11 Printable Anxiety Worksheets for Kids, Teens & Adults

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Do you feel anxious a lot of the time?

Is it the “normal anxious” that we all feel at some point, or is it the “weirdly anxious” that seems to get out of hand?

It is perfectly normal for people to worry. We can’t help it. There are many uncertainties in life and it’s only natural to stress.

But how do you know if your anxiety is out of control? What do you do when it becomes overwhelming or starts to affect your daily routine?

You can’t say for sure that you have an anxiety disorder unless you see an expert, but as a start, you can always look for ways to determine what triggers your fears. For instance, you can try answering anxiety journal prompts or anxiety worksheets.

In this post, we have gathered 11 printable anxiety worksheets that are suitable for kids, teens, and adults. You can answer them for simple stress relief or use them to determine whether it is time to see a professional.

Let’s check them out!

1. Anxiety Breakdown

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Our first entry is designed for kids who may be feeling anxious and need a way to put their thoughts into words. It has easy-to-understand questions and it looks engaging enough to keep children’s interest. Even adults might find it enjoyable to answer.

You can use this worksheet to help your children break down the things that trigger their worries. It can also help them realize how these fears affect their minds and bodies. But most importantly, it can help them find ways to cope with these strong emotions. 

2. I Can Cope With Feeling Anxious

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Here we have another sheet for kids. It is similar to the previous one, but it provides options at the bottom regarding ways to cope with anxiety. Some children may not know how to deal with their fears, but the list in this worksheet can help them get started.

Anxiety doesn’t discriminate by age. It can attack anytime and anywhere, regardless of who you are. We suggest raising this topic to your children as soon as possible to help them learn early that there is a way to ease those feelings of fear and anxiety.

3. Anxiety Respond-er

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Say hello to our new superhero, the Anxiety Responder. Ask yourself: “If there was a person who could respond perfectly whenever you were feeling anxious, what would they say or do to help you calm down?” Jot down your answers in the space provided on the page.

This is an excellent worksheet for kids to practice positive self-affirmations. In addition to relieving their anxieties, you should teach them to appreciate themselves as often as possible. Build their self-esteem so they can avoid dealing with stress and anxiety.

4. Is My Anxiety A Problem?

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Feeling anxious is normal. It is inevitable to feel worried about uncertainties. But those feelings become a problem when they begin to control your life.

This worksheet can help you answer questions about anxiety. It is made specifically for children, but we think it also suits teens and adults. If you are wondering whether or not your anxiety is becoming a problem, try answering this worksheet.

5. Anxiety Triggers by Mylemarks

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Do you know what triggers your anxieties? There are a lot of factors that may affect your emotions. One of the best ways to deal with them is knowing your triggers.

This worksheet was made specifically for teens, but it is also appropriate for adults and kids. It is easy to answer, since it is just a checklist. You have to give each trigger a grade from 1 to 10, and the statements you rate from 6 to 10 are likely your most potent triggers.

6. Do You Cope in Destructive Ways?

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This sheet is similar to a “reflection” paper. You have to write down the circumstances that make react out of anger or pressure. It is important to answer this sheet thoughtfully if you want the best possible results.

This page is also a great way to know if you become “destructive” your anxiety takes control. If you realize that you do indeed deal with anxiety destructively, maybe it’s time to consult a health professional.

7. Challenge Anxious Thoughts

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According to this worksheet, one way to deal with anxiety is by challenging your anxious thoughts. This is possible, but only if you are determined. You might want to download this free worksheet as a start.

Check out the link above and read more information about how to challenge your worried thoughts. You will find the download button at the bottom of the worksheet, or you can download it safely here.

8. Exploring Social Anxiety

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Anxiety comes in various form, and one of the most common is social anxiety. This can significantly impact your life by affecting your relationships with yourself and other people.

Therapist Aid claims that this worksheet is “designed for the early stages of social anxiety treatment.” They made it available for free so that people can identify the issues they are dealing with. We suggest checking it out on your own and then seeking help if it turns out you might have social anxiety.

9. Anxiety Buster

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Like many of the other worksheets today, Anxiety Buster looks at both your triggers and coping mechanisms. However, it also has additional sections to help you focus on your goals. It also encourages you to write these goals down instead of keeping them in your memory.

For instance, the worksheet asks you to prioritize three of your “to-dos” per day instead of doing them all at once. It also has a section for your gratitude list and wishes/prayers. At the bottom of the worksheet, you will see a list to help you challenge your fears and become less anxious.

10. Mental Health Worksheet

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In addition to anxiety, this worksheet helps address depression. They also call it the “Anxiety Suicide Awareness Sheet,” as it helps determine whether or not a person has suicidal tendencies. Since it is sometimes hard to communicate your feelings through words, this sheet might help you and your family or friends understand each other better.

However, if you or a friend are having suicidal thoughts, we suggest consulting a psychologist immediately. This worksheet aims only to support those having trouble expressing their feelings.

11. Anxiety Triggers

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The first step in dealing with anxiety is to identify what triggers it. To identify these triggers, you also have to know the cues that indicate your anxiety. These cues may be physical or cognitive, or a combination of the two.

As described on the site, this worksheet may be used by mental health practitioners or ordinary people who want to learn their triggers. It can be used in therapy sessions or home practices.


We hope we were able to help you find anxiety worksheets that work for you and your loved ones. Remember, however, that these sheets are not intended to provide an official diagnosis. They are only meant to help you recognize your fears and what triggers them.

If you ever feel like you need professional help, consult a mental health expert immediately.

Finally, if you want a simple way to reduce your stress and anxiety, then try writing these 35 mindfulness journaling prompts to live more in the present moment.

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