9 Examples of Manipulative Sentences & Phrases People Often Use

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People use manipulative sentences or phrases usually to get their way, bully, “gaslight” or create a power imbalance. For narcissistic people, it’s a tactic used to create conflict, inflict emotional abuse or diminish the self-esteem of others. In some cases, the speaker does not intend to cause harm, but their words may still have damaging … Read more

11 Benefits of Improving Your Emotional Intelligence

benefits of emotional intelligence | how to improve your emotional intelligence | what are the benefits of emotional intelligence

Emotions are one of the most fascinating and complex phenomena that the human brain can generate. In essence, human emotions are a quick and relatively rudimentary form of information processing that can play a significant role in many areas of your life. Emotions can prompt decisions, strengthen interpersonal relationships, signal potential threats to your physical … Read more

15 Signs of an Unhealthy INFJ Personality Type

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No person in this world is perfect, and while INFJ personality types are pretty amazing, they are not exempt.  INFJs are like a purple unicorn… a rare personality who is deep, creative, logical, compassionate, and idealistic; but their environment and inability to grow as a person can compound their weaknesses, turning them into an unhealthy … Read more

9 Long-Term Effects of Gaslighting on Your Life

long term effects of gaslighting | psychological effects of gaslighting | ptsd from gaslighting

Gaslighting is a term that comes up in conversations and articles related to narcissistic personality disorder (NPD). The manipulation practice occurs in different settings but is commonly seen in interpersonal relationships, such as work, family, and romantic relationships. I felt utterly betrayed and a plethora of other negative emotions after discovering someone I cared for … Read more

Are Narcissists Evil? How to Find Out

are narcissists evil | do narcissist know they are evil | are narcissists evil or ill

Every time someone asks me, “Are narcissists evil,” on my blog or podcast, I hesitate before answering. I know my emotions will cloud my judgment after having dealt with several narcissists over the course of my life. Somehow, narcissists are misunderstood as terrible people to avoid. It’s unfair because the tendency to exploit, manipulate, or inflict harm … Read more