60 Positive Affirmations for Writers and Authors

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You’re sitting in front of a blank page, wracking your brain for anything new and exciting to write.

All writers have been in this situation before, of course. Writer’s block is one of the most common problems plaguing the profession.

To help get the ball rolling and put you in the mood to write, one thing you can do is practice creating and repeating some affirmations for writers.

Why Affirmations Are Important for Writers

Creative work, such as writing, is full of temptations and pitfalls. Writer’s block is the most common and deeply ingrained form of the fight or flight response.

When you start panicking about delivering your work on time or creating something new, the brain switches focus from the cerebral cortex (the creative part) to the limbic system (your instincts). This creates a psychological barrier to creative work and prevents writers from doing what they do best.

Daily affirmations can create a natural path to alleviating stress and anxiety. By utilizing affirmations in your daily routine, you can get into the mood to write creatively and set yourself up for success.

 The concept of using affirmations relies on the brain’s natural neuroplasticity. Your brain can become confused between what you imagine and what has really happened.

By intentionally imagining positive scenarios, you can twist your brain into thinking they’re real. This also works in reverse; however, imagining something going wrong can make you behave as though that nightmare is a reality.

You can create a mindset that makes you more receptive to creative ideas by spinning your current situation positively, the cornerstone of any writing-based profession.

Affirmations for writers target the concept of writing and how it affects your livelihood. Considering most professional writers rely on new work for income, one of the biggest concerns might be money.

However, it doesn’t pay dividends to worry about what happens if you fail. Instead, your first concern should be to coax the images and concepts in your mind onto the blank piece of paper in front of you.

The best way to use affirmations is to tailor them to your unique situation by diagnosing the most likely reasons for your trouble. Then, simply write a few positive sentences down that address these issues and repeat them to yourself whenever you need to write.

We’ve created a list of examples you can use to get started, but feel free to change them according to your profession and needs.

60 Affirmations for Writers

  1. I know how to write, and this is what I do every day.
  2. Writing is my routine, so I will not stop writing.
  3. I know what I want to deliver to my audience.
  4. There’s a great story inside that I need to get out, and I know how to do it.
  5. I am an excellent writer, and the world will see that.
  6. Writer’s block is a problem everyone experiences, but the only way to overcome it is to write.
  7. My creativity is limitless, and I will not let anything stop me from writing.
  8. I will become a professional writer.
  9. I owe it to my readers and fans to write so they can keep enjoying my work.
  10. I know how to develop my story further.
  11. Ideas are pouring out of me, and writing is how I preserve them forever.
  12. My work will remain for everyone to enjoy.
  13. What I do every day will help my readers.
  14. Writing is the way I connect to the world and how the world connects to me.
  15. Write one word now, and more will follow.
  16. One paragraph at a time, and soon the entire work will be complete.
  17. I have seen how others write, and I know that I can do better.
  18. My readers are waiting for my next big work, and I’m the only one who can write it.
  19. I am a naturally creative person.
  20. My mind is full of great ideas.
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  1. The next part of the story is waiting just beyond this hurdle.
  2. I alone bring my characters to life.
  3. This work can be the next bestseller.
  4. What I write will make people’s day better.
  5. There are no limits to what I can imagine.
  6. I always have time to write, even on the busiest days.
  7. If I want to become a professional, I must keep practicing my craft.
  8. So long as I start writing, it will begin to flow naturally.
  9. I yearn for feedback from my fans.
  10. I am proud of what I write.
  11. There’s no greater feeling than finishing a chapter.
  12. My passion and my profession are one.
  13. I shape entire worlds with my will.
  14. I write for myself to get these ideas out of my head.
  15. Writing is the way I leave my mark on the world.
  16. My greatest joy is seeing how my readers are affected by my writing.
  17. I follow in the footsteps laid by the greats. I will not disappoint.
  18. When I write, I have no fears.
  19. Writing is the way I make myself and others feel better.
  20. My command over the written word is astonishing.
Affirmations for Writers - My command over the written word is astonishing. | affirmations for writing a book| mantra for writers | affirmations for writers block
  1. This work will be a masterpiece.
  2. It always starts with just one word.
  3. The first thing I have to do is begin. The rest will come.
  4. I write to improve my abilities, so I must keep striving for greatness.
  5. My writing is excellent and helps so many people.
  6. What I do every day is an art.
  7. If I get through this, I can get through anything.
  8. What I do every day matters.
  9. The success of other writers is unrelated to what I can achieve.
  10. By finishing this chapter, I can get to the best part.
  11. My work is the sum of my experience, what I give the world.
  12. My books are my children. I must take care of them and ensure they’re the best they can be.
  13. I will not falter in writing.
  14. I am not afraid of negative comments.
  15. If someone doesn’t like what I write, that is their problem and not mine.
Affirmations for Writers - If someone doesn’t like what I write, that is their problem and not mine. | affirmation for writers block | write from the heart daily affirmations for writers | positive affirmations for writers
  1. My life’s work depends on what I write today, and it will depend on what I write tomorrow.
  2. My written word is how others see me, so I will improve how I see myself.
  3. What I write is impactful.
  4. Every blank page is an opportunity for greatness.
  5. We all have to start somewhere, no matter how small.

How to Use Affirmations for Writers

The best time to use these affirmations for writers is just before you start writing. Saying positive and creative statements about your work and what potential it can reach will trigger your brain to believe them.

Ensuring that your day begins with the creative works you’ve written can jumpstart your imagination and keep you confident and motivated.

Build this habit into your morning routine to make it easier. Watch the video below to learn the 7 step process you can use to create a routine that works for you.

By reciting these affirmations or incorporating them into meditation, you can imprint them onto your mind and make them work for you rather than against the creative process you need. Your well-being is a significant part of your willingness to write, so it’s essential to keep any worries at bay while working.

If you’re working in a place full of disturbances, it can help remove distractions and declutter your surroundings. By clearing your workspace of distractions, your mind won’t leap to thinking about everything you happen to glance at instead of focusing on writing.

Final Thoughts on Affirmations for Writers

Writing is both a profession and an art form. Whether you’re a blogger, a novelist, a poet, a hobbyist, or a professional writer, keeping a positive outlook on your career and writing skills is the best way to put yourself in a creative mood.

Affirmations are one of the best ways to create the right mindset for a long, happy, and fruitful writing career.

If you want to learn more about creating and using affirmations in your daily life, check out our six-step process.

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Finally, if you want a simple tool to record and recite these affirmations, then check out these 13 affirmations apps that help you create a positive mindset.

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