62 Positive Affirmations to Have Courage During Hard Times

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Life is filled with challenges. When you’re faced with those challenges, it can be difficult to maintain a positive attitude and healthy mental outlook. One way to help is to speak positive courage affirmations. When your brain hears those words, it begins to work in your favor. Instead of staying in a depressed state, you can … Read more

105 Daily Positive Affirmations for Kids [2023 Update]

Looking for some positive words of affirmation for your kids? Even at an early stage, children should learn that they need to be positive about themselves. Positive affirmations can lift moods during even the darkest moments. In this article, we have gathered 105 affirmations for kids to serve as their daily source of positivity and … Read more

25 Happiness Affirmations for Daily Positive Thinking

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How many times have you been affected by negative thoughts? Do your thoughts have an impact on your happiness? Staying happy and thinking positively can be a big challenge.  But what if I told you that could use certain happiness affirmations to keep you happy and help you think positively. (To learn more, here is a … Read more

5 Responses for When People Say “Must Be Nice”

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Whether you’ve bought a new car, closed on a house, or taken your dream vacation… it’s fun to share those experiences with your friends. I mean, you’re happy and excited, and it shows! When your friends come alongside you and are genuinely interested and happy for you, it increases your own feelings of happiness in the … Read more