71 Free Christmas Coloring Pages for Adults in 2023

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Have you begun your preparations for the holidays? Christmas is one of the most anticipated seasons of the year. To get ready for the holiday, you are probably preparing gifts and making greeting cards. To help you prepare, we have gathered a list of designs you can use. In this post, we share Christmas coloring … Read more

15 Ways to Practice Humility Throughout Your Life

how to practice humility | what is humility | how to teach humility to adults

The world has become divided. People are losing sight of their responsibility to be kind to one another… to treat each other with respect and dignity.  Bad news fills our newsfeeds. Our neighbors are distant. Even households are divided because of conflicting beliefs, where there is no room for empathy. It’s time for a change… … Read more

25 Best Songs About Insecurity & Feeling Insecure

songs about insecurity | insecurity | songs about insecurity that are relatable

Have you ever found a song that echoes your deepest insecurities? Songs about insecurity are more than just entertainment; they reflect our deepest struggles. They allow us to feel understood and less alone, offering a rhythm to our internal chaos. These tunes can also be a soothing balm, helping us find peace, happiness, and a … Read more