85 Positive Words of Encouragement for Students

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When you know a student is struggling with coursework and staying motivated, will words of encouragement help motivate and inspire them? You bet they will!  In fact, research studies investigating the power of verbal encouragement found that college students receiving encouragement from counselors reported they felt more empowered to earn their degree and make better … Read more

23 Fascinating Introvert Facts & Statistics to Learn in 2024

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When most of us hear the word “introvert”, our minds automatically shift to thoughts of someone who is antisocial or shy… perhaps even rude. Yet, after years of research and writing on this topic, I’ve come to the realization that these are misconceptions. While introverts do like their space, it is not because they don’t … Read more

11 Reasons Why Respect is Important for Everyone

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Respect is a word that is thrown out a lot.  As children, our parents were always telling us to “show respect” and “respect our elders”.  As we entered our formidable school years, teachers and counselors were always preaching “respect for others”, stressing the importance of being kind to everyone… especially those who seemed lost, lonely … Read more