7 Brag Sheet Templates and Worksheets

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Ever wondered how to turn your achievements into a compelling story? Brag sheet templates are more than just a record—they are the canvas for showcasing your unique journey and potential. They bring structure to your accomplishments and instill a sense of pride and confidence as you narrate your personal and academic successes. Whether you are … Read more

13 Emotional Goals to Set and Focus On in 2024

emotional goals | what are emotional goals | emotional goals examples

As the year draws to a close, with Christmas and the holidays being a few months away, it is normal to start wondering about just how successful your year has been. Have you accomplished all your goals? Financial—perhaps you saved? Spiritual—maybe you are attending church and working on your path to enlightenment? But what about … Read more

35 Prosperity Affirmations for Living an Abundant Life

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When we think about a goal we have set for ourselves, did we push past the fear and doubt to reach it? Or did our feelings, fear, and crushing self-doubt prevent us from reaching this goal? These thoughts are sourced from a scarcity belief that there will not be enough, resulting in feelings of anxiety, stress, … Read more

7 Warning Signs You’re Experiencing Introvert Burnout or Exhaustion

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Whether you’re an introvert, extravert, or somewhere in between, the way you go about your daily activities depends on a finite amount of mental and physical energy.  However, when it comes to spending and recharging their batteries, introverts and extroverts function quite differently.  Take social interactions, for example. While extroverts thrive around other people, introverts … Read more

How to Overcome Limiting Beliefs: 6 Simple Steps

how to overcome limiting beliefs | overcoming limiting beliefs exercise | limiting beliefs worksheet pdf

Are you tired of thinking “I’m not good enough,” “I can’t apply for that promotion because I’m not management material,” or “The attractive person on the 5th floor wouldn’t want to date someone like me”? These are all limiting beliefs: They limit you in some way.  But I’ve got good news for you. It’s time … Read more