21 Traits and Characteristics of a Highly Sensitive Child

highly sensitive child traits | sensitive child traits | sensitive child

Imagine having a highly sensitive child who feels profound compassion for animals, even insects. This child hates violence and cruelty, routing the conviction toward justice. This child is a rescuer of the innocents and an empath who physically feels others’ pain. The child is overly generous, intelligent, witty, lonely, worried, a reader and writer of … Read more

15 INFP Songs That are Instantly Relatable

infp songs | infp personality | infp

Have you ever wondered if your taste in music reflects your personality? In the Myers-Briggs personality types, the INFP personality stands out with its unique blend of introspection, creativity, and deep empathy. INFPs are often known as “Idealists,” driven by a strong desire for authenticity and meaning in all aspects of life. For those who … Read more

9 Tips to Avoid the News to Reduce Your Life Stress

how to avoid the news | how to deal with all the bad news in the world | how to deal with constant bad news

We all want to stay on top of what’s going on in the world around us… but if watching or reading the news is causing you stress, you aren’t alone.   In fact, a 2020 World Health Organization report coined a new word: “infodemic”. Infodemic refers to “an overabundance of information” that is sometimes inaccurate. … Read more

Introvert VS Social Anxiety: 9 Basic Differences

introvert vs social anxiety | introversion vs social anxiety | introvert

Introverts can be mistaken as socially anxious, shy, antisocial, or avoidant. On the flip side, those affected by social anxiety are sometimes mistaken for an introvert. Nothing is wrong with being an introvert or experiencing social anxiety. Learning the key differences between introvert vs social anxiety can help you understand and embrace yourself. You’re also able to determine … Read more