61 Funny Depression Memes to Feel a Little Bit Better

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What do you do when you’re feeling depressed?

How do you get back on your feet and face the day?

There are a lot of ways to work through this distressing phase, and we all have different techniques for coping.

Some of us allow ourselves to hit rock bottom because we believe we will eventually turn things around and recover; others immediately find a way to divert their attention from whatever it is that is bringing them down.

Whichever type you are, there is no denying that a little dose of laughter can go a long way toward helping. Finding something that can make you happy for a while can help shift your mood and set you on the path to recovery.

We know what makes us happy—memes!

We have gathered 61 funny depression memes to help make you feel a little bit better whenever you are down or depressed. These memes are super relatable and we bet you will end up laughing your heart out.

Let’s check them out!

Table of Contents

1. What a strong tape.

Ever felt like you're just hanging by a thread? That is exactly what this meme shows. Where can we get some of that super strong tape?

2. Depression for everyone!

Oprah seems to be giving away free depression to everyone. Would you like some? Of, if you are already depressed, would you like some more?

3. Is this a hobby?

When depression disguises itself as a beautiful disaster. Is this becoming a hobby? Help!

4. This is fine.

“Oh, don’t mind me. I’m fine.” You know you can always seek help, right?

5. “Get over it.”

We know a lot of you can relate to this meme. It represents people who think that depressed individuals are just whining and making up excuses—that’s super insensitive and completely wrong.

6. Message from the Messiah.

Don’t worry! We have our meme messiah to turn to. Memes are our savior!

7. Perfect combination.

Ah, right—there’s normal depression and then there’s the seasonal variety. Sometimes you get hit with both at the same time. What’s worse than that?!

8. What an idea!

We suggest you use this meme whenever someone tells you to “get over it” or “just be happy.” It may be difficult for them to understand, but it simply doesn’t work that way.

9. Surprise! It’s a depression test!

Aren’t you happy to have gotten a high score? Just kidding. If you really did score high on a depression test, it would be a good idea to consult a professional.

10. Yes, everything is ok.

Where are all of our depressed people at? We know you relate to this meme 100 percent! It’s ok, we feel you.

11. That’s the spirit!

via 9GAG

We laughed so hard when we saw this mem! There are just times in life when you can’t help but channel the John Travolta in you.

12. It is what it is.

Can it get more tiring than this? You could curse the world, but instead, we suggest you sleep. Who knows? You might find the solution when you wake up!

13. It’s ok.

depression memes | depression memes reddit | depression meme 2022

via 9GAG

It is totally ok to ask for help—Phoebe knows! You might tell yourself that you are a burden to everyone, but the truth is, people are there for you.

14. Legends can relate.

We got you covered, legends! There’s no time for crushes and romance because we are all too busy dealing with our inner demons.

15. My Daily Activities

Here’s a detailed report of what our daily schedule looks like. Whenever someone asks how you are doing, you might just want to send this image.

16. I take the medicinal pizza.

The ultimate cure for depression? It seems like everybody treats pizza as medicine, anyway. Hey, where’s our diet coke?

17. What an obvious choice!

We’d rather draw 25, of course. That was never a tough choice to make. Generally speaking, those who are depressed don’t like to talk about the fact that they are depressed—or why.

18. Are you asking me?

On a more serious note, it is important to take people seriously whenever they say they are depressed. You never know what could running through their head. Give them some time and a sympathetic ear.

19. It’s fine; I’m used to it.

Is there any other choice except to get used to it? Just be the boss of your own life and wear your shades while it crumbles apart.

Have you ever been so depressed you forget how to blink? Did you at least remember how to breathe?

21. Me vs. My Depression

Here’s a GIF that shows how depression attacks in the most unexpected ways, right when we are trying to get ahold of our lives.

22. When life happens.

When life happens and shuts the door of happiness in your face—that’s when depression sets in. Hopefully there’s a rainbow after the storm!

23. Chipmunks to make your day!

Here are our favorite chipmunks to keep those depressing thoughts at bay! What would we do without these cute things?

24. Picture of you holding on.

Salute to everyone—depressed or not—who feels like this in the middle of the week.

25. Hello, old friend.

When depression hits and all you can do is say, “Hello, old friend. We meet again.”

26. Depressed but still cute.

Who said you can’t be cute while depressed? We all try to keep our cool and maintain our poise, even when we are falling apart inside.

27. Depression every morning.

This is exactly what it feels like every morning when you wake up sad and lonely, whether there is a reason for it or not.

28. When you don’t know what to feel.

It can be difficult to distinguish between emotions, especially when they are super intense. Depression of disguises itself in emptiness. Are you numb? Incapable of feeling pain? It might be a good idea to speak with a professional.

29. You deserve it!

The only cut we deserve when we feel depressed is a piece of cake! Experts have even said that sweets can make us feel better. They release certain hormones that soothe and uplift our mood.

30. I’m fine, don’t worry.

Again with the sweets. Just don’t go overboard. Three ice creams is a bit much!

31. Keep it together.

Last but definitely not least—our favorite! Whenever you feel down or depressed, just look at this GIF and we guarantee you’ll find some relief. No matter how hard life may be, you have to hold it together like this kid!

32. To reduce depression.

So, what is it that you love? Does this meme portray the thing you love most? Pizza is forever!

33. Spooky depression.

The depression itself is creeping you out, so how are you going to creep other people out?

34. On edge.

When your depression is already on edge and your anxiety about everyday stress comes along to push it off the cliff—well, isn’t that unfortunate?

35. Even Goku can’t fight it.

Goku is the strongest, so if he can’t fight it, who can?

36. Time to be happy.

It might not be easy, but it’s definitely the best choice. Take the offramp and get off the depression highway.

37. Good idea!

We love how this guy thinks (or doesn’t think!) Seriously, though—he’s basically describing meditation. Breathe in, breathe out, and let go of your stressful thoughts.

38. Self-sabotage.

Depression can start with self-sabotage, which we definitely don’t recommend—but we also know it is not easy to avoid. If you can, try to stop the ruminating and ban those fake scenarios from your mind!

39. Ice cream and music.

Ice cream and music are great temporary cures for depression. They aren’t officially medication, but they can at least help you feel at ease.

40. Bored or depressed?

Sometimes, you might wonder whether you are depressed or just plain bored. We know how that feels, especially when you have a lot to do but cannot find the motivation to get them done.

41. Watch out!

At least the company’s aware and is warning its employees!

42. You good, dude?

Here’s a meme for all our friends who make us smile with their memes. It can be challenging to help a friend suffering from depression, but don’t give up.

43. What does depression look like?

A lot of people do a great job of hiding their depression, which means that their need for support often goes unnoticed. Check in with your loved ones frequently and make sure you are there when they need you!

44. You’re enjoying this, huh?

Is your depression annoyed by the mere thought of you smiling and having a good life. Don’t let it harsh your mellow!

45. You what?

Your depression is starting to get worried. What if you banish it completely?!

46. A battle of your mental health illnesses.

This is what having anxiety and depression at the same time looks like—-too sad to want to be awake yet too worried to sleep.

47. It’s the whole gang.

Depression is like Regina George—when it tells you to jump in the car, you know you are in for trouble, but often you can’t say no.

48. Hang in there, brother.

Life can be hard, but you’ve got to keep hanging in there, kid. Brighter days are just around the corner.

49. Stop it, please.

Screaming and shouting is okay when you can’t handle it anymore. You need to let it all out But believe us when we say that you actually can deal with it. You are strong enough. You may be tired, but that does not mean you are weak.

50. It’s not that easy.

Send this to anyone who says it’s “just depression, so deal with it.” A person does not simply deal with anxiety and depression. These mental illnesses need to be handled with a lot of care.

51. Miley explains it best.

We couldn’t agree more, Miley. Depression is not cured just because someone suffering from it has a happy day. It can come back anytime, which is why it is such an important issue that needs support and attention.

52.Spongebob's dilemma.

When your mental worries become as tangible as a cartoon bubble, sometimes life inflates them to comical proportions. Yet, in the zany world of our minds, even the most absurd solutions seem to make a kind of nonsensical sense.

53. Chasing normalcy.

Just when a normal, happy life seems within grasp, the colorful reality of life's challenges holds you back. This is the pursuit of happiness in a nutshell—so close, yet often obscured by the trials of schoolwork, mental health, and the all-too-common sleepless nights.

54. False Advertising: The Emotional Aftermath

The promise of perks turned into a pact with pessimism—this is the look of collective disillusionment when expectations meet the harsh light of reality. It's a humorous take on the old bait-and-switch, where the only thing you catch is a case of the blues.

55. Triumph in the face of gloom.

A rare victory pose in the endless dance with our inner demons, this moment captures that sweet, fleeting uppercut to our shadows. It's a reminder that sometimes we get to score one against the darkness.

56. The Precarious Balance

This image depicts the start of all of life’s problems. Who knew that it all stemmed back to a Christmas song?!

57. Midnight support sprint.

This is the ultimate race against the clock—a friend's unexpected late-night message turns into a superhero dash of support. It's a heartwarming yet humorous take on being there for a friend, no matter the hour.

58. Comfort in the shadows.

In the grayscale hues of everyday battles, this meme captures the universal challenge of facing life's relentless struggles. It's a somber yet relatable reminder that sometimes just getting through the day is a silent victory.

59. Behind the veil of “I am fine.”

A poignant snapshot of the inner turmoil often hidden behind a facade of normalcy, this meme is a stark portrayal of the everyday struggle where anxiety and loneliness linger, invisible to the outside world but heavy on the soul.

60. Depressed but well dressed.

Strutting through life's lows with sartorial highs, this meme wittily captures the contrast between feeling blue and looking sharp. It's an ironic twist on self-care, proving that sometimes the outfit is on point, even when the spirits are not.

61. A truce with the blues.

How exactly do you deal with depression? Acceptance of one's mental health battles and finding some form of serenity in the midst of the storm. This is a light-hearted take on making peace with inner turmoil, one spoonful at a time.

Final Thoughts on Depression Memes

We hope that these depression memes we shared brought a smile to your face.

If you ever feel like your depression is getting to be a bit too much and you can’t find your way out, come back to this article and enjoy a few chuckles.

After all, laughter is the best medicine!

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depression memes | depression memes reddit | depression memes 2022
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