7 Best Apps for Introverts to Date and Find Friends

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Are you an introvert looking for ways to meet new people and create connections? Being an introvert doesn’t mean that you hate people. It also doesn’t mean having no interest in making friends or finding a special person to share sweet moments with. Introverts, on a very deep level, find joy in being with other … Read more

35 Printable Snowflake Coloring Pages for Adults

snowflake coloring pages | simple snowflake coloring pages printable | snowflake template

Winter is here and what do we love about it? Snowflakes! Of course, snowflakes are fun to look at, but they can make life a bit difficult. If it’s too snowy to play outside, how about trying a relaxing, creative indoor activity? Coloring has become a favorite pastime activity of both kids and adults alike. … Read more

11 Faith Coloring Pages for Adults

faith coloring pages for adults | free printable faith coloring pages | bible verse coloring pages for adults

Faith is the force that binds you to your beliefs and aspirations. It is the motivation that drives you to work harder and be better. In this post, we share with you some faith coloring pages for adults that can help you remain steadfast. If you think you need a little extra inspiration to hold … Read more

15 Free Bible Journaling Printables and Templates

bible study notebook pdf | free printable images for bible journaling | free bible study journal pdf

Looking for Bible journaling printables you can use for your Bible journaling hobby? If so, you landed on the right page! In this article, we share with you 15 free Bible journaling printables and templates you can use to make your Bible journals more attractive. They are free and easy to download, so you won’t … Read more

Why Am I So Indecisive: 9 Reasons You Struggle with Decisions

why am i so indecisive | why am i so indecisive about little things | why am i so indecisive about my future

Read this article, or scroll on Facebook or Insta?  Tea or coffee?  Should I buy a house or an apartment?  How should I invest my money? Crypto or buy a rental property?  Should I go out with my friends, or have a PJ party with Netflix?  Choices. Big choices. Small choices.  There are so many … Read more

13 Strategies for Overcoming Adversity & Personal Challenges

overcoming adversity | another word for overcome | adversity synonym

I’ll never forget the first day that I walked into the art class at university only to be cross-examined by the very artistic lecturer. She quizzed me about where I was from and my life experience, and then she shook her head and told me bluntly that I wouldn’t be able to make art.  Close … Read more

19 Printable Stress Relief Coloring Pages for Adults

stress relief coloring pages for adults | stress relief coloring pages pdf | printable stress relief coloring pages for adults

Did you know that coloring can be therapeutic—that it is a form of stress relief? Indeed, several studies claim that coloring can be a healthy pastime. Aside from its obvious benefits, like improving vision and motor skills, it is believed to help a lot in dealing with stress and anxiety. Research shows that this particular … Read more

10 Printable Board Games for Adults in 2023

printable board games for adults | printable games for adults pdf | best printable board games

Board games are fun, but they can be a bit expensive, especially those that come with expansion sets. So, is there any way to enjoy a board game without spending too much? Actually, there is! You have probably heard of printable board games, but maybe you weren’t quite sure where to find them. Or maybe … Read more

7 Anger Issues Test to Measure Your Temper

anger issues test | anger issues test teenager | anger issues test child

Do you think you have anger issues? Do you ever find that you can’t control your emotions? If so, then you might want to take an anger issues test to determine whether or not you need to undergo anger management treatment. Anger is a healthy emotion, but it becomes unhealthy and toxic if it starts … Read more