75 Gratitude Journal Prompts for Kids to Be More Thankful

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Whether you are a parent looking to foster a greater sense of gratitude in your children, or and educator looking to teach gratitude in the classroom…  there are tons of gratitude journal prompts for kids that can help get those appreciative juices flowing.

Having something that is meaningful to write about, rather than standard prompts, allows kids to develop different skills. Writing about being thankful is something that everyone can learn from… and a great way to start teaching children to appreciate what they have.

Kids will also learn to be more empathetic and mindful towards others.

Once they are given these gratitude prompts, they will automatically start to think about what they are thankful for and how it is perceived by others.

What Are Gratitude Prompts?

Gratitude prompts are questions one asks himself, or others, in order to direct focus on the good things and people in their life.

Before a student can write about gratitude, they need to understand what it means and how it influences our actions.

Gratitude can be one person's way of letting another person know they care and appreciate them… that they are thankful for them and what they have done for them.

Gratitude can also be a form of self-reflection, taking time to appreciate the good people and things you have in your life.

Gratitude journal prompts for kids can provide different insight into certain situations. It encourages them to redirect their attention towards positives rather than negatives.

Children need to have an understanding of what gratitude means and how it can impact every area of their life.

There are some parts of gratitude that are not always taught at home, but with the right prompts, this can be changed for a more well-rounded understanding. 

In this article, I have provided 75 gratitude journal prompts to get you started on your journey.

75 Gratitude Journal Prompts for Kids to Be More Thankful

  1. What are three activities that you enjoy doing on your own? 
  2. Name three friends you have made at school. What is your best memory with each of them? 
  3. Who were the last 5 people you said “Thank You” to? Why did you say it? 
  4. What is one thing you look forward to with your family or siblings every week and why?
  5. Is there a holiday that is your personal favorite? Why are you thankful for this holiday? 
  6. Name five things you like about your best friend or sibling. What are they?
  7. What were the last three nice things done for you by others? 
  8. What is something your parents do for you regularly that makes you thankful for them? 
  9. When you think of grateful or gratitude, what does that mean to you? 
  10. Who is someone you know that is always grateful and thanking others for their kind actions? 
  11. Do you think that gratitude is important in daily life? 
  12. Do you have a teacher or school staff member that you are thankful for? 
  13. How do you feel when others show you gratitude for doing nice things and being kind? 
  14. What is the last thing you did as a random act of kindness to show someone that you appreciate them? 
  15. If you wanted to show someone you are grateful for their kindness, how would you show them? 
  16. How have you been shown appreciation by others lately? 
  17. What is the one place in your community that you are most grateful for and why? 
  18. Do you think it takes courage or different life skills to show gratitude and be thankful? 
  19. Should being thankful for others last more than just the Thanksgiving holiday? 
  20. Choose a classmate or peer that you may not be very close with. Can you think of a reason why you are grateful for them?
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  1. How soon should someone learn to be appreciative, show gratitude, and be thankful for others? 
  2. Does everyone you know show that they are thankful and appreciate kindness from others? 
  3. Tell us about one time you were overcome with joy and expressed your gratitude to another person.  Who was that person?
  4. Write a letter to your parents and let them know how thankful you are for their sacrifices. What sacrifices have them made for you? Do you think they will be happy? 
  5. Your teachers wear many hats in the classroom. Write your teacher a letter expressing your appreciation for all that they do for you and your classmates.  What things are you most grateful for?
  6. Tell your best friend in a letter why you are grateful for them and how they make you be a more appreciative person.  What are your friend’s best qualities?
  7. What is one thing that happened this week when you were grateful for the events or appreciated how things worked out for you?
  8. Based upon how today is going, how can you show more appreciation tomorrow or by the end of the week? 
  9. Some of us have a large family. Write about the two people that you appreciate the most and how they make you a more thankful person.  Why did you choose them?
  10. Looking inside yourself, what are three ways you can work to be a more appreciative person in the weeks to come? 
  11. Have you exercised a random act of kindness today for someone? Take a few minutes to describe this event. 
  12. Even if today did not start off in the best way, are you still grateful for the day? 
  13. What are some skills that you have developed lately that you are proud of and thankful for? 
  14. Consider the two people who drive you crazy. Instead of focusing on those qualities, can you list at least three good things about these two people? 
  15. Go back to a time when you were at an all-time low. When was that? Tell us about three ways your life has improved since that memory. 
  16. Take a few moments to reflect on yourself. What are three areas of yourself you can improve to be a more thankful and grateful person to those around you? 
  17. Consider a family that is homeless right now. How can you be a more appreciative persona and assist in these situations? 
  18. Does music have a positive impact on your life? Write about three ways music has changed your life. 
  19. How do you feel when you see people you know take others for granted? How should they be more thankful? 
  20. If you are feeling down and need to think about something happy, what are three things you think about? 
  21. Think about your home, your bedroom… your backyard.  What three things are you most grateful to have when you get home?
  22. Are there any animals that you are grateful for when you explore nature and the great outdoors? 
  23. What types of trees are your favorite, and why are you happy they are around? 
  24. You have had some accomplishments. What are three things you have done where you are proud of yourself? 
  25. When you were struggling with a situation, who was the person or people that helped you through it? 
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  1. Do you have a favorite food you like to eat? Maybe a dessert? Why are you thankful for these food options and how do they make you grateful? 
  2. Do you have a special talent that you are thankful for? 
  3. Does your family vacation regularly? If so where do you go? Why are you thankful for this time away? 
  4. We all experience life lessons that teach us value and different traits. What life lesson are you the most thankful for and why? 
  5. When you think about being a young child, what is your favorite memory? Do you appreciate the fact that you have this memory? 
  6. Do you have a pet? Why are you grateful for this pet and how do they make you a kinder person? 
  7. When the holidays approach, your family may have an annual tradition. Which tradition is your favorite and why? 
  8. As a kid, you get to read about different people who have shaped our society? Which leader, inventor, activist, or other impactful person are you most thankful for? 
  9. Of all the books you have read, what is your favorite? Explain why you enjoyed that book. 
  10. When you think about kids in other countries, they may not have access to the same things you do. What are some things that you are grateful for? 
  11. Some people are rude and do not show their appreciation to others. How do others being rude, make you want to show more gratitude to others? 
  12. What is something you have today, that you are thankful for, that you did not have a year or two years ago?
  13. What about technology and access to the Internet are you most thankful for? 
  14. Have you sent a thank you note recently? Write a thank you note to three people who have been kind to you in the last couple of weeks. 
  15. The weather changes all year long. Because of this, you may have a favorite season? What about the weather during this season makes you thankful?
  16. If you are someone who enjoys spending time alone in your own space, what do you appreciate about that time? 
  17. When you think about other children who are sick and fighting illnesses, you become more appreciative of good health. What are three things about your health that you are most thankful for? 
  18. Because you are coming into your personality and creating your own beliefs, you may have a certain charity or organization you are passionate about. Why are you thankful for them? What about them makes you mare grateful as an individual? 
  19. When you think about being grateful, there are a few things in our country that we get to enjoy regularly. What are three things that make you proud of and grateful for your country? 
  20. What is something that you get to do with your grandparents and makes you grateful every time you visit them? 
  21. Did you receive a gift in the last few months? If so, why are you thankful for it? What does it mean to you? 
  22. Sometimes we just need to be thankful for the things we have currently. Take a few minutes to talk about at least 3 items you can see around the room that makes you show appreciation regularly. What are they?
  23. Since music can be soothing to the mind, do you have a favorite musician that you enjoy? Do they make you feel appreciative or thankful when you listen to their music?
  24. Everybody has a different part of the day they prefer. Whether you are an early riser or like to stay up late, there is something to appreciate at different times of the day. Which of these describe you? What do you appreciate about it? 
  25. Have you felt confident or courageous lately? How do these positive feelings help you become more thankful? 
  26. When school is over, what is the one thing you look forward to? How do you show your appreciation for this? 
  27. Do you think that you come off as appreciative to others around you? 
  28. It is the end of a long week, and it seems as though it has been really long. What is something that you have learned that you actually appreciate and learned that you are truly thankful for that particular thing? 
  29. Do you have a person that you can always count on to be there if you need them? If so, how do you show your appreciation for that person? 
  30. A joyful person is a thankful person. What are some hobbies that make you happy? 

Final Thoughts on Gratitude Journal Prompts for Kids

There is so much to be grateful for in our life.

If you look hard enough, feelings of gratitude can be found in everything we experience and the people we meet… such as the music we listen to and our interaction with friends at school.

Being aware of what gratitude means, and how it can be incorporated into each part of their lives, is critical for small kids and teenagers alike.

Gratitude also has the ability to benefit us physically and emotionally. Learn more about the 31 benefits of gratitude.

The more you show gratitude to others, the more positive your life will be. Embracing others who are in less fortunate situations and showing them kindness can also raise one’s self-esteem.

Having a positive life has a direct effect on your happiness and being an overall happier human. Consider embracing a gratitude challenge where you show kindness daily for the next 30 days to add to your gratitude journal prompts for kids and encouraging a life as a happier human. 

A great way to practice gratitude is to use an app that can reinforce this habit and capture the positive things you want to remember. Watch the video below to discover 9 of the best gratitude apps to check out today.

And if you're looking for more prompts to use, check out these blog posts:

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