8 Best Daily Positive Affirmation Apps for 2020

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Are you looking for a way to start your day right?

Or perhaps you are feeling down and need some words of encouragement to lift you up?

If so, you have landed on the right page. These daily positive affirmation apps are what you need.

Affirmations are positive statements you tell yourself to change the way you think about certain things. For instance, if you are in a stressful situation, you can use an affirmation like “I can do this” or “I am better than this problem” to instantly lift your spirits and turn the odds in your favor.

In the same way, affirmations help you overcome self-sabotaging behaviors like self-criticism, procrastination, and overindulgence. Through these words, you help yourself get back on your feet to continue the fight.

In this post, we have gathered eight of the best daily positive affirmation apps out there for you to try.

Let’s check them out!

Best Daily Positive Affirmation Apps

1. ThinkUp: Positive Affirmations

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ThinkUp seems to be the leading app at the moment when it comes to daily affirmations. It was founded by Irit Wald and Jenny Shalev, who thought that sharing positive affirmations was an excellent way to help people achieve their goals and improve their way of life.

In addition to providing daily affirmations, this app allows you to add music to make your experience more relaxing and enjoyable. You can even personalize your affirmations by recording them with your voice and adding an image that you like.

The app offers a premium version that gives you unlimited access to all the premium features, such as an unlimited number of affirmations, a change in background music, an auto-stop timer, and hashtags for playlists.

2. Louise Hay Affirmation Meditations

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Louise Hay is said to be “one of the founders of the self-help movement.” She is the author of one of the bestselling personal development books of all time called “Heal Your Body,” which was later revised and expanded to become “You Can Heal Your Life.”

This app is a compilation of Hay’s 16 most effective and powerful positive and affirmative thoughts. Hay believes that positive thinking is the key to a happy and successful life—your thoughts have the power to change your future and take control of your life.

3. Shine

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The Shine app aims to be a mental health support system for your struggles with stress and anxiety. It is also a community for people suffering from mental and emotional illnesses like depression, panic attacks, and severe anxiety.

Shine helps you prioritize yourself by providing daily meditations and motivational messages. It also offers self-care programs and bedtime stories to help you rest with ease. Through this app, you will learn how to take care of yourself with the help of others who are in similar situations.

If you are looking for an affirmation app that can connect you with other people, we recommend trying this one. This app will help you remember that you are not alone.

4. Grateful

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Grateful provides you with daily prompts like “What made you smile today?” or “What made today a good day?” You just need to answer with a word or a paragraph, and then you can add a photo to represent your thoughts. If you are in the mood, you may even write your own prompts and customize the app according to your liking.

This app is more of a gratitude journal than a positive affirmation app—but gratitude is one of the best ways to embrace positivity and experience happiness. When you visit and read your previous entries, they act as positive affirmations that can boost your mood and lift your spirit.

Speaking of gratitude journals, you might want to check this 90-Day Gratitude Journal that I made together with my co-author, Barrie Davenport.

5. Instar Affirmation Writer

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Instar Affirmation Writer is a product of Instar Performance, an organization dedicated to providing science-based methods and strategies for organizations that wish to improve personal growth and performance. This affirmation app demonstrates how cognitive psychology can significantly impact people’s lives.

The app is designed for people who want to personally write their own affirmations. It includes tips and guidelines to help you produce well-written positive assertions, and also offers images and voice recordings to make your account more personal.

6. Kwippy

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Kwippy is a rather unique inspirational app that sends you prompts and challenges every day. You need to accomplish these tasks and post them in your feed to allow other members to see your entries. If you get many likes from other subscribers, you can increase your Kwippy score and climb the leaderboard.

Obviously, Kwippy is not technically an affirmation app. It is more like a social media platform that connects you with other people who complete the same challenges as you. What makes it an affirmation app is the positive comments from fellow users who have seen and admired your posts.

7. Smiling Mind

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Smiling Mind claims to be Australia’s leading meditation app. It was developed by psychologists and educators who aim to bring balance to everyone’s lives through the practice of mindfulness meditation. Perhaps the best thing about it is that it offers different programs to different age groups, including children.

Technically, this app is more of a general meditation app. But it offers positive affirmations as part of its features.

8. Unique Daily Affirmations

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Unique Daily Affirmations is the least complicated affirmation app you will ever find. Once you have downloaded the app, you simply have to hold down the large gray button to see your positive affirmation for the day.

The creators of the app suggest saying the affirmation out loud in front of a mirror. Research shows that this significantly boosts your morale and spirit, strengthening your self-confidence and self-esteem.

If you want a simple yet very effective affirmation app, we recommend checking this one out.

Final Words on Positive Affirmation Apps

Affirmations are a lot beneficial more than you might think they. They develop your self-awareness, cultivate your positivity, nurture your sense of gratitude, and improve your overall happiness and life satisfaction. They exist to inspire and motivate you to do your best, no matter what challenges may come into your life.

Now, the affirmation apps we listed above can be your guide in achieving that ultimate state of positivity. They differ in style, format, and features, but they all have the same goal, and that is to help you become a better, happier version of yourself.

Have you already tried some of the apps above? Or is your favorite affirmation app not included on the list? Feel free to drop a comment in the fields below. We’d like to know your thoughts about affirmations!

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Think positive. Never back down. Let positive affirmations feed your soul with encouragement and motivation!

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