75 Gratitude Journal Prompts for Kids to Be More Thankful

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Whether you are a parent looking to foster a greater sense of gratitude in your children, or and educator looking to teach gratitude in the classroom…  there are tons of gratitude journal prompts for kids that can help get those appreciative juices flowing. Having something that is meaningful to write about, rather than standard prompts, … Read more

How to Journal for Your Self-Improvement (with Examples)

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Every time I’m told to journal my thoughts and feelings, the inner child in me groans ever so slightly. Instantly, I’m having flashbacks of my seventh-grade diary or eighth-grade health class… where weekly journaling was a requirement.   Despite those things, we somehow managed to get this far in life without ever being taught how … Read more

11 Printable Mental Health Journal Templates & Worksheets

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Our desire to live happily comes from our struggle for peace and mental clarity. We believe this is important, and definitely support you in your mental health journey. Today, we share with you 11 printable mental health journal templates and worksheets that can help you achieve the peace, mental clarity, and happiness you deserve. All … Read more

Diary VS Journal: 5 Basic Differences

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Both a diary and a journal are personal written records of thoughts, experiences, and reflections. However, the two have some differences – such as their purpose, structure, and frequency of use. The practice of keeping a diary or journal has been traced back to ancient times in many different cultures and civilizations. Some of the … Read more

139 Badass Bullet Journal Ideas for Adults [2024 Update]

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Bullet journaling is one of the coolest new fads out there. It combines great ideas from many different disciplines: While a bullet journal helps keep track of your busy schedule, habits, and to-do lists, a mindfulness journal is where you can wind down, reflect, and appreciate all that happened in a day. To know more, … Read more

111 Self-Discovery Questions to Ask Yourself While Journaling

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Are you looking for the right self-discovery questions to use as journal prompts? Journaling is one of the most powerful ways to understand yourself. It connects you to your inner core, helping you determine what you really want and what you actually need in life. One good way to do journaling right is by answering … Read more