5 Levels of Interpersonal Communication: A Detailed Overview

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Communication is a vital aspect of my job. I would go so far as to say that my training and expertise as a therapist amount to nothing without good communication skills. Communication allows me to cultivate empathy, achieve a profound understanding of my client’s needs, convey my knowledge in a useful manner, and build a … Read more

6 Steps to Write an Apology Letter to Your Girlfriend with an Example

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An apology letter to girlfriend might not be your usual way of communicating with your partner, especially since you could easily shoot her a text or email. Sometimes it takes something more substantial and detailed–like a letter, to say how truly sorry you are. A letter gives you a chance to lay bare your thoughts and feelings … Read more

5 Responses for When People Say “Must Be Nice”

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Whether you’ve bought a new car, closed on a house, or taken your dream vacation… it’s fun to share those experiences with your friends. I mean, you’re happy and excited, and it shows! When your friends come alongside you and are genuinely interested and happy for you, it increases your own feelings of happiness in the … Read more

Why Do I Hate Talking on the Phone? 7 Simple Reasons

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There are many different reasons why people hate talking on the phone.   According to various studies, those reasons include concern about sounding weird to the caller, being misunderstood, fear of being unable to satisfy the caller’s need, or the caller not thinking highly of them.  And often it is an introvert that fits the bill. … Read more