9 Best Jobs for Empaths to Use Your Gifts Wisely

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As an empath, do you frequently find yourself confused about your place in the world?

It’s funny that most empaths take time to recognize this incredible gift. Most people realize that they are empaths accidentally. Discovering this ability can cause anxiety as you wonder what you should do with your life.  

Luckily, I’m here to help you understand your gift and make good use of it. In this article, you will learn how to find your place in the world and then discover the 9 best jobs you can find as an empath.

But first, let’s start with a quick definition…

What Are Empaths?

These are people who have a lot of empathy. When an empath tells you that they know what you are going through in times of sorrow or trouble, they mean it. All empaths go through a tough time when they try not to care about a situation. This high sensitivity at times is draining. That’s why most empaths have to have a stable mindfulness schedule to recharge. 

Typical characteristics that empaths possess include caring deeply for all personalities, deep love for nature, high sensitivity, strong intuition, and easily overwhelmed. Empaths need to have boundaries not to make a decision that doesn’t align with their values. That’s why I cannot fail to recognize that empaths face many challenges, especially when looking for a job.

Challenges That Empaths Face When Looking for a Job

Most empaths struggle with their daily lives. It is because they are always picking up on other people’s emotions and absorbing them. As an empath, you cannot differentiate your own emotions and those that belong to other people in worse cases. That’s why some people feel the gift is a blessing and a curse. As an empath, you struggle to say no. well, as much as you care about others, you should also care about your well-being.

It is hard to leave the house and work in a crowded office, being an empath.  But, if your job is essential, try and focus on its benefit rather than your feelings. Most empaths are misunderstood as lazy for being always tired. The truth is thinking about other people’s emotions is overwhelming.  So you can manage by exercising, meditating, or identifying a mindfulness app that will help you keep calm. But despite all these challenges, empaths need to earn a living. So which are the careers suitable for empaths?

9 Best Jobs for Empaths

1. Nurse

Empaths are people in the category of natural caregivers.  They are attracted to the people in need. Considering that an empath always has a strong urge to assist people who need help, a nurse is a great choice. As a nurse, you will get an opportunity to take care of those who are unwell and, in return, make you feel relaxed.

Basic Overview: Nursing is a career in the health sector that involves taking care of communities, families, or individuals. In most cases, nurses work alongside therapists, doctors, or any other personality who works in illness treatment centers. Nurses can work in both the private and public sectors.

Average Salary: $48,690 – $104, 100 annually

Education Requirement:  The qualification to become a nurse in the USA vary depending on the state you will work. In most cases, the board of nursing in the USA delegates these regulations. For you to become a nurse, you should start by undertaking a bachelor's degree. After you acquire your degree, you will then sit the licensing examination.

How to get started: You can get started as a nurse by earning a nursing degree and passing the board examination to become a registered nurse. After that, you should obtain a license and seek employment. Later you can choose a specialty and enhance your career.

2. Psychologist

One happy career for empaths is a psychologist. As is the case with nurses, they also assist people who have mental health problems. It is an excellent career for you as an empath since you can connect and comprehend emotional suffering.

Basic Overview: Psychologists are people who study both normal and abnormal behavior.  As a psychologist, you can access human behavior by listening and observing them. After training, you can decide to work independently or collaborate with a health team.

Average Salary: $60,000 – $120, 000

Education requirement:  Basically, you will study for six years to become a psychologist. You will start with a bachelor's degree in psychology. After that, get a doctorate or masters in psychology. Once you complete your doctorate or master's, you have to enroll in a postdoctoral program or an internship. 

How to get started: To get started as a psychologist in the USA, you have to undertake the steps highlighted above.  After you have obtained a postdoctoral program or an internship, you should apply for a license. A psychology license varies depending on the state at hand—the essential requirements for attaining the education requirements and passing an ASPPB examination.

3. Veterinarian

As I highlighted earlier, empaths love nature. They do not just value and take care of human beings; they appreciate and care about all living things. Empaths can comprehend what animals feel about their surroundings.  Being a vet will be a promising career where you can comfort and heal sick animals and soothe their owners.

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Empaths make great veterinarians because they can comprehend what animals feel about their surroundings. 

Basic Overview: Veterinarians are people who earn a living by taking care of and protecting animals. They not only diagnose animal diseases but also research medical conditions that affect various pets. Veterinarians examine, treat, conduct surgery, and operate on sick animals.

Average Salary:  $73,580 – $122,180

Education Requirement: To become a veterinary, you should acquire an accredited veterinary science degree from a recognized university. You can also earn a career by obtaining any relevant degree such as veterinary bioscience or animal science. In case you take the second option, you have to pursue another degree: Doctor of Veterinary medicine.

How to get started: The journey to becoming a veterinarian starts with pursuing the above courses.  Once done, you will seek a license of practice. The core qualification of acquiring the license is passing on the North American Veterinary Licensing Exam. 

Once you have the license, you are at liberty to choose whether you should start by getting experience in the field before you seek a more permanent position. Most veterinarians work in private clinics working with small animals, while others specialize in working with bigger animals. 

4. Teacher 

A teacher is a person who dedicates their entire life to assist students in achieving their dreams. As an empath, you will be a good teacher because you have a natural loving heart and always ready to help. If you pursue a career as a teacher, you will be able to change your student’s life by motivating and supporting them.

Basic Overview: A teacher is often known as an educator. They are people who help students acquire virtues and become competent or gain good values. Teachers' key role is to give instructions in a classroom and ensure students learn as per the syllabus. Teachers are free hired mentors, surrogate parents, and counselors. 

Average Salary: $ 30,036 – $58,950

Education Requirement: The education requirement for teachers may differ depending on the level you teach. You will have to pursue an undergraduate degree. Here you will specialize depending on the education level you would like to teach. To qualify for the bachelor's degree, you will have to attain a minimum SAT score and GPA. 

Where to get started:  After you attain your undergraduate teaching degree, you will undertake various exams and assessments depending on the specialty area. These assessments differ depending on the state you are in. Therefore you should ensure you have met your state teaching licensure requirements to get a license. Later you will pursue graduate studies to become certified teachers.

5. Life Coach

When you are an empath, you feel good when people become better. This feeling makes a life coach a suitable career.

Basic Overview:  Life coaches are people who dedicate their lives to a wellness professional to help attain greater fulfillment and become better. They do this by targeting gifts and skills.

Average Salary: $46,678 -$92,000

Education Requirement:  unlike other careers, I have highlighted earlier, there are no strict requirements to qualify as a life coach. Depending on your aspiration, you may require to earn degrees in psychology or counseling.

How to get started: After acquiring the credentials, you will have to meet the state's requirements to begin practicing. It will depend on where you live.  You will require to be licensed or certified to get started. After you have set up your business, you should obtain business insurance for protection.

6. Guidance and Counselor

A counselor is a career that will help you assist and mentor both young adults and children. It is a good idea to be school guidance and counselor. As an empath, you can quickly identify with the needs and wants of students. Ultimately, guiding them to better paths.

best jobs for empaths guidance and counselor | am i an empath | jobs that require kindness
A counselor is a career that will help you assist and mentor both young adults and children.

Basic Overview: Generally, guidance and counselor helps students make informed personal and educational decisions through advice.

Average Salary: $43,210-$73,740

Education Requirement: You should start by acquiring a bachelor’s degree in any educational field. Masters should follow it in school counseling.

How to get started: You can get started by attaining a license and passing any other required examinations for certification. Licensure requirements may differ depending on the state.

7. Social Worker

As an empath, you are a perfect fit to become a social worker because your purpose is to make a difference in every person you interact with. But in this career, you ought to be careful because naturally, you are built to thrive on happiness. And at times, people will disappoint you by ruining their lives no matter what you do to assist them.

Basic Overview: A social worker is someone who purposes to assist people in improving their well-being. In most cases, social workers focus on helping the vulnerable in society or the oppressed.

Average Salary: $61,230 – $90,800

Education Requirement:  Acquiring a bachelor's degree in a social worker course is the first step to start a career with a bachelor’s degree. After that, it would be best if you chose a specialty at the graduate level.

How to get started: After you finish graduate school, you should complete an internship at a social organization or a government agency. The internship is an excellent opportunity to learn from other experienced social workers, after which you should meet your state qualifications to earn a license.

8. Artist

For you to become a good artist, you have to view perspectives differently from others. As an empath, you can become a great artist because you can use your abilities to come up with beautiful artwork. The passion and emotion in your mind is a good inspiration for your artworks.

Basic Overview: Artists are people who create art for a living. Artwork can be drawings or sculptures.

Average Salary: $47,470 – $ 64,951

Education Requirement: As long as you have a talent for drawing, you do not have to undertake formal schooling to become an artist. Nevertheless, you can still obtain a bachelor's degree in fine arts or a master's degree.

How to get started: You can start your career by developing your artistic skills. I would recommend you open up a station spec so that you can shower case your art. It is good to find your artistic voice, which will inspire you all along. More importantly, learn how to run a business because, as an artist, you will be your own boss.

9. Musicians

As an empath, you will easily create beautiful songs.  Moreover, you will be able to connect emotions with lyrics. As you know, the more feelings you express in music, the more your listeners will connect with it.

Basic Overview: A musician is someone who plays musical instruments, composes songs, or performs music. They are often referred to as artists, singers, or instrumentalists and use their skills to play different types of songs: classical, rock, and blues. You can decide to do music full time or part-time.

Average Salary: $41,425 – $ 52,349

Education Requirement:  Just like an artist, you can make music without any education credentials. Or you can pursue a degree in arts in music. You ca n also go for training to learn how to play different types of musical instruments.

How to get started: You can get started by making up your mind on whether you would like to do a major record label or independent music. It is important to note that music is business, and at times, you can be rejected. It’s necessary to build your brand and find a mentor to guide you all along. More importantly, hold on to your passion.

Final Thoughts on Jobs for Empaths

There are careers that you can thrive as an empath and, at the same time, utilize the gift. Nevertheless, there is no specific career ideal for all empaths. You can settle for any of the careers I have mentioned depending on how it makes you feel. 

Additionally, there are no jobs that are excessively bad for empaths. But, if you settle for the wrong career, your emotions can be depleted. It is necessary to choose a job that can limit the adverse effects.

Hopefully this article was helpful for finding your direction in this often confusing world.  

Finally, if you want to find the best career for your personality, then take this FREE career test that matches your personality and interests to real-world careers.

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