59 Free Halloween Coloring Pages for Adults in 2024

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Halloween is approaching and one of the best ways to reduce stress from your life is to color on pages that are tailor-made for this spooky holiday.

So in this post, we have collected 59 free Halloween coloring pages that adults (and even kids and elders) can use to celebrate the day without having to mingle with a lot of people.

Coloring offers tons of therapeutic benefits, like stress and anxiety relief, plus it’s lots of fun too. What better way to enjoy your Halloween this year?

Let’s go check them now!

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1. Happy Halloween Pumpkin

Greet the fall and Halloween season with this coloring page of a happy pumpkin surrounded by food and harvest. Halloween is commonly associated with the harvest season, so this sheet could make a great greeting card to send to your loved ones!

2. Jack & Sally

The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of the most popular movies for both the Halloween and Christmas seasons. You might find this page interesting if you are a die-hard fan of the movie.

3. Pumpkin & Spider Web

Pumpkin & Spider Web | halloween coloring pages for adults easy | free printable halloween coloring pages for adults only

via homemade-gifts-made-easy

If you think pumpkins and spider webs best represent Halloween, you’re in for a treat. Download this page from Homemade Gifts for free and add it to your coloring portfolio or post it on your wall.

4. Mr. Scarecrow

Mr Scarecrow | cute halloween coloring pages for adults | happy halloween coloring pages for adults

via homemade-gifts-made-easy

This image features a scarecrow with a pumpkin head, accompanied by two Casper-like ghosts. It is free to download as well. Just click on the link above.

5. October 31st

This October 31st coloring page is perfect for those who love coloring intricate designs. It is super detailed and beautiful, and we are sure you will have a great time finishing it, either alone or with your friends or family members.

6. Cat, Pumpkin, and Owl

Cat Pumpkin and Owl | printable halloween coloring pages for adults pdf | halloween themed coloring pages for adults

via homemade-gifts-made-easy

Here’s a coloring page for the animal lovers out there who like cats and owls as symbols of Halloween. This image has a very sophisticated design, with mandala-like features, so we can guarantee that you won’t get bored.

7. Pumpkin & Cauldron

Pumpkin & Cauldron | free halloween coloring pages for adult | printable halloween coloring pages for adults

via homemade-gifts-made-easy

If you are looking for a coloring page that you can enjoy with younger children, this sheet fits the bill. It has spaces big enough for kids to color, but also fun details for adults.

8. Beautiful Skull

Beautiful Skull | top halloween coloring pages for adults | halloween coloring pages for adults pdf

via homemade-gifts-made-easy

This is a beautifully designed skull for those who like coloring detailed images. It is also a mandala, so it is sure to take all your stress away. Who knew that skulls can be beautiful, too!

9. Chibi Halloween Costumes

Chibi Halloween Costumes | best halloween coloring pages for adults| free printable halloween coloring pages for adults only

via homemade-gifts-made-easy

For those who miss going to costume parties, you can ease that longing with these cute, little drawings. You have a vampire, a mermaid, a bride, a knight, and an archer, which are some of the most common costumes during Halloween.

10. Spider Webs

Spider Webs | printable cute halloween coloring pages for adults | pumpkin halloween coloring pages for adults

via malvorlagen

Like spiders? If so, then this coloring page is perfect for you. We like that it is challenging enough for adults, but also appropriate for kids and elders. It is super detailed, yet its intricate spaces seem to make the whole experience more fun and exciting.

11. Haunted House

Here is a spooky haunted mansion with all your favorite Halloween items and characters. It is easy enough for kids and elders, but also presents a bit of a challenging for teens and adults. The whole family can bond while filling in this coloring sheet.

12. Halloween Stuff

Coloring Garden presents this free printable Halloween coloring page that kids and adults alike can enjoy. It is complete with all the Halloween symbols, and is sort of like coloring inside the house of a witch.

13. Doodle Halloween

If you are the type of person who is fond of doodles and heavy pens, you might enjoy this particular coloring sheet. You can use it as a design for your mini-Halloween party at home or you can simply color it to pass time.

14. Thanks, Halloween!

We like this coloring page because of its funny message. Laugh with your friends as you present them with this clever sheet and a Halloween gift (but don’t give them spider webs!).

15. Tangled Skull

Here’s another coloring sheet for the skull-lovers out there. Filled with flowers and branches, this design may look easy at first glance, but you might find it pleasantly challenging once you start.

16. Intricate Haunted House

Frankly, this design is already awesome on its own, but you can still try your coloring skills out on it and make it even more beautiful. We suggest using dark colors to emphasize the spookiness of the haunted house’s vibe.

17. Happy Halloween!

Ever Free Coloring is one of the many sites where you can download coloring pages for free. This vampire-themed coloring sheet is one of many Halloween sheets you can try.

18. Scary Chucky

Here is a coloring page for those looking for a really scary image that perfectly fits the season. As you probably already know, Chucky is one of the most terrifying characters in the horror movie industry. This drawing will surely satisfy your thirst for scary things.

19. Castlevania

You will love this coloring sheet if you are a die-hard Castlevania fan. The image is a good fit for vampire-enthused couples, so why not take this chance to bond with your special one through the fun, intimate act of coloring.

20. Monsters from the Dark

This is an exciting coloring page for teens and adults who grew up loving monsters and ghosts. See if you can name all kinds of monsters found in the drawing.

21. Beautiful Witch

This beautiful witch also has anime-like features, so it is great for those who love the genre. The lines were drawn freehand, so it is a bit more complicated than it might look.

22. All Things Halloween

Here is another coloring page that has the popular elements of Halloween: pumpkins, spiders, and a witch to boot.

23. Happy Halloween from Cute Ghosts and Pumpkins!

Check out this free coloring sheet from Muse Printables. It is in PDF format, fitted in letter size, which makes it easy to print and color. There is no need to adjust and edit, as you only need to download it. The site also offers other Halloween printables for you to explore and color.

24. Witch Apparel

This free Halloween coloring page from Coloring Bliss is free to download and print immediately. However, you need to sign up or log in before you can have access to it. Coloring Bliss is a platform where you can find a lot of coloring pages from different artists. The creator of this particular design is Jennifer Stay.

25. Halloween Frontyard

We have here an image from Adams Fairacre Farms, a site that holds coloring contests for children 1-12 years old. There is no specific way to download the image above, but it is rather easy to copy and paste into a Paint or Word document. Then you can print it and enjoy coloring.

26. Cat & Pumpkin

The website claims that this cat and pumpkin mandala-like design is best for older kids. We think that it is also good for adults and elders. Although it isn’t free, we recommend purchasing coloring pages from this site (especially for kids) because the proceeds are directed to children in need.

27. Creepy Clown

Here is a very simple clown design from Just Color that is free and easy to download. It has a rather creepy appearance, so it might be most suitable for adults (or older kids and young adults) who like collecting scary stuff.

28. Castle in a Forest

Another coloring page from JustColor, this one has an intricate design that we find challenging enough for kids, adults, and elderly people. It might look simple at first, but do not be deceived—the lines and shadows make coloring it a bit difficult, especially if you are using crayons or watercolor paint.

29. Fierce Witch

This friendly yet fierce witch seems easy to color at first glance, but once you take a good look at it, you might find yourself challenged. However you decide to color it, we are pretty sure that it will turn out lovely.

30. Bored Scarecrow

The scarecrow in this picture seems to be bored, waiting for Halloween. You might want to cheer him up by coloring him and his surroundings. This printable is free and we have provided the PDF link where you can download it directly.

31. Jack-O-Lanterns

Check out these Jack-o-lanterns that have different expressions. In addition to being a fun activity for Halloween, this coloring page is helpful for those looking to teach their children how to discern facial expressions.

32. Corpse Bride

This image is perfect for those who really like intricate designs. The lovely corpse bride in this design would look even more beautiful if you filled her in with colors that make her vibrant and alive (so to speak).

33. Trick or Treat?

Here is a simple yet challenging design that you can enjoy with your kids on Halloween. Trick or treat? Share and enjoy candy with everyone in the house after coloring this design.

34. Spooky Skeleton

This spooky skeleton might be best enjoyed with friends rather than your kids, since it’s so scary. That being said, it does have a simple design, so it shouldn’t be too difficult for children and the elderly.

35. Little Vampire

Do your children know Dracula? If they are afraid of him, then this coloring sheet might be a good way to help them get over that fear. This cute little Dracula is perfect for kids who are still young and just starting to color.

36. Lovin’ the Halloween Friends

This might look familiar if you watched the animated comedy Hotel Transylvania. Your kids might enjoy coloring this sheet while watching the movie!

37. Pooh and Friends Halloween Celebration

For Winnie the Pooh fanatics, this sheet will surely bring out your best coloring. It is most suitable for teens and older, but you can still try it with your children at home.

38. Trick or Treat!

Everyone loves trick or treating! Here’s a nice coloring page you and your children will surely love to color. Ask the kids to color with you and enjoy the holiday together.

39. Anime Witch

Here is another pretty witch your eyes can enjoy looking at. The title says “anime” because the drawing is inspired by anime girls with big eyes and curly hair. Anime is a famous type of art in Japan and is a variation of the word “animation.” If you like witches and animes, this is an excellent addition to your collection.

40. The Nightmare Before Christmas

Here’s another wonderful illustration from The Nightmare Before Christmas. We see Jack and Sally, along with the cemetery, pumpkins, and skeletons completing the scene.

41. Girl with a Skull

What we really love about this design is that it is scary and amazing at the same time. Just looking at it gives us the creeps, but we still find it enjoyable to color because of the girl’s intricate curls and edgy face lines. If you like gothic features, then you will probably find this one interesting.

42. Spooky House

Here is a coloring page for the adult who likes things a bit more complicated. It is very detailed, from the house and tree branches down to the grass and cat fur. You will need a lot of time to perfectly color this image.

43. Haunted Mansion

This haunted mansion may look like it’s easy to color, but don’t be deceived—it’s a great challenge. Study those small, intricate lines of the roof, then see what you can do with your favorite coloring implements!

44. Pumpkin Mandala

This pumpkin mandala is a great way to color off some stress. We highly recommend it for adults who have an eye for detail.

45. Mr. Skeleton Man

Yet another intricate design from Adult Coloring Bookz, adults will find Mr. Skeleton Man fascinating and challenging. It is also creepy enough to add to your collection of scary things.

46. Vampire Couple

Here’s another one for couples who love enjoying unique moments with each other. Use coloring as a tool to strengthen your relationship.

47. The Addams Family

Say hello to your favorite spooky family, the Addams! Ask your partner and children to color this page together while sharing stories of mystery and horror.

48. The Bride of Frankenstein

Isn’t the bride of Frankenstein lovely? Say yes, otherwise her groom might just visit you in your dreams. You might consider finding a Frankenstein coloring sheet and sharing a wonderful coloring moment with your partner!

49. Happy Halloween from Monster Babies!

Here is another Happy Halloween design that is suitable for kids and adults alike. You can download and print it if you like traditional coloring, but you can also color it on your device if you are more into digital artwork. Click the link above and you will be redirected to the page where you can color and/or download it.

50. Frankie & Friends

We love this image that portrays nearly all of the famous Halloween personalities. We named it “Frankie & Friends” since Frankenstein seems to be leading the gang. You can color this one with your kids or friends, and we are sure that you will have a fun, challenging experience.

51. Lovely Pumpkin Mandala

This pumpkin mandala is challenging, but we know you will enjoy it. After all, the more difficult a thing is, the sweeter the victory it provides. If you are looking for a coloring page that helps with stress relief, this one is a great fit.

52. Scooby-doo & The Monster of Mexico

Did you grow up watching Scooby-doo and the gang? If so, then you probably like solving scary mysteries. You will also likely enjoy this coloring page!

53. Melting Zombie

If you enjoy watching zombie apocalypse movies, here is a page you can color with your friends on Halloween night while watching your favorite film!

54. Scary Demon

Here is another design from IconMaker that is creepy but still cute. It is also great for children and elderly people since it is pretty simple and easy to color.

55. Halloween Banner

This Halloween banner has a dual purpose. First, it is for you and your kids to enjoy coloring. Second, you can cut it and turn it into a banner. Everyone will love it if you hang it on the wall for your Halloween party.

56. Witch Castle

This is another free printable specially made for children. It is challenging enough for kids who want to practice their motor skills, but not so difficult that children won’t be able to color it.

57. Mad Scientist

Here is a picture of a mad scientist, probably experimenting on a new monster. Kids love this kind of stuff, so this is a great choice if you have small children in your house.

58. A Witch’s Tools

Here is one for the adults—an intricate coloring sheet featuring a witch’s tools. It includes a hat, a cauldron, a broom, and a frog. And of course, you can’t miss the bright moon shining above on a terrifying night.

59. Maze Pumpkin

Last but definitely not least, check out this maze pumpkin that you can color any way you want and turn into a board game once you’re done.

Final Words on Halloween Coloring Pages for Adults

We hope that we were able to help you find a fun, creative way to spend Halloween, even without attending a grand Halloween party.

Click on the links on each entry and check other designs that you might enjoy as well!

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