13 Effective Steps to Deal with a Disrespectful Grown Child

how to deal with a disrespectful grown child | toxic daughter signs | letter to daughter who is disrespectful

Have you had it with your adult child who wouldn’t quit being disrespectful towards you and others? A study confirmed that tensions in the relationship between parents and grown children are common. The situation is often driven by the child’s opinion that they can disregard manners and household rules as adults. I’m sure you would … Read more

79 Jealousy Quotes to Overcome Your Envy

jealousy quotes | jealousy quotes for haters | jealousy quotes in relationships

Jealousy and envy are often considered some of the more destructive human feelings. Jealousy often makes us do incredibly harmful things, both to ourselves and to the people around us. When you are jealous of someone you experience a plethora of negative emotions, it brings out the worst aspects of us. We’ve compiled a list … Read more

How to Fix an Anxious Attachment Style in Your Relationships

how to fix anxious attachment style | how to fix anxious attachment style in relationships | anxious attachment triggers

Our relationship with our caregivers is the foundation on which we build all future relationships. How our parents and grandparents respond to our emotional needs dictates how we relate to attachment, emotional security, and rejection. When you grow up in a family environment characterized by abandonment, trauma, or inconsistent parenting, you develop a deep sense … Read more

97 Overthinking Quotes to Stop Living in Your Head

overthinking quotes | funny overthinking quotes | overthinking kills me quotes

We’ve been told it’s always a good idea to think about our problems, but what if you can’t stop? This common problem when people overthink. Overthinking can feel like a treadmill that you can’t get off, our minds can be like a carnival, fun and full of wonder. But what if you were trapped in … Read more

51 Helpful Abandonment Issues Quotes and Sayings

abandonment issues quotes | emotional abandonment quotes | abandonment quotes short

If you’re feeling, or have ever felt abandoned, these words are for you. Because whilst the pain is an unavoidable journey, you don’t have to face it alone. You don’t have to pretend it’s OK. Or put on that brave face when, in reality, you’re feeling anything but brave. The emotional and even physical agony … Read more

9 Steps to Get Over Your Phone Anxiety

phone anxiety | phone anxiety reddit | how to get rid of phone anxiety

Have you ever heard a cell phone ringing in a crowded or congested room, and you felt something uncomfortable down in the pit of your stomach?  You were praying that it wasn’t your cell phone that was ringing… and once you realized it wasn’t your phone, you were instantly relieved. What about those times when … Read more

Helping VS Enabling: 9 Differences You Should Know

helping vs enabling | helping vs enabling quotes | helping vs enabling bible

Are you having difficulty figuring out whether you’re helping or enabling a loved one? There’s a thin line between the two and you can easily cross it and not realize you did. You’re not alone. You’re one of many who aren’t sure if they’re providing support or creating a monster. I had to figure this out … Read more