9 Best Paying Jobs & Careers for an INFP [2024 Update]

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If you’re an INFP personality type (i.e. someone who has the introversion, intuition, feeling and perception qualities), then you might struggle to think of a career that allows you to show just how compassionate and creative you are. Your chosen career should also be one that doesn’t drain your introverted nature. Keep in mind that … Read more

11 Warning Signs That Your Boss is Gaslighting You at Work

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The work environment is usually stressful, one way or another, whether you’re flipping burgers at McDonald’s or are employed at a prestigious corporation. There are tasks to complete, deadlines to meet, and sometimes difficult co-workers to deal with. So, the last thing you want to deal with is a gaslighting boss. Gaslighting at work involves manipulation by … Read more

15 Best Jobs for Empaths to Use Your Gifts Wisely

self employed jobs for empaths | how to make money as an empath | empath test

As an empath, do you frequently find yourself confused about your place in the world? It’s funny that most empaths take time to recognize this incredible gift. Most people realize that they are empaths accidentally. Discovering this ability can cause anxiety as you wonder what you should do with your life.   Luckily, I’m here to … Read more

27 Jobs that Help People in Need

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Curious about the best jobs that can help you help other people? Sure, there are tons of career opportunities you can choose from. So many high-paying jobs are competing with each other to get your attention. But which jobs are the most fulfilling? Which one will give you a sense of happiness and contentment? The … Read more

15 Worst Jobs for People with Anxiety in 2024

worst jobs for people with anxiety | best jobs for someone with anxiety and depression | best jobs for people with anxiety

Are you scouring the internet and newspapers for job vacancies, and perhaps you’ve found quite a few that sound like great opportunities? But there’s only one problem: you suffer from anxiety and you aren’t sure if these jobs are suitable or if they’ll set off your anxiety triggers. When it comes to finding the perfect … Read more