35 Best Hobbies for Women in Their 20s

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I remember what it was like being a woman in my 20s. It's exhilarating and frightening at the same time. You're kind of stuck between leaving your childhood and adolescence behind and embracing your new life as a “proper” adult. That being said, it was also the best time of my life – a time of self-discovery.

Are you looking for the best hobbies for women in their 20s? Or you're looking for a new hobby to try out? Something that's a little more modern or upbeat? 

Hobbies are an excellent way to experience new things on your own or with a group of people. And spending time with and for yourself is vital when it comes to self-discovery, self-love, and self-care. Taking time out of your busy schedule to do something you love is a beautiful thing (and so necessary in the busy lives we lead today). 

So if you're in your 20s, ready to jump out of your comfort zone, test out some new hobbies, and have a good time, you're at the right place. 

I compiled 35 of the best leisure-time activities for women in their 20s. Each hobby has been carefully selected to inspire creativity and help you reach a more balanced life.

Why Are Hobbies So Important?

Hobbies are there to remind us to slow down, take a deep breath, and focus on something we enjoy doing. In today's rat race called life, we often forget how to take a deep breath (some of us forget to breathe altogether – we snatch at breath as we hurry from one thing to the next). We are so busy over planning our lives that we forget to schedule time with the most important person ourselves

Taking on new hobbies teaches us new skills that enrich our lives. It introduces us to a new way of doing things. As a young woman, I never thought I'd enjoy doing woodwork. But once I realized I needed a creative outlet, I took up woodworking. So here I am, building a small coffee table (with some glitter resin or epoxy) for my mother's birthday. 

Sharing our hobbies with others is rewarding and fulfilling. Engaging in activities that we enjoy also helps relieve stress and prevent boredom.

Why Are Hobbies Important for Women in Their 20s?

Hobbies for women in their 20s are essential. Your 20s are a groundbreaking period in your life. Picture it: You're done with school and college. Now it's time to head out into the world and find a job.

But life's pressures don't stop there. There are social pressures that are unnecessarily placed on young women – having the perfect relationship, the perfect family, and the list continues. This is why women in their 20s need to slow down, put down their phones, and enjoy some “me-time.”

Hobbies will make a 20-something-year-old's life much more meaningful, and they'll feel like they can cope with anything life throws at them. Doing hobbies also helps you meet like-minded people (your tribe, safety net, or inner circle). 

When you are in your 20s and trying to balance so many new challenges, hobbies give you something fun to look forward to, which to be honest, we all need!

Hobbies to Keep You in Shape

1. Hiking

There's no better way to get in touch with nature than by taking a scenic hike. Escape the hustle and bustle of life by putting on a good pair of boots and getting out there. 

The greatest part? You don't need to hike Denali, Alaska, which is the highest mountain in the U.S, to wear the hikers’ badge of honor. 

Choose a trail that fits your fitness level, whether elevation gain is your goal or just getting out and breathing in that fresh air. It's all good. Here are some great tips to get you started on your hiking journey.

2. Aerial Yoga

What do you get when you mix Pilates, yoga, and dancing together? Oh, and I forgot to mention you're wrapped in silk and suspended in the air. 

Welcome to the fantastic world of aerial yoga. Here's a hobby you can do in the comfort of your home or attend a class.

All you need is a yoga hammock (also known as a silk) and some tights. Say goodbye to stress and stiff limbs. Hello, core strength and flexibility. Yoga (and aerial yoga) is a hobby you can practice your whole life, as the benefits will keep your mind, body, and soul in optimal condition. 

So what are you waiting for? Get off your yoga mat and defy gravity with this relaxing (and beneficial) hobby.

3. Pole Dancing

You are sorely mistaken if you think the main requirement for pole dancing is confidence. Yes, this hobby helps you build your confidence, but pole dancing is known for helping women find their inner tigress (even when they insist it doesn't exist). 

Pole dancing will have you pushing your boundaries since it’s a full-body workout that consists of acrobatics and dance. 

hobbies for couples in their 20s | hobbies for young women | hobbies for men in their 20s
Pole dancing helps you build your confidence and helps you find your inner tigress. 

If you aren't ready to join a class just yet, install a pole and do some simple workouts in the comfort of your living room (or anywhere else that works for you in your home). 

This hobby has so many benefits: great exercise, excellent music, and lots of laughs along the way. 

If pole dancing piques your interest, read up on how to get started.

4. Wall Pilates

Pilates is a wonderful hobby if you're looking for something that's low-impact, firming, and relaxing. But you can take it up a notch, though. 

The new craze is wall Pilates, and for a good reason. By doing Pilates against a wall, you're giving yourself something to push against, which offers resistance, stability, and excellent posture

Don't be fooled by the graceful movements you see on YouTube videos. Wall Pilates works all your little muscles (that you didn’t even know you had!) and burns calories as you focus on stability. 

Best of all? You can even practice wall Pilates at home. All you need is a sturdy, non-slip mat, a wall, and some instructional videos (which you can easily find for free on the internet). 

You don't have a free wall at home? No problem; a closed door works just fine. Here are some more details on this excellent workout

5. Roller Skating or Rollerblading 

How about a hobby that can burn up to 9 to 10 calories per minute, all while having the most fun you've probably had since you were a kid? I still remember my first pair of roller skates. They had cute little pink tassels on, and I rocked the look.

If you're looking for an upbeat hobby (that'll look great on your socials with the most retro-looking skates), you simply have to give roller skating or rollerblading a spin. Although it might not seem like it, gliding around on your roller blades or skates will do wonders for your body and mind. 

Consider joining a local roller skating club and making some new friends. Or go rollerblading or skating solo for some self-care.  

Hobbies to Do Indoors or at Home

6. Puzzles

Building or solving puzzles is an excellent (and rewarding) way to destress. If you have a competitive mind and love a good challenge, this is definitely a hobby for you. 

There are so many puzzle varieties out there, from jigsaw puzzles to Sudoku, that there's something for everyone. 

Thanks to technology, you can play puzzle games online with strangers, friends, or even your colleagues. The world is quite literally at your fingertips. One of my favorite word puzzle games at the moment is called Wordle, and it will #blowyourmind.

With Wordle, you have to guess the word that’s hidden in 6 tries. Sounds easy enough, right? Give your brain a workout and try a round of Wordle.

7. Gardening

Gardening has to be one of the most rewarding hobbies around. If you need space from a horrible day, head out into the garden and get your hands dirty (and calm your mind). The smell of fresh soil is amazing, and if you keep quiet long enough, you can hear your plants growing (just kidding). 

Gardening is more than just a hobby. It's a commitment. You need to tend to and care for your garden. 

You can easily start small with an herb garden. I swear adding fresh herbs from the garden to your food just makes it taste better than store-bought herbs.

If you don't have a garden, don't let that stop you. Try growing basil, peppermint, and cilantro  in small containers on your kitchen windowsill.

Other than growing herbs, start a fruit and/or veggie garden, or choose some beautiful tropical plants like peace lilies and philodendron to your home space. 

8. Woodwork

There's so much more to woodwork than just putting two planks of wood together. Woodworking takes patience and passion. Taking a simple piece of wood and turning it into something functional or beautiful is truly an art.

When you start doing woodwork as a hobby, you will learn what wood to use, how to use your tools correctly, and how to get to the finished project. Sanding away at a piece of wood is both hard work and therapeutic, and that’s why this is such a great hobby to consider.

Woodwork keeps evolving as you become more experienced. Here's an article to help you get started with woodworking

9. BuJo (Bullet Journaling) 

Bullet journaling (BuJo) is a fun way to beautify your reminders, to-do lists, daily tasks, and brainstorming notes in one journal. When I discovered the BuJo method, I fell in love. This has become part of my self-care routine.

Decorate your journal pages any way you like with washi tape, fine-tip markers, or pastel-colored highlighters. 

Bullet journaling is stress-relieving and improves your organizational skills. Our bullet journal templates are a great source of inspiration when you're running low on ideas.

10. Nail Art

Instead of paying to get your nails done professionally, why not try doing some DIY nail art at home? There are endless online tutorials on YouTube and ideas on Pinterest to help you create gorgeous nail designs. 

Ask your friends and family to be your models, so you can practice your new skills on them (and catch up on the latest gossip). This could also be a great side job for some extra cash. Here are some stunning nail art designs you can try at home.

Hobbies for Enrichment & Self-Improvement

11. Learn a Language

Learning a new language gives you insight into other cultures and broadens your horizons for travel opportunities. There are a few options available when learning a new language, such as:

  • Attending a local class
  • Finding a local tutor
  • Signing up for online courses such as Udemy
  • Downloading language apps such as Duolingo

You can access these platforms via your PC, smartphone, or tablet. YouTube also has a wealth of knowledge ready to be discovered. Check out some tutorials or blogs online to help you with tips, grammar, and pronunciation.

12. Reading 

Reading is a great way to unwind, make time for yourself, or learn something new. I enjoy nothing more than immersing myself in the pages of a book. 

If you aren’t a big reader, try reading a magazine or read something shorter (like an interesting blog or comic). 

Borrow books and magazines from your local library, purchase an eBook on your Kindle, or download an audiobook from a reputable site such as Audible.

13. Modeling

Modeling is a great way to step out of your comfort zone and build confidence. Start by signing up for a beginner’s modeling class. 

Who knows, you might be good at it, and potentially, it can open the door to a career in the fashion industry

Modeling has many benefits, such as:

  • Meeting interesting people
  • Improving your communication skills
  • Practicing good posture
  • Traveling for photo shoots

Modeling often goes hand in hand with acting or drama classes (another fabulous hobby to consider). Take a look at this handy guide on how to become a model.

14. Writing

Writing is a beautiful way to express your feelings, thoughts, and ideas. It's also a great way to declutter your mind. Even if you only manage to write a page or paragraph a day, you're actively making time for your hobby.

Besides being vital for your well-being, it helps with your communication and grammar skills. There are so many things you can try, such as writing:

  • Blogs
  • Fan fiction
  • Short stories
  • Articles

Try these writing prompts if you need help finding a topic.

15. Learn a Musical Instrument

It’s so much easier learning to play a musical instrument when you’re older. There is no need for recitals or awkward auditions anymore. It’s all about you having fun (even if your violin playing is causing the dog to howl). 

There are plenty of secondhand instruments available online and at local second-hand stores. Sign up for music lessons with a private tutor, or teach yourself by watching online videos. A great site to learn from is Martucci Music.

Hobbies to Do on Your Own

16. Coloring

There is something therapeutic and calming about coloring in a mandala or a famous Bible verse. Adult coloring isn't just a hobby for kids; you can find adult coloring books on almost any theme. 

All you need is coloring pencils, a sharpener, markers, and a coloring book. I recently purchased an Outlander-themed coloring book, and the pictures are gorgeous. 

If you want to test out this hobby before purchasing a coloring book, print some of our adult coloring pages to get started. So make yourself a hot cup of tea, put on your favorite tunes, and allow your inner artist to come out and play.

17. Star-Gazing

It's comforting knowing that we are only a speck in the universe, and it makes our problems seem small, doesn't it? Unwind as you watch the night sky and stars dance. Learning the names of the constellations is also great fun. 

Star Walk 2 is a brilliant app to help you explore and navigate the night sky. This free app is available for download in Google Play Store (for Android smart devices) and the App Store (for iOS-powered devices). 

Star-gazing requires a comfy blanket, a clear night, air pods with an epic playlist, and perhaps a glass of wine.

18. Bird Watching

People who relax outdoors show an increase in happy and positive feelings and less exhaustion than people who relax indoors. Bird watching is, therefore, the perfect hobby for women in their 20s.

You don't need to go far to appreciate nature. Set up a bird feeder in your garden or porch, and enjoy watching various birds visit you. Doing this for as little as 10 minutes will do you a world of good.

I enjoy sketching the birds that visit my garden, as it helps me pay closer attention to detail.

19. Photography

Photography is a great solo hobby for women in their 20s. Being behind the camera is a wonderful feeling, as you can see the world from different angles. A bonus is you don’t need to own the most expensive camera, as your cellphone will do just fine.

hobbies for women at home | hobbies for young adults | hobbies for women in their 40s
Being behind the camera is a wonderful feeling, as you can see the world from different angles.

Whether you prefer nature photography, photos of buildings or streets in your hometown, or unique people and profiles, let your creativity come out and play. Anything goes when it comes to photography.

20. Gaming

Gaming is a fun hobby for adults too. The great thing about playing video or cellphone games is you can choose from various gaming genres, such as:

  • Simulation games like SIMS
  • Role-playing games like the Elder Scrolls
  • Open-ended games like Kassandra

Gaming will improve your critical thinking, logical, and problem-solving skills. Depending on your personal gaming preference, you can get your heart pumping with an action-packed game or relax with a world-building game.

Hobbies to Tap Into Your Creative Side

21. Loom Knitting

Loom knitting's popularity is rising in the hobbies for women in their 20s category, and for a very obvious reason: it's super easy and rewarding. Unlike traditional knitting and crocheting, using a loom to knit is fun, fast, and easy to learn

All you need is a loom (which comes in different sizes), a knitting hook, and wool of your choosing. You also get loom starter kits which are great value for money. Try making this slouchy beanie to get you hooked (#drumroll). 

22. Start a TikTok Vlog

If you're looking for the perfect hobbies for women in their 20s, then you've just stumbled on one of the best. TikTok vlogs have gone viral and are more watched than YouTube vlogs. They're basically a shortened version of YouTube video blogs (hence, vlogs)

Absolutely anyone can make a TikTok vlog; all you need is your smartphone and maybe a ring light for that more professional look. Learn some epic TikTok dances or vlog about your day. 

23. Painting

Painting is an excellent way to tap into your creative side. Plus it has other benefits, such as improving your concentration and building your confidence. With all the different styles out there, you can try a new technique every month or whenever you’ve mastered one. 

Painting by numbers is another great way to paint. It's just as therapeutic and helps you focus on your painting without any pressure. Check out some drawing and painting tutorials to get you started.

24. Diamond Dot Art

What do you get when paint-by-numbers meets cross-stitch? A new hobby called diamond dot art or diamond painting. 

This is a relaxing and fun craft hobby to take on. You have a coded adhesive canvas (that comes in so many cool pictures), and you stick tiny resin “diamonds” or gemstones onto the matching numbers. You can also be adventurous and daring and create your own diamond dot art from scratch. 

The result is glorious. Check out this stunning example and this beginner’s diamond painting guide.

25. Pottery

Another exciting hobby to try for women in their 20s is pottery. What makes this such a wonderful hobby is that it evolves with you

Start with hand-building pottery and move on to slip-casting (using molds).

If you feel ready, jump into wheel-thrown pottery (which is so much fun). Whichever one you choose, there are plenty of tutorials around to guide you.

Hobbies to Improve Your Cooking

26. Bread-Making 

Here's a hobby you can share with others. Baking is very rewarding, especially when you see people enjoying something you put a lot of time and love into. 

Baking bread helps lower stress levels, and any food hobby will improve your skills in the kitchen.

There are several types of bread you can bake, such as rye bread, sourdough, and olive bread. Be experimental and come up with your own recipe. Follow this easy beginner's guide to get your baking on. 

27. Cake Decorating

Cake decorating is a fabulous hobby to try. You can go crazy with all the tutorials and designs available online. There's a tutorial out there for almost every celebration and theme you can think of.

This hobby allows you to stay in the comfort of your kitchen, where you feel confident to experiment with new ideas. Why not sign up for an online cake-decorating course? This will up your cake baking game for sure. 

28. Fondant Art

Fondant art is a hobby that requires attention to detail and patience. The results are worth it. Working with fondant is very therapeutic, as you play around with different colors and mold shapes to your liking. 

With so many online tutorials and guides available, you definitely won't run out of inspiration. You can start making fondant decor as a side business if you enjoy it and earn some extra cash. 

Food hobbies certainly enhance your mood and mental health. 

29. Smoothies

The healthiest hobbies for women in their 20s include making smoothies. There are so many ways to make smoothies, and the health benefits are oh-so worth it. Why don't you start making your own smoothies if you love fruit and vegetables? 

It's certainly cheaper to make your own, and you can throw in whatever ingredients you like. 

You can also buy a smoothie recipe book or find some smoothie recipes online.

30. Garnishing

This hobby is sure to impress your guests. Take your cooking to another level by learning how to garnish food. You could make a scrambled egg look like a meal from a top fusion restaurant. You only need to learn a few methods and tricks to spice up your dish

Garnishing as a hobby is very accessible. Attend a class or follow a tutorial online. YouTube has so many videos on garnishing. Bon appétit.

Hobbies to Do with Others

31. Live Entertainment

Who doesn't love letting their hair down and enjoying a night out with some live entertainment? Plus, there's the added bonus of positively impacting your mental health and well-being. 

Watching live music triggers the slow release of oxytocin (the love hormone) that makes you feel happy and more alive.

Live entertainment will also get you out there, meeting new people, and having a great time.

32. Spoken Word Poetry

Poets and writers are taking to the stage to perform their work in front of a live audience. I can't imagine anything more beautiful than watching people share their work in a new way.

This is the perfect hobby for you if you like writing poetry and want to try sharing your art in a different way. Start by following some spoken word influencers and pick up some tips from them. 

When you're ready, check local bookstores and cafés for any upcoming events. If you would rather just attend an event, that's perfect too.

33. Piloxing

Piloxing is a great hobby to keep yourself fit and your mind happy. Piloxing is a fast-paced cardio workout that has elements of Pilates, boxing, and dance

Take a friend with you as you navigate through all the fun moves (especially if you have two left feet, like me). 

You can practice at home by watching piloxing tutorials on YouTube.

34. Game Night

A brilliant way to have people over is by hosting a game night. This entails playing loads of board games and taking turns at charades. Laughing with people is good for your soul and releases endorphins (the feel-good hormone).

hobbies of successful woman | hobbies for women in their 30s | hobbies for couples in their 20s
A brilliant way to have people over is by hosting a game night with a lot of snacks, board games, and a fun group of friends.

All you need is some snacks, board games, and a fun group of friends. Check out these awesome ideas for game night.

35. Attend Festivals

Part of the fun of attending festivals is the planning that goes into it. What snacks to take, packing the tents, who the designated driver is. 

There are so many fantastic festivals that come up during the year, which gives you time to get a good friend group together. 

Festivals are excellent for letting go of your worries and balancing your emotions

It's all about connecting with your friends (and new people) and just having a good time. Check out these handy tips on attending festivals.

Final Thoughts on Hobbies for Women in Their 20s 

If any of your hobbies start feeling like a chore, or you feel as if you need to mentally pump yourself up to do it, then it's time to move on from that hobby. And you know what? That's perfectly okay!

Hobbies are there for us to experience and enjoy. That's why there are so many of them available! You can stick to a hobby you are passionate about, include a new hobby in your leisure time, or switch it up and find a new engaging activity.

Being in your 20s is about finding out what you like and dislike. So go ahead, try out as many hobbies as possible and keep the ones that feed your mind, body, and soul. 

If you’re still thirsty for more hobby ideas to try out that encourage a little more “me-time”, then be sure to check out our guide on the 35 best solo hobbies to do alone or 31 hobbies for introverts to try in 2022. You can’t go wrong with either.

hobbies for women in their 20s | hobbies of successful woman | hobbies for women in their 30s
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