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Quotes and Affirmations

Quotes and affirmations can help inspire us. They can lead us down a good path and help increase our happiness.

This section contains quote posts that will help inspire, motivate, guide and influence us to make positive changes in our lives that will have an impact on our wellbeing and happiness

47 Words of Encouragement to Inspire Women

Over the years, women have proven that they are a unique, exceptional species. They have succeeded in politics, career growth, personal development, and every other aspect of life. This post aims to inspire more women to continue this fight—to prove to the world that they are intense, phenomenal, and extraordinary. We share with you words […]

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35 David Goggins Quotes for Living a Purposeful Life

David Goggins believes in accountability. If you want to be successful in life, you’ve got to take full control of your decisions and stay true to whatever you believe in—and that includes owning liability for whatever will happen in the end. David Goggins is a lot of things—an athlete, motivational author, speaker, retired U.S. Navy […]

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49 Introvert Quotes to Capture the Essence of Your Personality

Do you identify yourself as an introvert? The answer is probably yes—after all, you wouldn’t be landing on this page if you don’t. You likely wouldn’t be looking for introvert quotes if you are an extrovert! But if you are not an introvert and you are simply looking for some explanation about why introverts prefer […]

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