Self-control as a Protective Factor Against Overweight Status in the Transition to Adolescence

“Children who were rated 1-point higher on a 3-point self-control scale were 26% less likely to be overweight as adolescents.” Multiple factors determine a child’s weight status, of whether they are healthy or overweight. This study assessed whether self-control was one of those factors. 844 children were watched from age 9 to 15. Those who … Read more

Grit: How Perseverance Not Only Helps you Achieve your Goals but Also Increases Happiness

How does grit affect your ability to reason, think and ultimately succeed at your goals? discover the science behind grit. Grit is the ability to persevere over long periods of time in the face of significant challenge – the ability to stay interested in the same idea, project, or goal for years and not months, … Read more

Deliberate Practice Spells Success : Why Grittier Competitors Triumph at the National Spelling Bee

In this study, the specific reasons why grittier spelling bee finalists reach higher rounds was assessed. The observation that grit correlates with spelling bee performance had already been made. Grit was found to predict two behaviors which in turn lead to increased performance – more practice, and better practice. More practice is self-explanatory – the … Read more

Positive Predictors of Teacher Effectiveness

Teaching difficult students can be taxing – suggesting that emotional health and perseverance (e.g. grit) may predict teacher performance in poor neighborhoods. In this study, Teach For America teachers, who are required to teach in mostly poor neighborhoods, were assessed for 4 qualities: grit, life satisfaction, optimism, and performance. Performance was objectively assessed by averaging the academic gains of … Read more