103 This or That Questions to Ask a Girl to Know Her Better

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Do you find it difficult talking with girls that you don’t know that well? If so, you are not alone. Many people have problems starting conversations with others, especially the opposite sex. This may be because you are shy or just tongue-tied in a female’s presence, especially if there might be chemistry there. But here’s … Read more

9 Situationship Rules You Both Should Follow

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Saying you are in a relationship comes with a range of emotions, obligations, and expectations that may make you feel uncomfortable. If only you could change your mind about a partner as easily as you change clothes and find someone suitable for the particular pursuit you’re engaged in at that moment.  That’s exactly what a … Read more

13 Heartbreaking Signs Your Marriage is Over

signs your marriage is over | marriage | divorce

“I do.” Until it turns into an “I don’t.” Marriage is supposed to be a blissful union between two mutually loving people, and the goal is literally “until death do you part.” But sadly, marriage often ends before death, and divorce rates have steadily increased as more and more couples decide to end their vows.  … Read more