7 Toxic Work Environment Quizzes to See if It’s Time to Leave

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Over time, we have come to realize that the work environment greatly affects employee productivity and efficiency. Many companies now invest in employee benefits, workplace setup, and team-building activities to boost their workers’ morale.

Unfortunately, some companies still don’t understand what employee welfare truly means. They end up losing their employees because the work environment is toxic and unhealthy—often without them being aware of it. 

Is your work environment toxic?

If you aren’t sure, then these work environment quizzes might help you discover the answer. We have gathered seven toxic work environment quizzes to help you determine whether or not you currently work in a toxic workplace.

Let’s check them out!

1. The New York Times: How Toxic Is Your Work Environment?

In 2015, The New York Times writer Christine Porath penned an article about how interactions within the workplace affect productivity and efficiency. She believes that “how people treat one another at work matters” when it comes to performance and job appreciation.

She also created The New York Times: How Toxic Is Your Work Environment? quiz to explore toxicity in the workplace. All you have to do is give each item a score from 1 (never) to 7 (always) and the site automatically computes your total score. When you’re done, click the “See my score” button and you will receive your results.

This quiz was published in a reputable online magazine, so you can be confident that your results are pretty accurate. Find out if your workplace is toxic and make changes to your life if necessary!

2. Career Contessa: Workplace Toxicity Quiz

According to this site, the Career Contessa: Workplace Toxicity Quiz determines whether your workplace is “semi-toxic,” “pretty toxic,” or “fumigation-level toxic.” It consists of 10 questions with five possible answers: never, rarely, sometimes, often, and always. Once you’re done answering, you will need to tally your own score.

Based on your tally, you will be given an explanation of your score and a description of how to deal with workplace toxicity (if there is any). If your results fall under the “fumigation-level toxic” criteria, you will be advised on how to get out of the situation in a respectful manner.

3. Mind Diagnostics: Toxic Workplace Test

Upon starting the Mind Diagnostics: Toxic Workplace Test, you will be asked to agree to a standard consent and disclaimer form. Click the “I Agree” button and you will be redirected to the actual quiz. There are 20 questions to answer with five options to choose from (never, rarely, sometimes, often, always).

You can always go back to the previous question if you feel like you answered incorrectly, but you can’t advance to the next question until you answer the one you are currently on.

When you’re done, you have the option to either send the results to your email or see them directly on the site. Potential results include a healthy workplace environment, a neutral workplace environment, and an unhealthy workplace environment. Your total score will be shown with a corresponding explanation of the results.

4. Atlassian: Does Your Team Have a Toxic Workplace Culture?

If you are looking for a situational style of quiz, you can try the Does Your Team Have a Toxic Workplace Culture? quiz from Atlassian. It consists of 10 questions that describe situations, and the possible answers describe what you will do instead of what you will feel.

Once you finish, your computed results will be shown with a corresponding explanation. If necessary, the site will provide tips and solutions on how you can possibly avoid a toxic workplace environment. It also provides a link to a team-building activity that your team can try.

5. Forbes: Is Your Workplace Healthy or Toxic?

Forbes’ Is Your Workplace Healthy or Toxic? quiz has a different format. You don’t take it online—instead, you need a pen and paper to complete it and total your score. You can do it with your workmates to find out which of you thinks of your workplace as toxic.

6. IDR Labs: Toxic Workplace Test

IDR Labs’ Toxic Workplace Test  is based on a report researched and prepared by Mental Health America (MHA). It measures the mental health of employees and determines the presence of unfair work treatment in the workplace.

The quiz contains 20 questions, and all you have to do is indicate your level of agreement or disagreement. When you’re done, you will be given a brief yet comprehensive report of your results. A comparison between your score and the population average is shown as well.

This is a situational quiz, and you can take your time answering the questions. When you’re done, all you have to do is add up your scores and check your results based on the total.

The quiz was published in Forbes Magazine in 2017 and provides consistent, useful insights.

7. ProProfs Quiz: Is Your Company Toxic?

This Is Your Company Toxic? quiz from ProProfs Quizzes has a total of 10 questions. It is a mixture of scenarios and yes-or-no questions, making it engaging and interesting to take. When you’re done answering, a short explanation of your results is provided.


Your workplace should be a place where you can comfortably be yourself. It should help you grow and develop as an individual, and not interfere with your dreams or get in the way of your success.

We hope that, through these quizzes, we were able to help you determine if your workplace environment is healthy or not. Take one or two of these quizzes and figure out whether it’s time to leave.

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