringing real expertise to the table, you have become a valued asset. 
  14. Please continue thinking outside the box so you can keep delivering imaginative ideas and solutions. 
  15. As a section head, you have really applied and embodied the “open door” policy, which makes everyone trust you. Thank you for being there for everyone. 
  16. I need never worry that your checklist isn’t done as I know you are the cornerstone of the team. 
  17. This year has been amazing with you, and we love the thoughtful gifts you showered on us all. Wishing blessings in kind. 
  18. You always find time to care and connect, no matter how busy you are. We are all grateful for it
  19. During the recent incident at work, your calm demeanor and kindness truly helped stabilize the team and give everyone the ability to focus on their tasks in trying circumstances. 
  20. The whole team has learned so much about communication and conflict resolution just by being around you. Thank you for being a great mentor.
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A compliment here or there helps your employees to feel like they belong, that they are achieving more than what their paycheck reflects, and that they are making a difference. 
  1. Your sense of humor has been a blessing during long meetings and deadlines. 
  2. Thank you for being such a powerful role model to new employees and staff. 
  3. The “can-do” attitude you bring to the tea room has really helped everyone unify and stand together. Thanks. 
  4. You would walk 500 miles, and probably 500 more, just to be who you are – our reliable Mr/Mrs dependable. We are thankful. 
  5. Your passion and brilliant dedication has inspired so many, including me. 
  6. Many thanks for being the great cheerleader you are on the team.
  7. Seeing you perform so well under a lot of pressure during this past week has really inspired me to up my game too. 
  8. Just wanted to let you know that if you ever decide to resign or quit, I will personally abduct you in order to keep you on the team. Kidding, we love you. 
  9. I don’t know what your secret is, but you always nail any challenge.  
  10. We truly appreciate you volunteering to take on extra tasks on this project. Do you have a twin, because you work like two people! 
  11. Your excellent results speak for you. Well done and thank you. 
  12. While we don’t always agree, I truly value your insights and professional manner in handling discussions. 
  13. If there was a workforce ironman competition, you’d win by a mile. Thank you for always facing obstacles so positively. 
  14. Your constant willingness to lend a helping hand has been such a pleasure at work. 
  15. I’d nominate you as employee of the month every month, but I know you value team spirit more than personal gain. You are a real star. 
  16. Since you started at the company, you have been a dream hire. Thank you. 
  17. Few people learn from their mistakes, but you do, and you’ve become an incredible team member because of it. 
  18. The success of this team is in great part due to your strength and guidance. Thank you for being an amazing team member. 
  19. All reviews show how amazing your influence on the team has been. Thank you for being such a great part of our success. 
  20. The company has seen massive growth this quarter, in great part to your effective and professional manner with clients. We are grateful to you.
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Compliments are so important because they make us feel like we matter.
  1. Thank you for being such a great listener and insightful thinker. Your contributions are really valuable. 
  2. You would leave HUGE shoes to fill, please don’t ever leave. 
  3. You exceed all expectations at every turn in the road. Keep up the great work.
  4. Thank you for your part in making the wheels of our team bus go round. 
  5. I love that you go above, beyond, and across the basics to support your team. 
  6. The way you take initiative has really contributed to the team’s success, and I have seen how it also boosted the meaning this work has to you.
  7. Well done on implementing our company values in securing the recent client contract. 
  8. Congratulations on your recent promotion. You really raise the bar on dedication and perseverance. 
  9. That was an excellent effort, and I can’t wait to see how much more you can grow with this team. 
  10. I didn’t think it was possible for you to get any better. I was wrong. 
  11. I would never be able to live another day if I didn’t compliment you on how well you handled that situation. 

Final Thoughts on Compliments for Employees

Having a great compliment to praise an employee is how you reward great work, build employee loyalty, and create an environment of positive feedback

As an employer, you should have a range of compliments for employees so you can always (and in the right moment) compliment the exceptional effort and insights. 

Build on compliments by sharing some of the best compliments for coworkers and colleagues at your workplace.

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