51 Quotes About How Life is a Journey

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They say that life is about the journey and not the destination. But what does that really mean? You’ve probably heard this line a million times before, but maybe you couldn’t quite understand what it was trying to illustrate.  The most successful people will tell you that the process of accomplishing something is far more … Read more

55 I Miss You Quotes & Sayings for Someone in Your Life

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When we care about someone, we will often miss them when they are away. We realize how much we care, and that longing to be with them grows more and more each day.  Missing people is perfectly normal, so in this post, we provide a list of “I miss you” quotes that you can share … Read more

45 Motivation Affirmations to Stay Positive with Any Goal

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Sometimes it’s hard to stay motivated. You’ve probably had those moments when a challenge seems insurmountable and you feel like giving up. So if you’re looking for a way to keep up your motivation and maintain a confident outlook, then a few motivational affirmations can help. In this article, I will explain what motivation affirmations … Read more

53 Conflict Quotes to Resolve Potential Arguments in Your Life

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They say it takes two to tango—but it also takes two to have an argument.  Psychologists believe that having conflicts is healthy for all types of relationships. This is because of the resolution that comes afterwards. You get to settle your differences and open your minds to accept other perspectives. Resolving conflicts enhances your ability … Read more

71 Quotes About Loving Yourself First

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“Learn to love yourself and you will be a lot happier in life.” We often hear these words from people who have achieved the ultimate state of happiness—those who seem to have perfected the art of coping and self-help. We may realize that if only we could learn how to actually do what they do, … Read more

61 Words of Encouragement for Kids to Brighten Their Day

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Children who are encouraged and given positive reinforcement for their accomplishments will grow up into encouraging, motivated compassionate adults. According to some experts, a child’s brain isn’t fully developed until he/she is 25, so the more positive influences they encounter including family members, friends, teachers, mentors, colleagues, and supervisors, the stronger and more emotionally balanced … Read more

43 Moving Forward Quotes to Let Go of the Past

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Letting go and moving forward are two of the most difficult and painful things to do. If you really want to let go and move forward, you have to go through what can be an agonizing process. You need to be ready work through your pain—and that can be a frightening prospect. In this article, … Read more

51 Stay Strong Quotes to Be Positive During a Crisis

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Do you ever feel like you’re running out of hope? Like everything is going against you, but you still have to keep it together? “You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.” This quote by Cayla Mills has always been a classic favorite because it summarizes the … Read more

21 Prayers for Your FAMILY for Strength & Comfort [In 2022]

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Supporting and caring for our families is a major part of most of our lives. Whether your family includes children, a spouse, or extended family, you may feel the need to pray for those you are close to. Praying for your family means bringing requests before God on their behalf and being thankful for answered prayer. During … Read more

35 Quotes About Being Different and Unique in Life

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Do you often get comments about how different you are? Perhaps you always feel like everyone’s watching you because the way you act and think are unique? In this post, we have gathered the most sincere and genuine quotes about being different and unique in life. These words are from people who were once considered … Read more