41 Famous Fictional Characters with ENFJ Personality

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Morpheus from The Matrix is an all-time favorite fictional characters categorized as ENFJ. Immediately, I was drawn to his genius and communication skills. His loyalty and determination to save his friends at all costs endeared him to me. Morpheus inspires me to look for the positive in others and extend compassion more often. Charles Xavier … Read more

23 Famous Fictional Characters with INTP Personality

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The quirky INTP personality type is definitely rare in the real world, but scriptwriters and book authors love including these characters in their work. They make for fun characters that often end up saving the day. In fictional characters, INTP traits such as independence and the ability to come up with creative solutions make for great … Read more

31 Famous Fictional Characters with ESTP Personality

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Scarlett O’Hara is one of the most famous fictional characters ESTP of all time. As a child, I envied her extravagance, brilliance, thirst for conquest, and striking beauty. Scarlett’s fearless interactions with authority figures and ability to tackle any obstacle inspired me and countless others to find inner strength we didn’t think we had. Another … Read more

10 Signs & Symptoms of High Functioning Depression

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Often referred to as the leading cause of disability, depression has been on the rise in recent decades. Nobody knows exactly why… Some speculate it’s the result of rapid population growth. In other words, the more people you have in a community, the higher the number of individuals with depression. Others believe that abrupt (economic … Read more

20 Famous Fictional Characters with ISTJ Personality

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ISTJ personality types are one of the most common and powerful out there. ISTJ people are incredibly realistic, practical, traditional, and systematic. Think of people that are smart, introverted, love tradition, and stick by their values. They aren’t the “unicorn” of personalities, they are real.  In fact, examples of some real-life people with ISTJ personalities include: … Read more