11 Steps to Be More Self-Aware Throughout Your Life

how to be more self aware | how to be more self aware in a relationship | self awareness examples

What’s driving you to find out how to be more self aware? Are you having trouble building healthy relationships due to a lack of self-awareness or is it hindering personal growth? Whenever I hear the term self-awareness, I instantly imagine a pair of internal eyes that let us see the things we miss with our human … Read more

13 Ways to Not Care About What People Think

how to not care what people think | how to not care what others think psychology | signs you dont care what others think

“I don’t care what people think!” You’ve likely said that time and time again, yet you still care. Why? I’ve included different factors that could help answer the question, along with 13 powerful tips on how to not care what people think, for real. You’ll come to appreciate the tips after discovering the dangers caring too … Read more

5 Types of Gaslighting You Might Encounter (with Examples)

types of gaslighting | examples of gaslighting in a relationship | examples of gaslighting

Did you know that there are actually five primary types of gaslighting? If you’ve ever been gaslighted, you probably agree with me about how confusing and painful it can be. You feel like a shell of yourself after you’ve been “torched”.  It’s awful and nobody should have to put up with being treated this way. … Read more