15 Anxiety Journal Templates & Worksheets [New for 2024]

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Anxiety is one of the most common mental health issues, and there are several types of anxiety.

Some of you may already have a way of dealing with it; others may still be looking. Personally, we believe journaling is a great way to start.

We have gathered 15 anxiety journal templates and worksheets you can use to reduce your anxiety.

Whether you have already started journaling or are new to the practice, these templates can help you deal with your worries and fears in a subtle, therapeutic way.

A bit of a disclaimer, though—these templates and worksheets have not all been certified by experts. While they are helpful resources that can support you through your journey, they should never replace consultation with a mental health expert, especially if you believe you are dealing with a serious disorder.

That being said, they have a lot to offer, and we have found them to be quite valuable. Let’s check them out!

1. Free Anxiety Resources by Amosuir

Sandra Glavan, the creator of these free anxiety resources, claims she has a formula for reducing anxiety. She shares this formula through these printables, which are primarily checklists about your lifestyle, mindset, and diet. There is also one that focuses on self-care.

2. Anxiety Workbook by Amosuir

This resource is from the same creator as the one above. You can check out this anxiety workbook if you are looking for a little extra. The previously mentioned worksheets are included here, but you also get more templates and resources, like daily planners, anxiety trigger worksheets, and others relating to relaxation.

3. Wipe Away My Worries

This image is part of a three-page anxiety sheet from The Happiness Planner. The “Wipe My Worries” printable helps you reduce the amount of anxiety you have. But you need to first become aware of what causes this anxiety. The other two printables are the “Not-To-Do List” and “30 Days of Worry” sheets.

4. Anxiety Healing Worksheet

This anxiety template worksheet from Cognitive Heights provides you with four questions: how you feel, why you feel that way, whether or not your thoughts are rational, and what self-care activity you can do to feel better. It focuses on one worry at a time and then breaks down that worry from the trigger to the cure.

5. Journal Prompts for Anxiety

Here’s another set of interesting worksheets to manage and overcome your anxiety. Journal Buddies offers 31 prompts that are focused on helping you face your worries with more confidence and self-esteem. It also offers comprehensive guidelines on how to use journaling to calm your senses.

6. Anti-Anxiety Diet Bundle

This is another set from Sandra Glavan that is more focused on a diet program than other ways to reduce anxiety. She believes that eating the right food, doing the right exercise, and getting the right amount of sleep are key to maintaining a healthy mental state. If you want to be mentally strong, you also have to be in good physical shape.

7. Anxiety Reactions

If you want to better understand how your mind, heart, and body react to your anxiety triggers, this is an excellent worksheet to try. It is mainly for kids and teens, but we believe it could work well for adults, too.

8. Social Anxiety Worksheet for Kids

There are many kinds of anxiety. This one specifically tackles social anxiety—the anxiousness you get when you are surrounded by many people or when you are in social interaction. You can use this worksheet (for kids and adults) to figure out how to manage your emotions.

9. Is My Anxiety a Problem?

Anxiety is not problematic on its own. We all get anxious at times, especially when we are faced with situations that we are not familiar with. However, it can become a problem if it persists for no apparent reason. You can use this template to determine if your anxiety is becoming a problem for you and the people around you.

10. When I’m Anxious Checklist

Here’s another checklist from Mylemarks, but with a section for rating frequency (always, sometimes, and never). This checklist could also be helpful once you have decided to see an expert mental health practitioner for diagnosis or treatment.

11. Coping Skills: Anxiety Worksheet

If you are looking for a detailed worksheet or journal template, you might try this one from PsychPoint. It provides ways to help you cope with anxiety attacks. It is also informative, as it is outlined in a way that will help you realize why breathing and challenging your anxious thoughts can reduce your anxiety.

12. Relaxation Techniques Worksheet

If you want to focus on relaxation techniques, consider this resource. It has six sections for your mind, body, emotions, nerves, thoughts, and heart. The instructions say you need to brainstorm with your group, but you can also do it alone. Or, if you have no idea what to write, you can ask other people who may be in the same situation as you.

13. Social Anxiety Hierarchy Worksheet

Here’s a worksheet from PsychPoint that is helpful for categorizing your social anxiety. Out of the 27 items, which ones do you find most tolerable, moderately tolerable, and least tolerable? Categorizing them in this way can help you and the people around you know when and how to interact.

14. Generalized Anxiety Art Worksheet

As indicated earlier, there are several types of anxiety. General anxiety disorder (GAD) is the most common one. If your normal anxiety gets to the level where it has become unhealthy, this might be a case of GAD. Either way, this resource can help you better understand your anxiety and why it is affecting you the way it is.

15. Journal Templates for Anxious Minds

Finally, if you love writing, you can use these journal templates and prompts from Lindsay Braman to manage your emotions. Having too much on your mind can be overwhelming. It is good to have an outlet for your thoughts and feelings, such as journaling.

Final Thoughts on Anxiety Journal Templates

As mentioned earlier, these templates are not replacements for professional treatment and therapy. It is still best to seek help from experts who can diagnose you properly.

That being said, these anxiety journal templates and worksheets can still help if you are trying to understand your anxiety better. In addition, journaling is proven to be therapeutic and can be a great way to work through your worries.

Finally, if you want a simple way to reduce your stress and anxiety, then try writing these 35 mindfulness journaling prompts to live more in the present moment.

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